Saturday, May 31, 2008


"The best results in life may not give you the best in life, but at least you'll have a comfortable life"



Friday, May 30, 2008

Get It Out!

I am currently feeling too much of emo-ness in the atmosphere. Hence, the title of this post.

OMG, why am I feeling this way? I hate this feeling and it's indescribable so I don't know exactly how to portray how I feel here.

I don't think I am a perfectionist at all but somehow, sometimes, I just want certain things to be perfect. Perfectionist wants EVERYTHING to be perfect right? I think I'm a semi-perfectionist. =/

What is so nice about perfection that everyone wants to be perfect nowadays? O_o I don't understand why, but I'm like that too, at times. I guess it takes time to accept people's flaws and to be able to adapt to them. Sometimes, being too perfect could lead you to the wrong things. Maybe, you'll become too demanding because you want so much of perfection in whatever you do that you refuse to accept any flaws. And then, people might start hating you which would cause you to lose all your friends. Then, you'll be living in this world ALL ALONE cause everyone hates you. Stories about you will be everywhere that you'll end up being the talk of the town and everyone will start to runaway from you, like as though you're a giant fugly one-eyed monster. You won't be able to have kids because no one wants to marry you! OMG, so scary. Oh well, ignore all that crap, I was just exaggerating. :)

I think if you are able to control that perfectionist in you, things would turn out to be great! :D So, being a perfectionist isn't that bad after all, that's IF you know your priorities and you are aware of your surroundings.

Okay, that wasn't the reason why I am emo. I don't know why did I decide to blog about this. My fingers automatically typed out those things that I've said without my brains having to decide what to blog about. Weird huh? O_o Probably because someone mentioned to me about being a perfectionist just now. Haha. :)

I'm so random, I scare people sometimes. Lol! :D

I think the emo-ness has left my body emotionally! :D

And don't you find it weird that I use happy emoticons when this post is supposed to be about me feeling emo? HAHA. :D :D

OHKAYYY, I'm weird. Maybe because I'm sleepy and tired. But, no, I don't think so. I know very well what's going on around me. Well, actually I can't sleep yet because my hair is not fully dry yet. =/ And if you're thinking that I just had my shower, you're wrong. I had my shower like 3 hours ago I think?

My hair is thick that's why it takes time to be fully dried. I hate blow-dry! Because I hate the smell. Haven't you realize that all saloons have the same smell? =/

Ok, enough about my hair. I shall end this post here. Good night dear readers! :)

Are you wondering why this post contains coloured fonts only after 5 paragraphs? Teehee. :D

Wednesday, May 28, 2008




I feel contented, for the FIRST TIME EVER! Of course I've felt contented before but for other stuffs and not my exam marks. So, this is officially the first time! And Chemistry paper really freaked me out. I was practically trembling inside, just now in class while waiting for the papers to be distributed. I knew I screwed up Paper 2 because I panicked while answering the questions. The essays were the true and silent killers. Sigh!

Anyhow! I passed! :) Obviously, I didn't want to JUST pass, I was hoping for higher marks before I sat for this paper. But pass is fine now, considering the fact that the paper was so tough! And because everyone was saying that only 3 person passed Chemistry and the rest of the class failed! I was so depressed because of this that I felt like strangling myself and burning my Chemistry books. Then, I got over it for awhile until people reminded me about it which brought back the depression. I thought to myself, I can't be so depressed because of this, I just gotta move on, work harder and let bygones be bygones. I can't be blaming my books as well because they've been really innocent and good to me. :)
I got to know today that I misinterpreted. I thought the 3-person-pass-and-the-rest-of-the-class-failed-commotion was for the full paper which included Paper 1 and 2.
I need to do more essays! Gah. :(

Guess whose hamster? :)

The retardedness of my body, cause it was tickling me!

I read a comic strip few weeks ago on a sheet of newspaper which I thought was rather funny and sarcastic.

A teacher told her students, "Remember children, there are no such thing as dumb questions, but only dumb questioners" Hahaha! :D

P/S: Woohoo, someone is going to get busted for being irresponsible! :p

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back-dated Pictures (Updated)

I can't remember if I blogged about this last time in Xanga or not, but I checked my Xanga and there weren't any pictures of this. So here they are! :) About Teachers' Day, I haven't got all of the pictures yet. So, I'll blog about Teachers' Day some other time.

#1 Leanda's Christmas Party
Awesome party! :D Really good food as well as booze. :p And I had a good time catching up with the rest of the old MGS clan. :)

Lavonne, Janice and I.

Janice, Me, May Jean and Rita in Jan's car.

I'm such a good friend. ;) Correction: BEST FRIEND.

Pern, Lavonne and I. Waiting for the rest to come down. x)

Pern, Leanda, Lavonne, May Jean, Me, Janice, Ramyah, Rita and Kalvinder.

My wacky friends! :D School wouldn't be the same without them.

Lavonne, Janice, Ramyah and I.

Rita says, "That spot near Janice is missing because that spot is meant for me!" (She was taking this picture) Haha.

Ramyah, May Jean and I. :D

Everyone wants to be in the picture!

Teehee. :D

#2 Rita's Christmas Party
It was fun! We had turkey and we chilled together the whole night! :)

At Lavonne's place. :)

At Rita's place, amused by her alarm clock. Lol.

Don't remember what were we doing. :p

And the camwhoring begins! :D
Update: I decided to add more camwhoring pictures after I discovered them miraculously in My Sharing Folders! And cause they make me laugh so much! :D :D
P/S: We actually took 135 of these kinda shots that day!

Those pictures weren't even half of the ones we took! :p

#3 Jan's 19th Birthday
Her house was filled with people! Good food and cakes! :D Does anyone have the picture of the whole MBS gang that we took?

Her adorable cousin. :D

Lavonne, Me, Rita, Kathy (so good to see her again after more than a year!), Ramyah, Janice and Jean.

Ramyah pushed Rita away from the picture. Lol.

And she had to ruin this picture!

And AGAIN. Lol.

May Jean and I. :D

Today is my parents' 20th Anniversary! :D So..

Happy Anniversary Mummy and Daddy! :D
(Eventhough they're not gonna read this)

I think my Dad is super cute! :D :D

My Mom who doesn't look like a soon-to-be-52-year-old-woman.


That's all for today! :)