Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Post Of 2008

OMG, can you believe it? It's the last day of 2008 and this is the last post of 2008!

I'm not going to do a review of 2008 because there isn't much thing to say about it except that the whole year pretty much revolved around STPM. Sad huh?

Nevertheless, it will be a year that I will never forget!

I am growing up too fast, this is saddening. :(

Hopefully, the year 2009 will be much more exciting for me! First and foremost, I will have to endure my post-STPM-holidays which is too damn long. :/ Oh well, we'll see how it goes. :)

Langkawi Day Two

20th December 2008

Yes, so you read in the previous post that we didn't sleep at all. Lavonne and I didn't sleep for almost 24 hours! That's by far, the longest time that I've ever stayed awake. I didn't think I could do that. Quite an accomplishment for me although it doesn't make any significance in my life, lol.

We spent the whole night talking, expressing and sharing dirty little secrets. It was a night filled with laughter and chatters. We also played cards and a board game called Articulate. Very fun! :) Then, we decided to watch the sunrise! So, we went to the beach at about 6.30 a.m when everyone else is still very much asleep. :P

Not exactly the view of a sunrise because the sun didn't rise anywhere near the beach. :P

*blows kiss*

Lavonne! :)

Emo.. NOT! :D

After spending some time at the beach, we decided to grab a bite and head back to our room for our much needed beauty sleep.

Aahh. :)

We woke up at noon later and walked to a nearby duty free shop! :D That's where everyone went nuts because booze and chocolates were so darn cheap! Well, at least cheaper compared to what we have here in KL. I went nuts with the chocolates. I bought heaps! Enough to supply me for a year!

Lavonne, Me, Janice and May Jean.

All of us with our sunnies! It was damn hot!

Our plastic bags. Inside those plastic bags, there were more plastic bags. So not environment-friendly. =x

Booze. The miniatures damn cute!


After bracing through the blazing sun, we settled down in our room, getting the much needed rest and air-conditioning.

We decided to head over to the beach when it wasn't that sunny anymore. :P Janice was disappointed because she wanted to get a tan so badly but most of us were avoiding the sun. Haha. Poor girl.

The beach! A sight I haven't seen in a very long time.

Because it looks better this way.

Janice and I.

It was pretty sunny after all.

Janice, Rita and May Jean.

We went on the banana boat and got thrown into the sea! Haha, damn fun and quite scary at the same time. :P After soaking in the sea, we were prepared to watch the sunset! Sunrise and sunset in a day, not bad eh?

Janice, Me and May Jean.

Sun about to set!


Rita asked us to do this.

Haijo, some random boy with a float suddenly in the picture. -_-

Someone dug a hole!

Rita, Me and Janice.

Burying Janice while watching the sunset. :P

Banana boat! :D

We made her a pair of artificial boobs!

In the water!

Jet-ski and parasailing.

The five of us. :)

What almost everyone does on sand when he/she goes to the beach. :D

Janice had to stick her fingers up in that position, pfft.

A picture of where we stayed.

After playing in the sun, we got ready for dinner! :) We went to have dinner by the beach. The food was not bad maybe because we were really hungry. Haha.

Rita's tequila shot!

We did pretty much on day two huh? :) Time flies when you're having fun, lots of fun..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Singapore Day Three and Langkawi Day One

19th December 2008

I took pictures of the awesome house before we had to leave! :)

The tv area. I like the chairs! Damn comfy. :)

The stairs leading to the rooms, first floor is the master bedroom and second floor is the guest room and Lavonne's cousin's (Sarah) room.

The kitchen! :)

Bunnyyyy. :)

The toilet in the tv area.

How my blog looks like on a Mac!

The dining area.

The backyard.

The swimming pool!

We waited for another aunt of Lavonne's to pick us up because Lavonne wanted to visit her grandmother. Her aunt and son (Kevin) brought us to their home. This house looks even better! But, I didn't take any pictures of it because I was too afraid. Her uncle (Uncle Mike) looked quite scary. The house was enormous! After that, Kevin brought us to Far East Plaza to have lunch and we had fried Mars balls for desserts! So yummy and chocolatey! Oh, we brought our luggage together because we were going to shop a little bit at Orchard before taking the MRT to Changi Airport. We looked like fools carrying our luggage everywhere!


Making a pit-stop. Damn heavy okay the bags!

We made it to Changi Airport using the MRT! :D Damn cheap compared to the KLIA Express that we have here. It was a great experience, carrying our luggage through massive crowds and switching trains during two interchange stations. Hahaha. When will we do that again? :P

We made it! It was so tiring.

Queuing up!

Our flight was on time! :) But we found out later on that our flight to Langkawi that night will be delayed. -_- We had like four hours or more to kill in LCCT.. GREAT. :/

We had MickeyD's because we were so hungry and we didn't have anything to do. May Jean came not quite long after that. So, the three of us waited, waited and WAITED. :/ Damn boring can die because I hate waiting.

Finally on our way to Langkawi! :D

When we reached the airport in Langkawi, Justin came to pick us up and he brought us to our hotel! :) Meanwhile, Janice and Rita were already in our room anticipating on our arrival. Hahaha. :D

All of us got very excited that we didn't sleep at all!