Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour 2009 just ended about 15 minutes ago! Tee hee hee. :D I was quite excited and thankfully, the weather was quite chilly just now. :) It was so cooling and I enjoyed sitting on the couch in the living room in the DARK talking to my mom and sis. Dad went to bed. -_- He's still asleep. Haha.
Too bad, I wasn't in complete darkness. The street lights were still on. :/ I guess they can't switch them off, otherwise robbery can happen any time! Then, instead of saving Earth, we're helping to increase our country's crime rate! :P

These were taken from my balcony! :)

KL Tower and KLCC, lights on!

Midvalley area (Boulevard Hotel, Cititel Hotel).

Lights off for KL Tower!

Lights off for Midvalley area as well.

KL Tower and KLCC vanished! *GASP* (Okay, lame I know.)

Pardon the excitement coming from me, please. :P This was when KLCC switched off their lights.

KLCC switching their lights back on, not really visible though.

Oh, definitely a night to remember. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Those Were The Days

I did massive tagging in Facebook for the past few days. All of the pictures were uploaded last year but I didn't have the time to tag people. :P So, I decided to do it once and for all! Tagging people means browsing through pictures! And oh boy, it made me miss school so much. :(

We went to school on a Saturday to make a video for the closing ceremony of our orientation. We acted out a short sketch for our seniors. Unfortunately, things changed and we did another video. Everything was settled until the actual day, and the video couldn't be played. -_- Lol.

Our first cross country together, when Ling Keat was a part of our class. He decided to ditch Form Six and study at Nottingham. :/

SPORTS DAY! Hahaha. Four mascots! :D I remember how crazy it was the day before Sports Day. I stayed back at school until 6.30 p.m! Had Biology practical before helping out with the decorations. On top of that, NICHOLAS WEE CHENG HAN forced me to send him home eventhough I was very tired. :(

We won! :) It was worth it, I guess? Haha. But, they're all memories now.

FAMILY DAY! :D This was super fun! ;) I had a lot of fun handling the WTF (What The Fish :D) station together with Kent and Janice. Janice is the traitor, she came to help U6K out. :P

This may seem weird and impossible, but I wish for just one more day of school. :P

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Finally Here!

In case you're wondering, the title isn't referring to the iPhone, for all you tech-savvy people. :P Read on to find out! ;)

I just came back from Midvalley with Janice and Jonathan. :D We had Chilis for lunch since Jonathan had so much of money to spent (Hah, kidding. :P He was craving for his mushroom-swiss burger). We had our tummies bloated by 2 p.m. and missed a few minutes of the beginning of our movie. All thanks to Janice who was slightly late. Haha. :P

Anyways, we watched Hotel For Dogs which was funny and the dogs are so cute! :D All of us had a very good laugh because we were laughing the hardest and the loudest in the cinema. :P

Oh yeah, before that, while Jonathan and I were buying the movie tickets, I handed RM 21 to the lady at the counter because each ticket costs RM 7 (7 x 3 = 21, right?).

Lady: *counts money* RM 31 miss *in a very attacking tone*!
Me: Huh? (counts 7 x 3 in head) RM 21 lah! *in a very defensive tone*
Lady: Oh.. Wait ah.. *counts back* Sorry sorry!

-_________________- The amount was stated at the screen and she wants to con my money?! Haha, she was probably dreaming and obviously didn't count by herself. Oh well, people make mistakes sometimes.

So, after the movie, we had ice-creams at Gelato Fruity, talked nonsense, chilled, made lame jokes and laughed some more! :D Then we headed to one optician to find out about which contact lens saline does Jonathan uses. Don't ask why, too lazy to talk about it here because we're getting close to the exciting part!! :D

Okay, so we stepped out of the optician.

I saw this, paused..

..and squealed "KRISPY KREME!!" in delight! :D :D :D Janice and Jonathan blurted out a "HUH?!" while looking at me, puzzled. Tee hee hee. :D It's finally here in Malaysia! YAYYYY! :D I've been waiting and wanting to try their doughnuts for so long! Because I have read blog posts about how good they taste and too bad they don't have any outlet in Malaysia. But guess what people, Krispy Kreme is finally here! :D It hasn't opened yet, but it will be open soon. ;) End of this month baby! ;D

To add on to my excitement, it will be opened in Midvalley! 5 minutes away from my house! OMG. This is a dream come true! :D Heh. ;D Can't wait to have a bite of their doughnuts!

To all you doughnut enthusiast, scream for me, will ya?! :D

Monday, March 23, 2009


The bazaar yesterday at 3K Inn was fun! :D The bazaar was held to cater for blogshop owners to sell their clothes offline. ;) Yesterday was the last day of the bazaar, so things were pretty cheap I guess? But, there weren't many stalls as there were on Saturday.

Apparently, Saturday was damn packed and there were a lot of stalls! It was havoc because there was very limited space for people to move around. Some problems/issues also were also brought up regarding the organizers and sellers on Saturday which I'm not quite sure about. Oh well, who cares? :D

Girls will always be girls and I believe none of the girls went home empty handed from the bazaar. :D I am one of them. ;) As well as May Jean, Janice and Rita. :D I got this maxi dress which is goddess-like, omg. I felt like a fairy/goddess when I tried it on. Haha. I also bought a lime green babydoll top, a brown Zara sequined tank top (RM 13 only, wth? It's original, mind you!) and a long butterfly necklace. :D

The rest got some pretty good deals as well. ;) We all spent above RM100 each. Haha. I bet we would have spent more if there were more stalls! Rita's parents dropped by because they were around the area! :) Lavonne couldn't make it because she had class from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m! Yesterday was a Sunday some more! O_O

Janice bought a dress for RM 69.90 happily because she really liked it. She tried bargaining for a lower price but the price of the dress was already slashed from RM 79.90. While we were in the car, Rita blurted out something.

Rita: Janice! You know the dress you bought for RM 69.90?
Janice: Yeah, why?
Rita: I got the same one but in different colour for RM 59.90 from the same shop! :D
Janice: WTF?! *slams hands on steering wheel* (she was driving) How come?!
Rita: YAAAAHH, my mom asked for a lower price and the seller was like "Don't tell that girl over there *points to Janice* that I gave you a cheaper price".

HAHAHAHAHA! xD The seller didn't know we were friends. Haha, Rita should have told Janice earlier. Sigh. Oh well. :D

We headed to Damansara Uptown for lunch, we were super tired and famished. Bought cuppacakes from the famous Wondermilk! If you don't know Wondermilk, click *here* The cuppacakes sold were quite pricey for such a small size.

Cupcake Chic sells their cupcakes for the same price but way bigger than the ones sold in Wondermilk. :/ Oh well, I've been wanting to try Wondermilk's cuppacakes for such a long time anyways. I still prefer the ones from Cupcake Chic, not too sweet. :)


Pictures that I feel like posting up. :D

With Josh, Laura and Iskie.

Iskie's super cute Adidas sandals which he wore it the other way round!

Laura and Iskie.

Irfan's grin! ;)

My parents found this while cleaning up the house. Haha. :D That's me in red and my sis in white. Both of us, with BANGS. Hahaha. :D


Today happens to be Ern Khai's birthday! *claps*

Happy 17th Birthday Ern Khai! :D

Hope you had fun celebrating in school and your lunch date with your mom! Hahaha. :D Your last time celebrating in school! O_O Well, not exactly celebrating, but your last time getting plenty of wishes from friends in school! xD

And tomorrow happens to be Ramyah's birthday! *claps*

Happy Birthday in advance Ramyah Arasu! :D

I know she doesn't read my blog! Heck, she doesn't even know the existence of my blog (I think) and she hardly comes online because she's so busy working and studying! But, I'll be waiting for your invitation for your birthday celebration! Haha. This is the girl who had a hard time remembering our birthdays, sigh. That's so Ramyah!

Done blogging for today, toodles! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Little Bit Of Everything

Received another text message from a random guy few days ago..

"Who are you?"
"I'm ur new phone chat friend.."

"Huh? What's your name?"
"I'm shady.. What's yours?"

"New phone chat friend" it seems, I didn't even know that kinda thing exists. -_-

Today, I received another text message from another random guy..

"U'll never walk alone"

Liverpool fan I guess? x)

I had a sore throat few days ago and now I'm down with a flu! Grr. This morning, I woke up feeling dizzy, almost fainted. Sigh. :/ Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow because I wanna go for the 3K Inn Bazaar! I can't wait!

I baked chocolate chip cookies the day before yesterday! Yummy! ;) I have two containers of cookies now! ;)

I'm so excited about Earth Hour! :D It's next week on the 28th of March from 8.30 p.m. till 9.30 p.m. Switch off your lights people! Just for one hour! :D I don't know why I'm excited, probably because I think it would be damn cool to see the neighbourhood with lights off (provided if people are not ignorant)! :D :D


My cute father is 54 years old today. :) We went to Secret Recipe to get him a cake today and he chose a mango cake because he loves mangoes but my mom wanted a chocolate cake. My sister blurted out "On your birthday, you can get the chocolate cake!" to my mom. Hahaha. :P Anyhow, we had it mom's way, we bought a slice of mango cake for dad and a whole of chocolate chip walnut cake since chocolate indulgence was sold out. Haha, dad didn't mind anyways. :)

My dear father, he probably doesn't know the existence of my blog. But, it's okay, I wouldn't want him to read my blog. :P Now not, maybe in the future. :D He's the greatest man in my life. ;) I love him! ♥

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I just realized that I've been with Blogger for ONE YEAR already! :D Actually, it has been one year and ten days, to be exact. :D

And I've been blogging since I was 15! Actually 16, since I stopped blogging after a few posts when I was 15. I didn't find blogging entertaining back then and didn't know how to express much in words. It was something very new to me because I've never heard of the word "blog" and I've never read anyone's blog before so I didn't know what was so fun about blogging.

Anyhow, I'm glad I embraced blogging back again, when I was 16! :D Otherwise, I wouldn't be here and you, readers wouldn't be visiting this blog! I wouldn't be able to read my previous posts and reminisce about the past as well!

I read my first few posts in Xanga, I couldn't believe it was me who blogged back then. It doesn't sound like me at all. Shows how much I've changed/grown up huh? :D

Monday, March 16, 2009


They can be so real and yet just plain impossible in reality. :/ Only in dreams, the impossible happens.

Many people have told me that impossible is nothing. But, tell me, is turning back time possible? That's just an example, it doesn't mean I want to turn back time.

Sometimes, there are some things in life that is just impossible to achieve due to very limited choices being thrown at and the dilemma faced in making the right choice even if it isn't the choice that you want.

Sometimes, you can achieve the impossible, but it'll take you a very long period of time. Maybe months, years or even decades! You wouldn't know what the future has in store for you. It is a matter of taking that risk or chance that would change your life.

I hate facing a slap of reality when I open my eyes after a dream that is so nice that it makes me wish that it was REAL.

But, I guess, dreams are where our imagination runs wild. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resolution Accomplished

I think almost everyone is watching the football match between Manchester United and Liverpool. -_- So, my dad is hogging the tv. :/ I can't do much and there's nothing to do online, I'll probably continue reading my story book after this short update.

Today, I went to the Curve with Lavonne, May Jean, Janice and Rita! Ramyah couldn't make it because she was working (as per normal, always MIA). Lavonne didn't join us for movie cause she had class. We watched Race to Witch Mountain which was quite interesting. But, not interesting enough to make me wanna watch it again. :P Going to the Curve means getting cupcakes! :D No pictures because they were all eaten even before we thought of taking pictures of those lovely cupcakes. :P

Lunch was at this restaurant called Vivo! :) That's Rita and May Jean.

Was massaging my cheeks (wtf?) and Janice was laughing at Rita's fake plastered smile.

Bad lighting. :/

LOOK AT JANICE! HAHAHA, always like that!

Red light means, stop and snap pictures! :D
Pictures courtesy of Janice Lim.

The missing person in those pictures is, Miss Lavonne Tan. She hung out with us for about and hour plus then she had to go for class. :/ Oh well, at least she came. :)

Oh, I bought my very own personalized charm bracelet! Yayy! I love it! ♥ May Jean got one too. Tee hee hee. :D No pictures of it because it's meant for me and only me to see, wth. Hahaha. Nolah, kidding, too lazy to upload. :P

Oh oh, with regards to my previous post and the title, I can say now, that, I have successfully accomplished my resolution for the year 2008! :D Click *here* for 2008's resolution. :)

Off to read my book, toodles. :)

OH, I forgot, I have doughnuts to eat before that! :D Hehehe.

P/S: I think the world needs more nicer people. :/

Still wishing for the impossible.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My STPM Results


I couldn't sleep last night, so I read my story book for about an hour till I felt sleepy. Surprisingly, I slept 15 minutes after putting my book down. Usually, I'll sleep right away. But, 15 minutes is better than rolling around for an hour on bed!

I woke up at about 9 in the morning and couldn't go back to bed. Realizing how much today meant to me, made it even harder for me to fall asleep back. My heart started pounding like mad, it was unstoppable (Duh, otherwise I'd be dead right now)! I kept thinking about the possibilities of what I would see on my results slip. It was too hard for me to handle, I should have not thought about it!

Because, then, I had nervous diarrhoea! I didn't think this kinda thing even existed until I experienced it sometime ago last year before STPM. The doctor told me it was nervous diarrhoea. So, I assumed what happened this morning was the same thing. Hahaha. So weird.

It was a long wait till 12 p.m. Why can't they let it out in the morning?! Most of us were quite concern about the dress code since MBS is quite strict about that. Luckily, I brought a school tee, just in case I needed it! :D So, when I reached school, I saw the notice on the board in front of the office about the dress code. Janice and I immediately went to the toilet to change into our school tees since we didn't wanna mess with Pn Gan. :D

I tied my hair up so that the highlights on my hair cannot really be seen. Pn Gan saw Janice and I, she said, "Aahh, this two very safe!" (she was talking about our attire) phew! :D We had to wait until 2 p.m. for our results. MORE WAITING, grr. :/

While waiting, Pn Ng briefed us about local university applications and we collected our testimonials. :) Then, we headed to the canteen to wait some more. Haha, by then, I wasn't feeling very nervous already. Not until, someone said "Chiew Wai (the genius) got 3 A and 2 A- only leh!". Upon hearing that, I was shocked and I got very scared. If he, the top scorer got that, what about me?! Confirm die!

Pn Chan walked into the canteen, talked to some of the Kensettians, congratulated Wai Kit! And we were like "Oh, Wai Kit sure got 5 A's dy lah!" Then, Pn Chan walked up to me and congratulated me, saying "Congrats, you did quite good!". How good is that "quite good", I wondered.

Finally the wait was over when Dinesh told us he collected his results already. All of us went to the Physics Lab and jeng jeng jeng!

Click to enlarge!

Ripping off the sides of the paper took me quite some time because I was so nervous! Gah! Anyhow, my CGPA is 3.84. :)

Something that I wanted and never expected. There was a crazy whirlpool of thoughts and possibilities in my mind before getting the results cause I tend to think a lot and worry for the slightest things. I aimed for CGPA 3.80 and above and I got it! So, I should be thankful, really. :) Although I'm slightly disappointed about my Physics. :/ And I thought I would get a C for Maths cause I screwed the papers up big time. Haha. But, I'm damn proud of my Biology! :D :D I gave Pn Majinah a big hug for it! :) She was like, "Everything is worth it now kan?" YES, TOTALLY, SO TRUE! :)

Although it isn't the ideal CGPA 4.00, I'm still very grateful to have achieved this far. :)

Congrats to everyone else who did well and are happy with the results! :D What matters most is that you did your best! No one can take that satisfaction away from you! :)

*Check this out! Click *here*

Chai Wei Xiong and Ng Chiew Wai, you have made us proud! :)

Chiew Wai didn't score 3A and 2 A- but he scored 5 As! :D

It's 1.30 a.m.

..and I'm still not asleep YET.

Dot dot dot.

HELP?! About 11 hours more to go!


My nerves are about to get me! I feel doomed! And the weather is so chilly!

Anyhow, all the best to my fellow STPM comrades! May we walk home, beaming with pride later (in approximately 12 hours)! :)

P/S: Happy Birthday Hoong Jun! :) I know that this birthday will be a memorable one for you.

Monday, March 9, 2009

MIFF 2009

That stands for Malaysian International Furniture Fair 2009! Sounds boring huh? O_o

Well, I worked for them for five days as an usherette! Something I never expected when I went for the interview. Apparently, Wai Kit and I could have been given another better job but since we went for the interview late, we were given to do the ushering job! Which was very tiring! But, fun at the same time! Thanks to Daniel Siow, for introducing this fair to us. :) We were told to come back next year! Haha. :P

I personally like being asked by ang mohs for directions! Hahaha. :P Our job involves us telling them how to fill up the registration form, placing them in respective lines for different counters, giving directions, stopping children and guys with short pants (these are the rules!) and etc. :P

Daniel, Chee Kar, Janice, Wai Kit, Hannah, Hoong Jun and I worked for this company. :) Chiew Wai was supposed to join us too but he bailed out at the very last minute due to some personal reasons. :/

My staff tag! And thank you Hannah for the "Visit Malaysia" brooch! :D Apparently, it is not cheap! Lol.

During the whole week that I worked there, I only spent RM15! O_O Because lunch was provided! :D It was delicious, mind you (got chicken AND fish)! I only had to pay RM5 per day for parking fee and since Wai Kit goes to work and follows me home, he paid half of the parking fee too. :)

Anyhow, on the first day of work, we found out that one of the halls was flooded! O_o I didn't even know it was raining. Haha. Janice, Wai Kit and I being the very kepoh people decided to go down to the basement to see how bad the flood was.

And this is what we saw from the basement. Thank God my car was safe! What a-first-day-of-work-experience! The water level was that high!

These are videos that I got from my friend, Richard (who looks a lot like Benny Tham!).

The following days after the first day were pretty monotonous. Met different people with different personalities. :) Gilbert sounds pretty gay but he isn't. Joseph (he looks like a mixture of Lok Wee and Justin Mak *gasp*) is always missing in action. Kee Seng (Kissing xD) always lingers around the luggage counter to talk to his friend. Kin Mun likes to annoy me, sing and beatbox! I was the only girl working as an usherette at the main registration counter! Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures with them because on the last day of work, all of them worked overtime but Wai Kit and I didn't! :P So, we went home.

While working, I was tempted by the smell of the popcorn given out by a booth for free! Wai Kit and I decided to get some! :D And one of our colleagues wasn't quite satisfied. :/ But, too bad for him, he wasn't the one with the popcorn (Which colleague? Here's a hint: luggage). We couldn't be bothered. Haha. :P

Most of the temporary staff that worked there were from TAR College! O_O And most of them have already graduated. The MBS gang was among the younger people working there. O_o

That's Wai Kit explaining how to fill up the registration form.

Me, looking very tired. It was towards the end of the day already!

Hannah insisted on this one. :P

Wai Kit, Hannah, Me and Daniel! :)
*pictures credit to Hannah. :)

That was pretty much how I spent my week! :) It was awesome, although I complained a lot (haha), it was a good exposure/experience! :D

Next up, STPM results! OH MY GOD! Which is tomorrow! Can you believe it?! TIME FLIES! OMG I'M SO SCARED! I have a feeling I will cry! HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW?! Hopefully, it would be tears of joy. Pray for me and wish me luck!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last day of work today, phew, finally! x) That explains the lack of updates!

So exhausted.

Updates tomorrow, or the day after.


when I feel like it. :P

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Yesterday afternoon, I watched The Oprah Winfrey Show! :)

And one of her guests of the day happened to be this family! :D

Meet Jonathan Gosselin and family! Or better know as Jon and Kate plus 8! :D

This family consists of Jon, Kate and their EIGHT children! A set of fraternal twin girls and another set of sextuplets (3 boys and 3 girls)! The twins are 9 years old and the other SIX children are 5 years old (currently)! But the children were a few years younger when they were guests at The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Jon and Kate wanted to start a family after marriage but Kate was infertile. Kate turned to fertility treatments and became pregnant with twins! She gave birth to twin girls, Cara and Mady. :) A few years later, Kate wanted another child. She begged her husband for it.

She turned to fertility treatments again and instead of becoming pregnant with one baby, she became pregnant with a set of sextuplets! (OMG!) Their names in order are Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel!

They have a series of reality television show called Jon and Kate Plus 8! :D Which shows about their daily lives and a lot about the cute kids! :D After watching the interview with Oprah, I immediately watched their videos on YouTube! :D

They're so cute and they look the same! :D Very adorable! I can't imagine myself taking care of so many kids especially with 6 of the same age all by myself although it would be very fun but tiring at the same time! I salute Kate! :D

Their father is Asian so they look quite Chinese! :D And you know how babies look like when they're from mix parentage! Double the cuteness! :D

The sextuplets!

In of their episodes, all six of them wore identical GAP jumpers but in different colours (all boys wore the same colour though), they looked so cute! Aaahh! I want one! Hahaha. Although I love kids a lot, I wouldn't want SIX at ONCE! xD

Sunday, March 1, 2009


..all you need is just ONE person,

and it will make a lot of difference.