Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feeling Old (updated)

I feel like an old grandmother now. Hence, the title. SIGH.

I woke up this morning feeling like I was paralysed! Okay, maybe not paralysed but I couldn't lift my body at all! My body was aching ever so badly that I took like five minutes to actually get up from my bed. All the lactate were causing so much pain in my muscles. :( I couldn't complain much because I am not really physically fit. Plus, I didn't really stretch or do any exercises yesterday before my events. Hah! Serves me right. :( The pain was torturing me silently that I was so tempted to skip school today but I didn't! :D

Heats Day was alright despite getting to know that I was involved in FOUR events after assembly. I was shocked. O_o Four events which include long jump, high jump (I can tell how your face expression is now, if you're aware about my height), 4x100m and 4x400m. I don't mind running, but jumping? Bleh, but I did it anyway just for Chow Thye. Haha. I think it's quite easy for girls to win medal because most girls refuse to take part in any event. So, there were very limited girls which means higher chances to win the top three placings. :p I consider myself as the "lucky" one because I got third for long jump and second for high jump. I know right, unbelievable! Haha.


In addition to all the muscle pain, I also hurt my butt yesterday because of high jump. It was so painful, that I felt like my butt went out of place. To make matters worse, high jump was before my 4x400m race. So, I had to run with the pain. But, I didn't feel much of the pain because I was too into getting the race done.

Anyhow, I'm glad that it's over! I only have one more event left on Sports Day. Yayy! :D

Woot. I look like I'm flying. NOT. =/

I look like a bull that is ready to charge. Lol.

Run run run! Janice says, "CHEAN, FASTER CHEAN!"


Alvinnnnnnnnnn and I. :)

Pictures courtesy of Mr Alvin Kuan. The jump shot was from Kelvin Liew. :D Thanks! :D

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Clear sight

They chopped off a few branches of the tree that were blocking our sight at the Form Six terrace! Yay! :D I was complaining to Janice on Monday asking her if the prefects could get someone to do something about it. She said something like "You dream lah!". =/ I knew she would say something like that anyway. But, it's not the prefects' job when it comes to this. I think? =/

Anyway, Hannah decided that we pluck the leaves everyday. In that way, we could at least get a clearer view of the podium/stage or whatever you call it up there. She also said that I obviously have never played under a tree before cause I don't know how to pluck leaves. I know how to pluck leaves okay! Plus, I've played under a tree before back in my primary school days. :p

Today, Hannah came to the terrace in the morning.

Hannah: Why does it look so bright today?
Pui Mun: Huh?
Chean: *looks at the tree, notices the missing branches* OMGGGGG! They chopped off the branches already! :D :D *runs to Hannah with excitement*

It was weird, cause I didn't realize about it at all until Hannah asked that question. Blur soul We were very happy because we finally had a clear view of the assembly ground. Hehe. :)

We had a series of talks given by some people from different colleges today. It was quite interesting, I must say, although my butt was aching so badly because of the solid and hard bench I was sitting on. My butt is still aching now. :(

Tomorrow is Heats Day (Saringan)! I hope it wouldn't be too hot so that I won't be exposed to excessive sunlight and end up looking like a charcoal. Excessive sunlight is no good for the skin!

I wonder how on earth am I gonna run for 400m. I nearly died last Monday and yet they are still gonna make me run! Pei Yong told me this morning, my name is in for long jump. That's even worse! OMG. I've never participated in the long jump event before because I know that I can only jump a few centimetres after the passing line ONLY. Plus, I didn't even pass last week. I wonder why. =/ The girls thought I was the only one who passed but I wasn't. When I landed just a few centimetres after the line (that's what I saw), the teacher exclaimed "BATAL!". Wth? But, I don't care lah. Lol. None of the girls passed. *gulp* And yesterday, Pei Yong wanted to put me in high jump. Hello? What ever happened to me being short? Tsk. The only thing that I'm excited about is 4x100m. :D I don't wanna do long jumpppppppp! :(

Bleh, I think Ms Y is slacking a lot, as in the way she teaches and stuff. I don't think anyone of us would be able to grasp the topic if we are not prepared before each lesson. "Prepared", meaning we study the whole chapter ourselves and fully understand every single thing about the chappter before she actually blabbers everything out to us. Sorry, she doesn't blabber, she happily clicks the mouse of hers and reads whatever that's shown. Yeah, that's more like it. And today she came to school looking extra small! Because she wore her tudung differently which made her head looked even smaller. Lol. Eek, I'm so mean. It doesn't mean I disrespect her, she is still my teacher. But, I wish that she was a better teacher. I believe that if she puts in a bit more effort, then maybe the class would understand what she's trying to say. Let's hope she doesn't read this, if not, I'm dead cause she's very sensitive.

That's all for today, more updates in a few days time! (MAYBE) :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Day!

Happy 16th Birthday Ern Khai! :)
Hope you had an awesome birthday. ;)

To the rest of the people out there, Happy Easter Day! :D

Iskie wishes you Happy Easter Day as well. *gives big sloppy kiss*

"My parents are exhausted" HAHAHA. :D

He gained so much weight! He is more chubby now compared to last time and his cheeks are so puffy. :D

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Make A Choice

Something to think about..

6 months of struggle and 60 years of good life


6 months of enjoyment and 60 years of hardship?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! :D
Eventhough you're never gonna read this.

Unfortunately, we couldn't celebrate his birthday today because he went for a course in Port Dickson this morning. My dad is a workaholic, that's why he didn't wanna skip this course. Besides that, I'm sure he'll spend some time there, relaxing near the beach. I think he needs a break. He has been working way too hard. Yesterday, he went to his office for awhile to do some work eventhough it was a public holiday. =/ Not only that, he also goes back to his office every weekend without fail eventhough banks are supposed to be closed on weekends. Such a hard core manager. But, his favourite past time is sleeping! Which explains why I like sleeping because I got it from him. Bleh. =/

Anyway, my sister and I barged into his room last night while he was asleep to wish him. Haha. :D Such naughty daughters, we are. He didn't get angry but my mom was. My mom is quite superstitious, she said that we can never wish anyone when someone is asleep. I don't know why though, I didn't bother asking.

Shocked! Hah! :D

We love you.<3

20 years ago? I think.

Few years ago. :D

We wanted to celebrate dad's birthday last week but he didn't want to. So, no cake for me to eat. :( Oh well, there are always Mom's birthday, my sister's birthday and my birthday!

Oh btw, Happy Good Friday to all the Christians out there! :D :D

Speaking about Christians, I was asked to join the Christians for Chapel Period last week by Zhuang Xiao to listen to a talk by this guy named Tony Anthonio. Zhuang Xiao insisted that I listen to what he was going to talk about. I told her that I'll think about it but she said to me, "You promised dy ar! Make sure I see you tomorrow! Don't break your promise!". O_o

So, I went because Buddhist class was pretty boring two days before. It was Religion Emphasis week, so we had to go to our respective religious classes everyday for the first two periods.

I went together with Ha Nnah and Chern Chiang. I had a good time listening to Tony Anthony. His life story was so sad that I felt that I should be thankful with what I have now. Then, he told us another story about a father and son. He showed us a video about the father and son. This made me even more sad! I was already in tears while watching the video. :p I cry easily lah, damnit. Overall, I'm glad that I went for the talk. At least, it didn't bore me. :p

The Nuffnang Pajama Party last week looked so fun! :( I went blog-hopping and everyone was talking about the party. The pictures they posted didn't make me feel any better. =/

Oh, everyone go watch Malaysian Dream Girl! :D And vote for Ringo @ Cheesie! :D I think the show has lots of flaws. The sound quality is so bad that I had to turn on my speakers really loud just to listen to what they say. The models looked very dead except for some. They don't respond much in the first few episodes. But, they're better after that lah A lot of people have blogged about MDG and one thing most of them have in common is they didn't like one of the judge - Kenny Sia. Lol.

If you watch the videos, you would know. Haha. :p Horny bastard. Lalalala~

I wonder if we are able to finish our syllabus by August for Biology and Physics. Sigh. :( The teachers aren't making much effort and I'm exasperated. We have a lot to cover! I'm not that worried for Pn M because I know that she will be able to finish her part for Bio but as for Ms Y's part for Bio, I don't know if she can do it. :( Plus, she is not an experienced teacher for Form Six and she always get mixed up with the facts that we end up correcting her countless of times. Sometimes, if we ask her questions out of curiousity and because we don't understand, she finds it hard to explain because the truth is, she doesn't even know the answer! Oh well, I'll just hope for the best. Hopefully, things will change soon.

P/S: I'm having trouble uploading, selecting and rearranging pictures because I'm so used to Xanga. =/ I think Xanga is more user-friendly when it comes to uploading pictures and stuff. Or maybe there's an easier way in Blogger that I am not aware of. Help needed!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Going Bonkers.

I am so disappointed with myself, I actually feel like crying.

I'm going bonkers.

Friday, March 14, 2008


21 subjects for SPM? What is he trying to prove? That the more A's you get, the smarter you are? Or maybe, he just wants to set a record and beat the crap out of Amalina who scored 17 A's. Pfft. Why bother taking so many subjects when you won't need all of them for further education. =/ What ever happened to the government implementing that a maximum number of 12 subjects only is allowed for SPM candidates? A lot of questions left unanswered. I'm sure pretty soon he'll be the new face in all sorts of advertisements. Maybe, he wants publicity! Hmm, or maybe all he really wanted is to take that many subjects because he enjoys and likes all of them.

Another one, 6 A's for STPM? How is that even possible? =/ The maximum number of subjects that an STPM candidate can take is 5, how can some girl score 6 A's out of nowhere? I bet she isn't in Science stream. :p But anyhow, two thumbs up for her, STPM isn't easy yo!

Two days till school reopens! :)
Two days till we get burnt under the scorching sun.
Two days till we get our dreadful hopefully promising results.
Two days till the call of busy-ness.
Two days till waking up early in the morning and coming home feeling exhausted.

I can't wait! I'd rather be busy than not having to do anything that I can think of. Studying is an exceptional case though. That's a must everyday. Come to think of it, I've never studied this hard during my days in MGSKL. *gulp* 0=)

I got to know yesterday that someone from my previous school got married! She used to be my classmate from Form 1 up till Form 3 and now she's married. O_o She caused a lot of trouble last time mainly by playing truant. My class always failed to get the highest attendance of the week all because of her and I always get all kinds of excuses when I ask her for her MC or a letter on why she was absent. It's not like I wanted to ask, as if I had a choice. I was the class monitor. x)
In Form 4 and Form 5, she bugged me no more but gave problems to Lavonne cause she was in her class! Haha. xD Lavonne would understand how I feel.

I think we all know why did she get married at such an early age. She got pregnant. Duh. =/ Why can't people use condoms if they wanna have sex without getting pregnant? It's not like condoms are damn expensive. Getting pregnant and having a baby is even more expensive! What does her future hold?

This also reminds me of another case I got to know when I was serving the country patriotically in NS. A girl who was a few months pregnant was one of the trainees. She didn't let anyone know about her pregnancy and continued with our daily routine like marching. She did tell her friends that she was going to get married right after NS though. On the second month of NS, she stopped following us for our daily routine. Instead, she would sit at a corner and watch us march. Her stomach bulged and most of us suspected that she was pregnant. A few of the trainers knew about it but they didn't let the Commandant know. He would go ballistic if he knew (maybe). Just last two months, I saw her carrying her baby in Midvalley. xD

I just don't understand why people can't wait till they get married to fulfill their sexual desires. Even if they want it now, why can't they play it safe? Hmm.

I know I'm never gonna be one of them, not until I get married. :D I know my priorities well enough.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is so stupid. I can't insert any titles for each post I publish. =/ And it only happens to me? Why oh why? :(
I can finally post with a title, thanks to Ms Chen Mei Hsuan. :)

But, I guess it doesn't really bother me much cause the main purpose of this blog is to BLOG. Lol

Your name is so nice to drag. x)

I realized that I've been posting a number of birthday shout outs for the past few days. I don't want this blog to turn out to be a "shout out blog", so I shall blog with proper contents now which serves the main purpose of this blog! :D

But before that, I wanna congratulate everyone who did well for SPM/STPM 2007! :D For those who didn't do so well, cheer up! :) There are many other things in life to look forward to. :D

Okay, now with proper contents. Hmm. *thinks*

Today's Wednesday and I feel time is passing awfully slow this holidays. I can't wait to be back in school (sort of) eventhough I know I'm gonna be super busy and stressed out. Oh well, it's not like it is any different now, except that I feel a little bit relaxed. This is not a good thing eventhough I should feel relaxed because it's the holidays.

I cannot feel relaxed because:
#1 I don't know how to.
#2 I'll end up procrastinating.
#3 I'll spend more of my time doing other stuffs that has nothing to do with STUDYING.
#4 I'll feel guilty for being such a dumbass.
#5 I'll regret about not doing anything beneficial during the holidays and start whining about it. Oh, you wouldn't wanna hear me whine.
#6 There are many other things in my mind that I have to think about and which I cannot not thinking about it. I have no idea why.
#7 I think I work better under pressure? MAYBE.
#8 I'll take things for granted.
#9 I am kiasu (kinda).
#10 My other classmates are probably studying (e.g. Chern Chiang isn't blogging), which explains why am I kiasu. :p

But, I should thank a very good friend of mind - Wai Kit, who is kind enough to actually share a few ways on how to relax. *claps*

The bad thing about going back to school is, I'll end up like a roasted pig by the end of Tuesday. That's because I have Sukantara on Monday AND Tuesday. That's nuts! I hope it rains! :( And I realized that not one of the houses started marching. I can tell that things are gonna be pretty hectic because Sports Day will be in about three weeks time once school reopens. Oh well, I'll just go with the flow.

I have not fulfill my random thought of swimming yet BECAUSE the rain decides to pour every single day in the evening. PFFT. When will I get to swim? :(

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feel the pressure.

"Congrats Kevin on your excellent results! You ROCK! :D"

Kevin is so smart. I'm so jealous. He's my role model! :D

I felt somewhat pressured when Sharveena told me about the STPM results. In exactly a year to come, it's my turn to collect my results. I wonder what would the outcome be. It's scary just thinking about it, the anxiety I have to go through. Aaah, reminds me a lot about SPM, but this is even scarier.

Anyhow, I'm happy for Kevin! :D Now, he can happily get a scholarship to study medicine and be a doctor! Wheeeee! Congrats again! :D

"Dear Lavonne, I'm sorry about what you had to go through for the past few weeks. I just hope that you will still hang onto life and not give up easily. Nothing is easy in life and we will have to work hard for our hopes and dreams to come true even if it takes a very long time. Nevertheless, the satisfaction you get is priceless. :) So, cheer up k? And don't think about what happened, think about what is going to happen. I will always be there for you whenever you need me; just a call away! *hugs*"

"Happy 19th Birthday to the Chindian twins - Suresh and Vijay!"
The two Chindians that look exactly like Chinese but with Indian names. Lol. :D

That's one of the twin (Vijay) standing next to me. I don't have a picture with the other twin. Oh well, you should be able to know how the other twin looks like in your mind. They're twins! xD But, they're distinguishable. Hahaha.
Random thought: I still feel like swimming.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Doughnuts and a haircut.

I watched "Raise Your Voice" this afternoon and it was quite a good chick flick. I know the movie was out like four years ago but I didn't have the time to watch it back then. Coincidentally, Astro was showing it so I watched it! :D It was a very sad chick flick and also a predictable one. Sad because the lead actress' brother died and predictable because I practically could tell what was gonna happen. How typical. =/ Nevertheless, the movie made me cry, just because someone died! I cannot tahan see people die unless he/she is the villain. And the lead actor is kinda cute! :D Wth. I shouldn't be watching tv. ><

Oliver James!

I think I need a haircut. The last time I got a haircut was last year? Can't really remember. Anyways, look how long it has grown!

Scary eh?

I spotted these in Carrefour, Midvalley. Who the heck would buy these mini-size-ironing-boards? What can you iron on with these? Unless you're planning to iron your undergarments, then it's exceptional but then again, who the hell irons their undergarments? xD

We bought doughnuts (my weekly craving) from Big Apple Donuts! :D


My all-time favourite, the "Alien vs Predator" doughnut. :D

Oh look! A doughnut went missing mysteriously! Hmm.

The culprit..

..takes a bite. Irresistable!

Random picture: Colourful bangles. :D

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pork in the market.

Ooh, so my mom was the culprit. I knew it. She purposely did not want to wake me up because she said that I needed the rest. But, anyhow, thanks Mommy! :)

I called my Nanny few minutes ago..

Chean: So, who did you vote for today?
Nanny: Wait, I'll tell you this then you'll know who I voted for. My area only got BN and PAS. So who do you think I voted for?
Chean: BN! Hahaha.
Nanny: Yes! Hahaha. I cannot vote for PAS, if not, my market won't sell pork anymore.

Will I be in trouble for posting this? O_o

Happy 16th Birthday Pengwynn @ Ryan Wong!
If he ever reads this. Lol.

Oh gosh, time flies. I need a shower now! Toodles.


I. Just. Woke. Up.

It's 6.42 p.m and I took my nap at 2.30 p.m. That means I slept for 4 hours and 12 minutes! OMG. That's the longest nap I have ever taken in my entire life so far.

I feel so guilty now. Dang. I'll sleep late tonight! If my sister didn't wake me up, I think I would have continued sleeping. Why didn't she wake me up earlier? Why, oh why? :(

Oh well, it's not like I can turn back time right? :(

I ruined my blog's template yesterday. That''s why it's all black now without any links. =/ Sigh, me and my itchy fingers. Pfft. Anyways, I'll fix it later.

On a brighter note, I feel so recharged now. :D

Friday, March 7, 2008

Overcharged consultation fee.

Exams are over! Yayy! :D

But let's face it, STPM isn't over yet. Oh, bummer. :( I would probably have to go through two or three more exams before the battle begins. I feel like it has already begun actually. :(

You know what? Someone has to teach me how to relax because I don't know how to. I know it sounds easy but I don't find it easy to just relax and clear my mind. It's a tough job, for me at least. Because I keep thinking about my future, studies and some other problems constantly. I have no idea why! Even if you ask me to close my eyes, just relax and NOT think of anything else, I can never erase any of my thoughts. How? :( Help?

People keep telling me to relax and get enough sleep including the doctor I went to see last week. My mom complained to him about how I was stressed with homework, school and studies at home that I'm not eating properly, which I think is so wrong. I think I still eat the same! Or maybe just a weebit lesser. But, I'm not anorexic, mind you!

As soon as the doctor heard that, he gave me a long lecture. Apparently, he used to study in MBS too. That was 30 years ago.

Doctor: Girl, tell Uncle what do you want to be. Just take me as your old friend since we are/were from the same school.

O_o Uncle? Wow. Why does everyone (including me) like to ask this question? =/

He condemned about STPM and I couldn't say much because he kept talking and talking, I couldn't even find a chance to cut him off. Then, he told me about his story. How he wanted chemical engineering so much but ended up getting medicine in UM, how his niece lost confidence after STPM despite scoring 4 A's and 1 B, how he let his children to pursue anything else but medicine, how his other niece who is also a doctor but a dumbshit (that's what he said) one because she know nuts about Krebs Cycle and yada yada. And he was trying to convince me to be a psychologist so that I can play with people's minds. xD

I figured he was bored in the clinic so he decided to have a chat with me. But, when he finally stopped and I stepped out of his room, there were so many patients! And I felt bad in a way for making them wait eventhough I wasn't the one blabbering. His consultation fee excluding medication, came up to RM 25! WTF? So expensive! And I wasn't that sick either, all I had was flu, cough and swollen tonsils but my mom insisted that I consult a doctor.

I'm better now anyways. :) Just in time for the holidays! Haha. Thank God I wasn't that sick till I would have to skip school. :D

Random thought, I feel like swimming.

A whole new home.

Hello people! :D

I have officially moved! :D Aren't you all glad and excited to have me here? Teehee. :D But I gotta make a few adjustments because I think this layout is quite boring and I have no idea how to insert my chatbox. I'll need some time to get used to this.

Actually, this blog was created last year when I wanted to move from Xanga but I abandoned it because I sayang my Xanga too much. :p This year, it's a different story. Xanga threw me countless of bitchfits and so I think I've had enough. Haha.