Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I think..

..things are starting to fall apart.

I guess, some things just won't go the way I want it to be or the way I pictured it after all.

Maybe these "things" have already fallen apart without me realizing.

Maybe, they're just not meant to be.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cross Country And Robson's 19th Birthday

I think I've lost a little bit of interest in blogging because I don't feel the need to blog anymore. :/
I was supposed to blog about Cross Country and Robson's 19th Birthday last week but I got distracted by something else. I wanted to blog yesterday, but I got distracted again and I didn't feel like finding time to blog. But, I'll just blog anyway because I feel like posting some pictures up! :) Maybe I'm not losing interest, I'm just feeling lazy. How typical. :P

Okay, so last Saturday while everyone (mostly) was sound asleep, we, MBSians woke up very early in the morning to join MBSSKL's Annual Cross Country Run in Taman Tasik Permaisuri. :D Wai Kit tagged along with me and we went to meet Janice at KL Sentral because this woman forgot the way to the lake. She followed me behind and Wai Kit brought us to some ulu place (oklah, not exactly ulu but I didn't know where were we at that time, so ulu lah) because Kent told us that he thinks the roundabout was under construction. Janice just followed closely behind without telling us that she knew the roundabout was okay already because she got lost there the day before on the way to her retirement party. -_-"

But anyways, we got there safely and on time. :D We lingered around for awhile, talking and snapping pictures away. Because it was Robson's birthday, we all sang the birthday song for him a few times! :D Few minutes before the race started for the girls, Janice and I had to run (or rather walk fast) to our cars to put our stuffs (keys, wallet, handphone and Alvin's precious properties/junk). We got back just in time for the race. :)

All of us planned to like run a little, then stop and start walking. Haha. :D Hsien, Janice and I were running quite in front of the rest of the gang when the race started though. Knowing Janice, I knew she was gonna ffk us (as in walking which was the initial plan). So, I thought of ffk-ing with her! But, me being me, SO CANNOT MAKE IT. -_-"

So, I stopped and Hsien stopped as well. But after awhile, she left me! And Pui Mun caught up with me and left me as well! I walked slowly so that the rest who planned to walk could catch up with me, but they were so slow. :/ Lol. So many guys ran past me though. Whoa. O_O

Ms Yap was at one of the checkpoints and she was being so sweet and encouraging cause she told me "You're the 3rd among the girls in U6K, very good already!" Hahahaha. :D

Before the finishing line, I stopped by my car to grab my bottle of water and Alvin's junk because I know that there's no use completing the race so fast because I wouldn't secure any position. :P

In a nutshell, long distance is so not for me. My sister is even better than me in it! Because few years back, she cut me as well eventhough I started earlier in one of MGSKL's Annual Cross Country. Lol. :P

After the run, we were all pretty tired. But, I wasn't that tired (Duh, cause I didn't really run). :P We took more pictures while deciding where to have our lunch and celebrate Robson's birthday. We finally settled for Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (Did I get this right? :S) in Leisure Mall. :D

I shall let the pictures do the talking now. :)

Wen Mi, Hsien, Kay Yan, Me, Janice, Wanyi and Pei Yong. (:

Kensett Seniors and Juniors (most of them) 2008! :)

Another one. :)

The ones that were present from U6K excluding Yuan Nung. Don't know where was Zhuang Xiao. :S

Horses! They're so sexy. :D

With Ern Khai and Alvin.

Again. :D

With Caleb and Janice.

Fattie Jonathan. :D

Wanyi, Me, Janice and Hsien. :D Waiting for our food!

Robson with his gigantic drink. :D

Now, with his cake.

"Happy 19th Birthday Robson @ Fu Rong :)"

Eek, the pictures are supposed to be the other way round (i.e blow the candles then cut the cake) Lol.

Robson and Wanyi

Chee Kar, indulging in his piece of cake. :D

Hsien with the cute smiley on Robson's cake. :D

Group picture!

At the ladies. :D

Toodles! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bad Remark

What do you do when people make bad remarks about you? I mean, I'm sure people around you will tell you that you shouldn't think about what others think about you, instead, you should just be yourself and not be affected by others. But, how many of us CAN actually do that?

Of course you'll try as hard as you can to completely forget about it and comfort yourself. You'll probably rant to your friends so that they can say things that might comfort you. As much as you try to forget, it'll still linger in your mind somehow right? And you'll automatically say bad things about the person who made a bad remark about you.

Sometimes, you may query yourself too much, asking yourself what have you done wrong to make people say things like that. Sometimes, this can lead to depression! Sometimes, all you wanna do is just sulk and cry it all out. Sometimes, you just wanna indulge yourself with a bar of chocolate or a tub of ice-cream (Mmm~). Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to, someone who can comfort yourself until you feel like you're leaving in denial good about yourself. Sometimes.. (okay, you get the point)

I'm sure there will be times when you just feel like you're caught in the middle. People are constantly telling you not to give a damn about what others think about you. On the other hand, the fact that you know people hate you just disturbs you a little. So, how exactly do we cope with this kinda situation? :/

If you're like the been-there-done-that kinda person about this issue, then it shouldn't be a problem for you. But, what if you've never gotten any kind of this shit from anyone since the day you were born? It'll definitely affect you eventhough you are always telling yourself that they're just jealous of you.

I think you should just think about the good things people say about you! :D It'll make you a whole lot happier right? :D And you must learn how to accept the fact that people will continue talking/bitching/gossiping about others including you no matter how angelic or good you are. :) That's reality, it's harsh, I know. But what to do? Life goes on baby! :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Month of Many Birthdays

So many birthdays this month, thus, I'm gonna compile all my greetings and wishes into one post. Lol. :P

Birthday Baby #1: Lee Ha Nnah (12.07.08)

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY to U6K's very own Queen Nana! :) She's fun, lively and spunky! She enlightens everyone with her unique characteristics and I'm sure class wouldn't be the same without her. :D Chern Chiang's close companion in class! :) They do almost everything together. Ooh, and she's good at public speaking and debating! It's always nice to hear her speak. :)

Birthday Baby #2: Chen Ken Kent. (13.07.08)

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY MR. I-LOVE-FERRARI-SO-MUCH! :D The guy who sits behind me in class! :) He likes to write his notes in RED. OMG, damn striking. I can never read his notes, not in RED. :/ He's also a very good motivator and positive thinker. ;) Oh, and apparently, he's good in football. He scored a few goals for the telematch. Bravo! :D And his boots got destroyed because of that. Lol.

Birthday Baby #3: Robson Ng Hock Wing. (19.07.08)

HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY FU RONG! :D Haha, that's his name in Chinese. Sounds like sarung. Lol. I find it nicer to call him that. :P He's the most vain one among all the other guys in class and he claims that he's very "yeng" (Yeah right. :P Oklah, maybe a bit). x) He likes to pose a lot and he has this one particular signature pose (the picture below). Lol. He's the guy who bought two extra hamsters when he already has two just because his cage was too big and empty. :/ So, now he's a proud owner of four cute hamsters (I assume that they are cute). :D

Have an awesome birthday! :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

Family Day Pictures

Getting ready. :)

Welcome to Kensett Fun Land!

Advertisers. (No, we didn't get paid. :()

Hsien, Janice and I with U6K's beautiful banners. :)

A shot from another camera.

U6K! xP

What The Fish (WTFish) Haha. :D

The Lame Candle Game; "Can you handle the lameness?" xD

Make The Love. ;)

Egg Traygganator.

Whack 'Em Balls!

Cute fishies! :D

Obi-Mok. Master of all eggs (more like ping pong balls) for that day. xD

Hannah, the great multi-tasker.

Then, we got busy..

Intruders, tried to steal our customers away. Heh, just kidding. (:

WTFish's first customer! :D :D

His sister, who cheated his coupons. She had her turn and he paid for his turn but she insisted on "helping" him but ended up getting nothing for him. He came back later on. This time, without his sister. Haha. :D Cute boy. :)

The kid who never stopped trying. Haha. :D

A freakishly tall kid.. O_o

..whom I took pictures with. Lol.


Spot the similarity.

Janice, Sharveena and I.

Busy counting coupons. Nyahaha. (:

Jan is tired.

Wai Kit is tired.

Kent is tired.

We still had to clean up eventhough we were exhausted. In the midst of cleaning up, we took pictures! Haha. :D How happy-fying. (:

U6K's official helper of the day, Janice Lim!

She couldn't resist me! :D Hence, the picture.

We played football! How unusual. Haha. (:

Then, the little kids took over the field.

A big thank you to those who helped us on that day! :)