Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids I Adore

Iskie! :) I have a lot of his pictures because he's the only one who gets excited when taking pictures!

Iskie, Michael and Laura. Michael has a pretty big belly for his size! Cannot be seen in this picture though.

His stuffed turtle, Irwin which he can't sleep without.


Very cheeky Josh Trevor Singh!

Iskie with his orange Ben10 watch! xD

His flying pose.

*gives big sloppy kiss*

His kungfu pose!

Josh and Iskie.


On a totally irrelevant note..

..there was once this girl who had a nanny who first took care of her when she was 30 days old. Her nanny was her neighbour at that time. Nanny took great care of this little girl and with lots of love! She took care of her as if she was her own daughter and this little girl loved her nanny very much. She goes to her nanny's house on a daily basis. But, every time she goes home with her plastic bag of clothes, few minutes later, she returns with another new set of clothes in her plastic bag.

Nanny was the only person who could feed her milk (besides her parents) without covering her face. Nanny's daughters could feed her only if they covered their faces. This little girl is a little bit demanding.

She was two years old when her nanny moved out. Before moving out, nanny brought her to the nearest nursery to let her be familiar with the surroundings. Upon entering the nursery's door, she quickly grabbed her nanny's pair of slippers along with her so that her nanny couldn't go home and would stay with her.

Even when her nanny moved out, she stayed at her place everyday and goes home only on weekends. She went everywhere with her nanny and had many bus rides together. Nanny's husband claimed that this girl was like her shadow, following her each and every step.

She had two pacifiers which she kept until she was about 5. Normally, kids would stop sucking their pacifiers when they're about 1 or 2. But, not her. She would follow nanny to church and stick her head into nanny's handbag from time to time in church. Why? Just to suck her pacifiers!

On a bus ride to town one day, one of her pacifiers flew out the window of the bus! That was the end of her pacifier. Don't know what happened to the other one but she stopped sucking pacifiers after that.

Nanny was sick one day. Her children weren't around and her husband was too engrossed to the tv downstairs. This little girl went upstairs with a glass of water and two panadols for her nanny. Nanny was shocked! But touched. :)

Now, that little girl is all grown up. She doesn't go to her nanny's place that often anymore. Usually once a month or whenever she's free. But, deep inside her heart, she will always be her dear nanny.

Found glued to one of nanny's cupboard doors. Picture was taken at her garden.

That little girl is, ME. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Days Late

Finally, the not so long awaited post, but long enough for Jonathan Lee Koon Kee. Can't believe he actually asked me for his birthday post! Luckily, I was thinking of doing that, what if I never intended to do a birthday post for him? :P Haha, but I'm not that mean! :D

This is the MOST last minute surprise plan that I've ever gotten involved with. It all started on the night BEFORE (like two hours before midnight) his birthday (his birthday was on the 20th). The poor dude was telling me online, about how bored he would feel because he had no plans on his birthday. He asked me out but I had plans in the afternoon till night. :P Then, James came online.

James: Tomorrow is Jonathan's birthday!
Me: Yeah, I know.
James: Doing anything for him?
Me: Nope, poor boy got zero plans on his birthday.
James: Wanna surprise him at his house?
Me: Wokeh, can. :D

I said it on impulse because I felt very bad for him and I couldn't see him having no plans on his birthday. Such a sweetie. :D James and I spent the time online deciding on what time we should go to his place and how am I gonna get there since my knowledge about the roads in Cheras is very limited. Lol. James wanted to go to his house at 8 a.m. He's nuts! So early! So, I persuaded him to make it to 11.30 a.m. :D Hehe. Jonathan was expecting James and his friends to come to his house because James told him to make himself free in the afternoon. -_- Kinda obvious right? But, he wasn't expecting ME! ;)

I went offline 15 minutes before midnight just to make Jonathan think that I went to bed and forgot to wish him. Hahaha. :D At 12 a.m. sharp I sent him a text message saying, "HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY JOJO LEE! Thought I went to bed without wishing you huh? :p Hope you'll have a great one despite not having any plans on your birthday until night (He was going to celebrate with his grandaunt at night). At least something different than the previous birthdays! :p 18 dy, big boy dy, got license some more! Be proud! ;) I'll treat you lunch one day!"

The next morning, I caught him online. He woke up at 8 a.m. -_- So early! At about 11 a.m, I went to Secret Recipe in Taman Desa to get him two slices of cake! Chocolate Indulgence and Oreo Cheesecake, yum!

Drove to Cheras to get James and took a wrong turning but luckily I saw him! It's hard to explain and I'll just go straight to the point. :P Then, drove to Leisure Mall to pick up their classmate, Thung. He wanted to change his top so went to his house. I can tell that he's rich! We had to pass two security checkpoints just to get to his house! And it was huge! After that, we went to Jonathan's house! ;)

Jonathan noticed a blue Kelisa passing by his house (I went to make a three-point-turn, so that it would be easier for me to get out later). He stood at his gate with his jaws dropping, eyes like this O_O, stunned and said "OH-MY-GOD!" when he saw us. :D Plan worked. ;)

We chilled at his house for a bit and took a few pictures.

Birthday boy!


Woohoo, Jojo Lee and yours truly. :)

Jonathan and Thung.

Jonathan and James! Buddies since primary school!

Jonathan, James, Thung and I. :)

After the boys had their instant noodles because they were damn hungry (except Jonathan who ate 3 roti canais before we arrived). I didn't eat because I was supposed to have lunch later on with May Jean and Janice.

We left Jonathan's house after awhile, dropped Thung at Leisure Mall, dropped James at school and I went to MGSKL, to get my sister's musical instrument, her horn. -_- Since she was going to go back by bus, it would be too heavy for her to carry. Then I went to Palm Spring, Damansara @ Janice's house to meet May Jean and Janice.

We were going to watch a movie! It's called New In Town! Janice was a little bit late because she was sending some emails for her mom. I thought the movie was at 3 p.m. and when Janice entered my car, it was 5 minutes to 3 p.m. already! So, we hurried to One Utama. We walked as fast as we could to TGV and we found out that the movie was only starting at 3.20 p.m. -_-

Didn't have time for lunch so we stuffed ourselves with popcorns! After the movie, I wanted to eat a hotdog! So Janice brought me to Ikea to try their hotdogs! Woot, awesome and delicious! ;) Maybe because I was too hungry at that time. :P Then we headed to Cupcake Chic to get cupcakes! Yum. :D Then to Tesco to get charcoal for Lavonne, but didn't have the one she wanted. Went back to Janice's place to switch cars. This time she drove! We went to Solaris after that.

The place is so different! It's like another Bangsar or Hartamas but not as happening I think. But, still pretty good! ;) Met up with Lavonne and Jessie and had Arabian food which was not bad at all! :)

May Jean and Lavonne.

Janice and I.

Nothing unusual about Janice. :p


Then we went to Lepaq, Hartamas! :) Ate pancakes which I have been craving for the past few days. It was gooood. :D After that, we went home!

It was a very tiring day for me, I was out for the whole day! But, I had a good time, a very good one. :D I mean, how often can you do this in life right? :) Gotta savour the moment! Haha. ;)

OOH, almost forgot.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Text Message

Jonathan Lee Koon Kee! I know you're waiting for your birthday post, but you have got to wait a little bit more longer. Haha. :P At least, until you send me pictures. :D

Yesterday was a very awesome day! Although I was dead tired that as soon as I reached home, I.. crashed! Of course I did shower before that! Will blog about this together with Jonathan's-soon-to-be-birthday-post because it all happened in one and on the same day! :P

But anyways, here's just a little bit about yesterday.

While I was having dinner with my friends at Solaris, I received a text message! (I know, no big deal right? :P)

It came from an unknown number and the guy (I assumed) said, "Hello..hai..glad 2 know u?"

HELLO?! Glad to know me? I haven't even met you and you didn't even tell me your name! :S So I proceeded to asking him straight, "Who are you?"

Which he replied, "My name is shan.. Saw u n ur number in ur school magazine u look like friendly kind girl n energetic.. interest be frnd wth oso 2o years old doing stpm bt at pahang..can be a fren?"

Questions that went through my mind were:

#1 Is Shan a guy or a girl's name? It's probably a guy because why would a girl say something like that to another girl right?

#2 PAHANG? Wow, the school magazine really travelled around!

#3 Did he get the wrong girl? :S I asked this out loud to May Jean and Janice actually and they said he couldn't have gotten the wrong girl cause he searched for my name with my personal details in the school magazine. I was like *smacks forehead* "OH YAAAAHH hor!"

I decided to ignore the message because I don't know him at all and I don't think that this is the right way to get to know someone unless I've seen him face-to-face first before proceeding to communicating via sms. Then, that's fine.

After some time, he texted again saying, "Sorry. ... May be im disturbing..u!! Its ok if u dun interest be my fren..sorry!"

He made me feel bad. -_- So, I replied him. Grr, why am I like that? :/ I replied, "Sorry but I don't know you."

And he said, "Itz..k" if u interested we can exchange our details..any way up 2 u .. Do u have frendster?"

Didn't I just reject him politely before this? :S I didn't reply again.

He sent another message saying, "{*his email add*} its my email address.. U can view my frndster ur wish!! So sorry if u feel i disturbing u!!"

I didn't reply again. :P Luckily he stopped texting me after that.

Oh, his text messages were exactly what I typed as in the punctuations, spellings etc etc. So, I'm not making this up if you think I'm making this up. Lol. :P

My question to you reading this is,

if you were to be in my situation, would you entertain him and accept him as your friend? :)

P/S: Omg, I can't believe I did a post about him, hahaha.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was supposed to stay over at Nanny's place tonight, but since the adik is sick, I can't gooo. :(

And when I can't go, it means I won't be seeing the kids. :(

Not seeing the kids means I can't hug them or pinch their cheeks. :(

Oh well, after all, it is still my responsibility to make sure my sis is alright. :) She should be thankful to have someone like me as her sister! (Are you reading this LIM WEN YEE? :P)

It's the third week of February and oh-my-god, few more weeks, results will be out (I think and assume). *gasp* How did time fly so fast? O_O I shall not think about it just yet and stay calm! *breathes* :)

Okay, change topic! WHEN IS RIHANNA COMING DOWN?! It has been almost a week since we were informed that her concert has been postponed. Another week to go! Speaking about Rihanna, her #1 fan, Jonathan @ JojoLee passed his driving test! Yay! :D Congrats! ;) Too bad he still has to drive manual. :P Hahaha.

Okay, time for lunch! Toodles. :D

P/S: THE rose is still standing. Hahaha. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Some people dread for today to come..
Some people anticipate for today to come..
Some people don't give a damn about today..
Some people think today is just another day..
Some people make a big fuss about today..
Some people put a lot of effort for today..

Nevertheless, let today be a day filled with love all around! :) Valentine's Day is not necessary for couples only! So don't fret, spread the love! ;)

Personally, I like Valentine's Day! I like the roses (or any other flowers), chocolates, decorations, heart shape stuff etc etc. :D

If you're single this Valentine's Day, don't be upset about it! There will be plenty of Valentine's Day in the future for you to celebrate with your loved one! :D Or, you can even spend this day with your friends or family! ;)

As for the ones taken, have fun getting all lovey dovey! :D

THE rose, haha. Thank you.

Bunny! :D


Friday, February 13, 2009

This Friday The 13th

..happens to be Iskie's 3rd Birthday! Yayy! *claps* :D

Birthday boy with a new haircut. :D

So, my sister and I went to nanny's place after I fetched her from school to pay her and the kids a visit! :D Besides, we were going to follow Wendy (Iskie's mom) and nanny to buy him a bicycle for his birthday! :D :D Sounds so cute right? :P I asked Wendy how does she know that he wanted a bicycle.

Wendy: Iskie, what do you want for your present?
Iskie: *runs around* BIKEEEE! *grins*

So clever to ask for what he wants at such a young age as his birthday present. When I was three, I accepted anything as long as I had more than 10 presents. :P

When I arrived, Josh came to hug me right away and didn't wanna let me go! He also kept saying "I love you" to me. Hahaha. :) Maybe he knows that Valentine's Day is tomorrow. ;)

Laura and Iskie. :)

Birthday boy! :D

Feeling excited while on our way to get his bicycle. :) And he insisted that I take a picture of him with his yellow colour pencil tuck beside his ear. Haha. :P

His mother bought him a small toy gun at the bakery where she also bought his candles.

No, that's not what he chose. He saw it in the store (it was meant for kids to play with), quickly ran to it and rode it around the store until..

..he stumbled upon this! :D His birthday present. :)

Dozed off in the car. Haha.


His birthday cake that his grandmother baked (nanny). :D

He calls it "juice" but it's actually just Coke. Haha.

Happy 3rd Birthday Iskie!

I know you can't read yet but I hope you'll see this one day, when you're older and when you CAN read! :D Hehe. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Everyone knows that Rihanna got assaulted by Chris Brown and her concert this FRIDAY THE 13TH has been postponed. Practically everyone is talking about it. Friday the 13th is no joke eh? Hahaha. :P Poor Rihanna, sigh. :(

Well, at least the concert isn't cancelled! :) So don't be disappointed! She's still coming down, but on a later date. :D

Jonathan, seven days no more! You need more fingers to count the days till her concert. Hahaha. Don't emo, cheer up boy! ;D

Sunday, February 8, 2009

CNY Highlights

The title says it all. Hence, the pictures below! Lazy to elaborate. :P

Mount Kinabalu! Omg, after all these years I've been flying across South China Sea, this is actually my first time seeing Mount Kinabalu from the plane!

My father who requested for a picture with me. :D

CNY means RED! This was on the first day of CNY at my mom's eldest sister's place.

People who didn't wear red except my uncle. xD

Aunt's dogs! She has a lot more of the same kind. She has so many dogs, she could open a pet store! Too bad no shih tzu. :(

Mom taking too long to take our picture resulted in this!

Mom's youngest sis' place. :) The lady in red (Not me, duh). ;)

Went to a temple on a hill with this beautiful view from the top! :)

Mom, grandmother and 2nd aunt.

Why the annoyed face? x)

This is my sister with my white bag! :D

My idea! ;) But she got a nicer shot than mine after my first attempt on taking her picture, pfft. The picture above was my second attempt.

My sister!

After that, went to my uncle's place to chill for awhile.

Second day of CNY, lunch was at my grandmother's place (mom's side).

Natellie Liew Ern Pei with her cute little green cheongsam. :D

Dinner was at dad's side.

We went to have breakfast by the sea on one of the days during my stay! :D

Turquoise Temptation from Dr. Pizzicato (Abigail's e-boutique)! :D

Yee sang at uncle's place! :D

Stayed at the family's (Dad's side) budget hotel! :D For one night only though, Dad didn't wanna stay for so many nights. :/

The town!

The market!

Sis, Dad and I. :)

Haji Hajiji Haji Haji Hajiji Haji, say it 10 times! Check the name out! xD

Inside the market! Clean huh? :)

The famous hor fun, RM 2.30 (small) and RM 2.80 (large) per bowl! Got sliced yao char kwai some more!

A part of the town, not very appealing.

With our uncle who's working at the family's budget hotel. :)

We went to Sepilok, an orang utan rehabilitation centre! :) Quite disappointing, because we only got to see the orang utans eat and not touch them. :/

Rainforest Discovery Centre. All about plants and wildlife that you can find in a rainforest!

Reminded me of Form Six's Bio project.

My last dinner in Sandakan.

Dad together with his three other brothers bought a new house each! Unfortunately, we're not gonna stay there. :/ Why? Because it's not in KL! Hahaha. But, I think my parents will move in after they retire. We visited the new place twice, my mom was very happy and impressed. :D

My purple dress! :D

Dad with his two daughters.

Jump shots! :)

How cute, hehe. :)

That pretty much sums up my CNY this year (excluding the desserts)! :D Hope you guys had a great CNY! :)