Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Speech Day 2008

OMG. I have too many pictures that I want to post. Hence, the messed up work below. But, I guess you won't mind right? After all, you just want to see the pictures of beautiful and handsome people. :D

Speech Day was okay although things were not really organized at the beginning. It was so nice to see some of the seniors once again and I'm sure most of us looked up to them because after all the hardwork and time they sacrificed, they were all finally paid off! :)

The Chinese dance was awesome! It was choreographed by our very own class monitor, Daniel! :D Great job! The choral speaking was good too. Very funny and entertaining. Hehe. :D The rest were all okay I guess. :) Everyone deserves some credits! :D

With the seniors! :D

Zhuang Xiao, Hannah and I. :)

With Pn Tay, our "happening" teacher! :D

Hannah, Janice, Me, Robson, Daniel and Chern Chiang! :)

Kevin looks so innocent! *pinches cheeks*

Hannah, Me and Janice.

Hannah, Kevin and Carmen.

With Ms Yap! :D

Janice, Me, Kok Wai and Hannah.

Ern Khai, tried to block Hannah from taking his picture. Lol.

Alvinnnnnnnnn. :D

Gahh. :p

Hannah and Jeremy.

Kevinnnnnnnnn! :D

Jia Loon. :)

Zhuang Xiao and I.

Hannah and Ms Yap.

A few posers. Hannah, Wai Kit and Robson.

Another shot with the seniors. :)

The ever-so-bubbly Pn Goh. :D

A random artwork that I saw in 4K. Beautiful! :D

Wai Kit, enjoying his meal.

Chern Chiang.

Pn Chan and I.

Plus Wai Kit. :p

The Petite. The Handsome. The Gorgeous. The Bubbly.

Wai Kit, Chern Chiang and Hoong Jun and Daniel. (Sorry Daniel!) Lol.

Janice and Isaac.

With Pn Tay again.

A clearer picture of us. :p

With Ms Yap again.

Alvin again. xD

Carmen and I! Wheee! I like this picture. :D

Haijo, lazy to insert captions dy.

Chern Chiang and Hoong Jun.

Ern Khai with the striking red fan. Lol.


With the two boys. :D

Janiceeeeee. :D

Daniel, fixing the fan. xD

Wanyi and I. :D

The crowd.

Kevinnnnnnnn! :D

Ern Khaiiiiii! :D

*sticks tongue out*, *SNAPS*

Chiew Wai @ TheGenius, Me and Hannah. :)

Wah, finally done! Phew.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Emotionally Unstable

My instincts are telling me that this week is not going to be one of the happiest weeks of my life. The night before yesterday was shitty, yesterday was screwed up, today my day was alright, but it only lasted till about 2 p.m. Hmm, I wonder what's up for tomorrow. Another catastrophic day perhaps? Ooh, I can't wait! HELL NO. =/

In addition to the very-sucky-past-few-days that I had, exams are NEXT WEEK. Sigh.

Sorry for not updating about Speech Day yet because I'm still waiting for all the pictures to be transferred. I lost all my mood to blog about it few days ago and also I didn't have the time. So, I'll be updating about it as soon as possible (I hope)!

"Life gets a little shitty sometimes, but there's always a rainbow after every storm!" - Mahdi @ Potato.

P/S: Because rainbows make me happy.

Monday, April 21, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Relay

I was completely clueless about what was happening today because I haven't been reading the newspapers for the past few days. How can I not know about the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch relay?!

Kent did invite me to join him yesterday to witness the relay after school but I couldn't because I had a meeting to attend and also I had to do my Reading Programme. =/ And I didn't bother asking much because I thought it was a movie at first. LOL! :D He said this, "I, Chen Ken Kent, invite you, Lim Wen Chean to watch the olympic relay". I guess I misinterpreted. x)

So, today I went to school and they were saying things like,
"Die lah! You cannot go home today, all the roads are block!"
"You parked at OCM some more! There confirm block!"
"Even if you wanna go home, you'll be stuck in traffic everywhere!"

Oh bummer. =/ I got so worried because I thought they would block the road at OCM cause that's where I park my car. But, anyhow, I didn't rush home right after school because Kent told me the relay started already and the roads would've probably been blocked by then. So, what's the point of rushing right? Besides, I have other things to do.

After completing RP with Janice, a lot of people who went to see the relay were telling us about how cool it was and stuff. This relay is like a once-in-a-lifetime-thingy and we missed it! Pfft. Janice didn't drive, so I walked to OCM by myself. I saw so many people waiting down the hill looking up at Stadium Merdeka. I was told earlier that the runners passed our school already and I was wondering why did people still bother waiting. When I was about to enter OCM, I noticed Kent, Hsien, Robson, Chee Kar and Lee Meng waiting too! They told me that the torch is about to be passed to another person soon. So, I joined them as well. Haha. :D We waited for about 15 minutes I think and I saw Lee Chong Wei (national badminton player) in one of the buses! :D

Hsien's camera died, so I ran to my car to grab my handphone which was the only device I could use to snap pictures eventhough its camera is 2.0 megapixel only. =/ Hsien snapped a couple of pictures for me. :)

We also took a picture with the torch! :D The man was kind enough to let us take a picture with the torch and we were like a bunch of jakuns. Haha. It was so abrupt especially when I didn't expect to witness all this. xD

See the torch?! :D

Hsien so cute. Haha.

I look quite crappy cause the Uncle was rushing.

The excited Kent! :D

In the next 50 years to come, I can tell my grandchildren about this! :D :D