Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birthday Prezzies! :)

Time to show my birthday presents that I got from various people! :D Love love love! :)

Pretty purple top from Lavonne Tan Ca-Men! :D And a birthday card which made me felt so touched and it almost had me in tears!

A book from Kent which I am yet to read. Blame STPM. T.T

Another book from Ern Khai. Blame STPM again. Double T.T

Handbag from May Jean! :D

A very white Swatch from Janice which made me feel so pure. Lol. :D

Really pink stress ball from Weixing. :)

A box of cookies with a teddy from Sharveena, Wanyi and Zhuang Xiao. I only ate the cookies two or three weeks later. Lol. :P Trials lah! Grr. x)

Body Shop perfume from Chee Kar and Kent! :)

"I know this doesn't look like a goldfish, but it looks something like one lah"
This is from Dinesh who claims that I look like a goldfish.

From my class monitor, Daniel Siow! :D

Mashimaro from Hsien. :)

Pink PDI tee from Jonathan.

Jonathan got this from One Republic at the MTV Asia Awards 2008 after party moments before he got kicked out for being underage. Lol! And that dunggu spelt "One Republic" wrongly.

Hand lotion from Rita! :D

Bedroom slippers from Samantha who is now in America having heaps of fun! :(

A box of doughnuts from Big Apple Donuts (which was presented at my doorstep by Wai Kit on behalf of the rest, lol.), a birthday card, a mechanical pencil and Japanese and local snacks! All from Wai Kit, Hannah, Chern Chiang, Kay Yan, Chi Yeen, Alicia and Suet Mun! :D

Thanks a lot for the presents everyone! :D I love them all! And I love you guys! :)

Other pictures! :) A mini celebration with my family. :)


My cute father! :)

My mother. :D

My sister! :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My 19th Surprise! <333

22nd August 2008
I was so touched and I really didn't see it coming at all! I had no idea and I couldn't believe that I sorta got punk'd (in a good way). Haha. :) It was my first birthday surprise and they made me feel so happy and appreciated. The fact that they took all the effort (especially Lavonne who organized the whole thing and didn't blurt a single thing out to me eventhough she couldn't take it anymore, lol) to make this surprise a success truly amazed me. All of them took some time off from their busy schedule just to make this happen and I really appreciate their sincerity.

Lavonne said she was aware that I was quite down at that time because of trials, me being sick and stressed out. So, this surprise was a great way to make me feel better and I did feel so much better! :D They really made my day. I was so speechless that I almost wanted to cry. These kinda friends are worth to be cherished for the rest of my life and they're priceless! :)

THANKS A LOT BABES (i.e Lavonne, May Jean, Janice, Rita and Ramyah) AND BOY! :D
I *heart* all of you! :D :D
I am very grateful! :)
Really! :D

Some of you might have seen the pictures that I have uploaded in Facebook. Those who don't have Facebook, GO GET ONE (Nah, not promoting for Facebook. :P) or haven't seen them yet, here are some of the pictures! :)

I was really surprised okay! Their plan worked! He was the bait (I didn't know okayyy). Lol.

My favourite chocolate brownie from Delicious. It tasted extra delicous on that day! Mmm. :D

May Jean, Rita, Ramyah and Janice waiting patiently for my arrival. Haha. :P Lavonne took this picture.

Group photo! :)

On the escalator, haha.

The BFF, the one who made it all happen, the culprit, the one and only LAVONNE TAN CA-MEN! :D :D

The ever so lovely MAY JEAN! :D

JANICE, who surprisingly didn't ffk! :D

RITA, the bubbly. :D

RAMYAH! :D She's the tallest among all of us and she was the only one who wore heels on that day. Lol.

Met up with the girls again at night for dinner and some chillin' out. :) I don't have most of the pictures. They're still with Lavonne and Janice. Here's a few. :)

Ramyah and Janice. :)

My little pink-purply dress. :D


Friday, September 19, 2008

The Bubble

Don't burst it, get into it.. for now.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I really wanted to..

..update for the past two days, but I just didn't feel like typing whatever my mind wanted to say or express. O_o No good vibes.

Or maybe I was just lazy, as per normal. :/

Or maybe my time for blogging is becoming very limited now.

Or maybe I need to be on a hiatus.

But, I still have loads to update! Sigh. :/ It'll probably take me a week or two for just ONE update from now onwards, depending on whether I am willing to sacrifice my time. :P

Anyhow, going to school everyday is getting more intimidating. I feel the pressure. You can practically see all the Upper Six students reading their books intensely everywhere in school. *gulp*

Sigh, approximately 65 more days.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Camp Rock!

OMG, it was awesome man! I love The Jonas Brothers! *drools/melts* The songs in the movie are damn nice! :D Aahh. I wanna watch it again!

Joe Jonas! :D

The Jonas Brothers with the Bonus Jonas (Frankie)! :D

P/S: The Jonas Brothers! Please come to KL, pretty please? :D