Sunday, June 29, 2008

Be Positive

"We are naturally born positive. That is why we're attracted to negative things."
True enough. (Physics!)

"Nobody is born an intellect, it's all about hardwork."
I am not sure how true is this.


"It's now or never."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Josh Trevor Singh

Josh was admitted to Taman Desa Medical Centre due to extremely high fever yesterday and he became very weak until he couldn't really walk. :( So, my sister and I paid him a visit in the evening. He looked quite okay but he had some rash all over his lips and he was really shy. But, he did responded to his mom quickly when his mom offered chocolates. :/

The whole family was there and it was very touching to see all of them together in one small room talking away, although my sister and I weren't a part of them. But, beneath some of these happily faces, lie hypocrites and backstabbers filled with intense jealousy of one particular person. Sigh, when will they ever stop?

I saw Joe (Josh's Dad) for the first time in a few years! Due to certain family crisis that they are facing, Joe didn't really fit in well with them. But, it was so nice of him to bring bottles of Vitagen, colouring books, colour pencils and toys for Josh. And I'm sure Josh must have really missed his Dad a lot. As I watched both dad and son, tears started to fill up my eyes. I just wish things would go back to normal for them because Josh is very attached to his father and there's nothing I can do about it. It would be inappropriate for me to be involved with their problems although I could see a happy family falling into pieces. Actually, everything is pretty much in pieces already. Sigh. :(

Anyways, here are some pictures.

Iskie came to visit!

With his Vitagen. He actually posed for about ten seconds like this for me to take his picture! Haha. :)

A picture with me. :)

Josh with his Dad (Joe).

A very dark picture of Laura and I.

*rubs belly* Her tee says "Rub my belly for good luck". Haha. :D

I hope Josh will recover soon. So that he can start being naughty and play around again. It's better for a kid to be naughty than to be sick.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Quick One

I have a personal junior by the name of Janice Khoo. Now, I'm stuck with two JaniceS! Haha, but it's not like it's a bad thing, I don't mind. :) I shall call Janice Lim as "Big Janice" and Janice Khoo as "Small Janice"! :D I was supposed to type this out in the post before the previous one, but it slipped off my mind. :P

This Friday is Open's Day! :/ Although I have no clear emotions/feelings/feedback or whatsoever about it, I do feel a little bit nervous and I don't know why. Probably it's because it's my first time in MBS and who knows what my class teacher would say. *gulp* Oh well, I don't think my mom is gonna do anything to me physically cause she has never done that before, ever since I was a baby. :) That's why I love her so much. (and no, I'm not taking any advantage of her being like that)

*ahem* Someone is the new NST Spell-It-Right Champion! :D

Congrats L-i-e-w-E-r-n-K-h-a-i! :D :D

I'll be waiting for my ice-cream! :D :D

Here's the article. *click here*

Congrats to Kar Wee as well! After reading his blog, I could feel the disappointment in him. But, I think you did well (I'm sure you did) eventhough I was not there to witness it because someone didn't want me to be there. *coughs*Ernnnnn*coughs*

OMG, June is coming to an end! :( A month more closer to the dreadful STPM. Sigh.

Okays, over and out! :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Something Different


My hair damn straight right, compared to the picture below?

Haha, in case you're wondering if I straightened my hair, the answer is NO. :/ That hairstyle is temporary only because the lady in the saloon cut, washed and blow dried my hair. That's why it's so freaking straight now, THIN and SHORT! :( Oh well, my hair will grow soon. :D
P/S: Which one do you prefer?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Spreading The Joy :D

Based on the title above, I'm sure you would know that this is gonna be a happy post! :D :D :D :D That's right! :D It will be a pretty jolly post unless I suddenly become emo halfway through this post. :P Who knows what I might type right? And I'm pretty unpredictable and random so yeah, maybe this wouldn't remain as a happy post. Hahaha. We'll see the results at the end of this post! ;)

New grading system is GONEEE! YAYY! We're using back the old grading system for our examinations. WHEEEEE! :D THANK GOD FOR THIS!

Lower Six Orientation has officially started since err, two weeks ago? Haha, forgot to blog about this. It's so fun to.. err, I wouldn't say "torture", but umm, "play" with them? Lol, can't think of a suitable word. And no, if you're thinking that I'm very mean when it comes to signing their orientation forms, you're wrong. I am nice, really. :D I don't ask them to do much, I even give them options for their tasks (some of them). See see, so nice right? :D Three of the juniors were asked to run around the canteen shouting "Aku gila! Aku gila!" by some guys. Now, that's NOT NICE. :/ I wouldn't do that man. It's horrible.

Last week, I saw four accidents while driving! Three of them involved the vehicles being overturned like a turtle lying on its shell. Okay, this is not that joyful, but I can't believe I saw four in a week! So, pretty joyful lah. :p

Biology fieldwork is almost done! Yay yay! :D I've done my part. I don't know what has teacher got to say about our report. But, I'm relieved! :D :D

I'm going out with MY babes tonight for dinner and some chilling out. This will probably be the last time I'm gonna get to do this until STPM is over. Birthday dinners are not included. :p According to Ms Lavonne Tan, I owe her ten months of hanging out. Lol! And Ms Samantha Lee claimed that we haven't been seeing each other for ten years. (This is so not true, I just saw her like last week?!)

The fact that STPM's coming really soon really scares me, REALLY! :( And trials are around the corner. Gahhh. :( Time flies.

Quick shoutout to Kevin Tan:

CONGRATS KEVINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN (or should I say Dr. Kevinnnnnnnnnnnn?)! :D :D :D :D Yay! You finally secured a place to study medicine! I've never seen anyone as determined as you to become a doctor. I'm sure you'll make a brilliant doctor in the future! Congrats again! :D You deserve it! :D :D

I think most of the seniors were quite happy with their UPU results. Good for them! After all that they've been through, it finally paid off. :) Next, is our turn. Scaryyyyy. What if I can't get into any of the universities? O_O It would be such a waste to not get into one after all that I've been through. OMG. (*smacks forehead* Reminds self about happy post).

Okay okay. :D :D

David Cook's Always Be My Baby is a damn good song! You should listen to it! Rawr. :D


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Because Everyone Is Asking For An Update

Hello my dear faithful readers! I know you've been visiting my blog everyday with excitement, hoping that I have at least updated my blog a little. :p

So, here's an update of my-very-tiring-and-lack-of-sleep-week. SIGH.

My body was trying to adjust back to my five-to-six-hours-of-sleep-a-day-routine since last Monday because holidays are over! :( I'm quite happy that school holidays are over but at the same time not. Happy, because I wouldn't have to rot at home at sleep like a pig all day long! :) Not so happy, because I have to wake up very early in the morning just to get ready for school. =/

Got back all of our papers. No comments about that. =/ Had a lot of dramas during lessons of a certain subject which I'm not going to blog about or mention anything about them here. :p

We went to an old folks' home last Friday and it was a bit awkward. It was the first time for me and most of us. I had no idea what to do. All that I've ever seen on tv and learnt from Moral were, people chatting with the old folks and cleaning up their house. But, this time, it was completely different. The caretaker was expecting some performances from us for the old folks. But, we didn't prepare ANY at all! Some of us came up with some random performances which didn't really go well but two thumbs up for their courage! :) Oh, and thank God Zhi Wang's mom came along because she conducted most of the performances and games. Phew. We left quite early because there wasn't much for us to do. =/

Yesterday, we had school! Six days of school on the first week of school after holidays is not a very exciting issue. Bummer. =/ Anyhow, Janice, Wai Kit, Hsien, Kent and I went for the US Education Fair in Wisma MCA just to check it out. First, we saw Sammie who volunteered to be a facilitator for the University of Pennsylvania. :D Then, we saw Suet Li (the quite famous blogger) and we talked to her! :D She was really nice and sweet. :) We also saw Su Ann @ Pinkpau (another famous blogger). Hehe.

After the fair, I went home and started editing my group's Biology project which was a nuisance. Because I sat in front of the computer from like 5 p.m. till 9 p.m and I wasn't done yet. I stopped because mom wanted to use. I continued editing at 11 p.m till 2 a.m. Then, I couldn't take it so I went to bed. Continued this morning and I'm done with it! Phew! :D I feel so relieved.

My stupid printer failed on me few days ago. I don't know what's wrong with it. All it prints for me is blank sheets of paper. -_-"

Anyways, that's all for today! :) Till the next update (which I don't know when that's going to happen)! :D :D Just wait for it kayyy! :p



Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Two Hours Just For Petrol

Why that face?

Because of this.

Dad called me up earlier this evening to tell me about the increase in petrol price. I didn't know about it YET, because I usually read the newspaper at night. So, he asked me to fill up my car's petrol tank. I went to Shell petrol station in Taman Desa with my sister and got caught there for like an hour plus. The jam was horrible, cars were entering from every possible corners or openings into the petrol station. =/ So kiasu. *coughs* :D All I did in the car was, sing, sing and SING out loud! My sister didn't complain, so my singing was probably good. Hahaha. :D

She got down from the car to buy dinner in a food court beside the petrol station. When she came back, I was still at the same spot! =/

Due to the overly-packed-petrol-stations-with-vehicles, there were traffic jams! I got caught in traffic on the way home for another 30 minutes. Normally, I'll only take about 5 minutes to reach home. =/

Nevertheless, I wasn't that frustrated. It was quite a funny scenario, seeing all the other drivers' frustrated faces, flooded petrol stations with vehicles in various sizes and cute-old-man-on-a-bicycle asking me about the current situation in the petrol station. :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We're Lovin' It

SOME of the pictures we took. (Note the "SOME") Haha. :D All the following pictures are not in chronological order.

Me, Jan, May Jean and Rita.

Another picture together.

Sam, Jan, Jean and I with Lavonne's MU jersey. (Ern Khai: Are you jealous? :p)

Janice, May Jean and I.

Janice, Me, Rita and May Jean.

Sammie! :)

God bless you, Sam. x)

I was trying to get out because Sam and Janice were on top of me!

Whee. :D

With the jersey again. Haha.

Birthday girl! :D

With her very cute Dad. :D (Lavonne's Dad: Don't touch my tummy lah, girl!) Hahaha.

Janice, Me, Rita and Jean.

Sam, Jan, Me and Jean.


Janice, Sam and I.

That's Lavonne's nephew, Josh.

I was going to get some balloons and poppers.

Sam, finishing the ice-cream! MMPH.

Hehe, this was funny. Trying to take out the cake to light it up before the surprise. :D

Jean, Janice, Me and Sam.

With the pretty purple balloons. :D

Mmmm! Dinner!

And the madness begins! :D

The rest of the pictures are on Facebook. :D But, they're all in my friends' photo albums, I haven't created my own one yet. =/