Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mini Tuition Session

I was asking Josh some Mathematics questions..

Me: What's 8+2?
Josh: 10!
Me: What's 1+2+3?
Josh: 6!
Me: What's 11+9?
Josh: *counts with fingers and toes* 20!
Me: What's 14+14?
Josh: What, you think I have enough fingers and toes ar?
Me: Hahahahaha!

Anyway, I taught him how to count properly, without using his toes. x)

Next, Laura joined us. I was explaining about antonyms. I gave them a few examples.

Me: Antonyms mean opposites. For example, the opposite of tall is short! Okay?
Josh: Oooohh.
Me: Kay, what's the opposite for big?
Josh: Small!
Me: Long?
Josh: Short!
Me: Hot?
Josh: Cold!
Laura: I know, I know, let me ask you!
Me: Okay, what?
Laura: Fan?
Me: Huh? O_o
Laura: AIR-COND!! :D

I also asked Josh some BM questions.

Me: Josh, let me ask you some BM questions!
Josh: Aiyo.. I'm very weak in BM.
Me: Okay, whatever I say in English, you must translate!
Josh: Oklah.
Me: My name is Josh.
Josh: Saya nama Josh.
Me: -__________-" Wrong lah! Nama saya ialah Josh!
Josh: Oh ya, I forgot. :S

Hahaha, those two brats can really make me laugh. :P

Rock on! ;)





Superstar! :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Circle Closet

After much deliberation, time, effort, passion for fashion and cooperation, we finally opened our very own blogshop! :)

Tee hee hee. :D Please do pay a visit! ;) Who knows you might find something you really like. Blogshop owners are those girls you see up there. :D

Janice and I did the header! Hahaha. :D I'd say it's not bad considering we're such photoshop noobs.

Monday, April 27, 2009

MBSSKL Speech Day 2009

It was my first and last Speech Day in MBSSKL. Last year's one doesn't count because I attended the ceremony just to help teachers.

This was the subject of the important letter that I mentioned before in one of the previous posts! :P

Not many pictures were taken because I wasn't holding the camera. :/Both my parents came, armed with cameras! And yet, I still took more pictures last year compared to the amount of pictures they took this year. :P

Anyhow, the ceremony was fine, except that the Form Six students were placed right behind of the hall! It was damn hot sitting behind, but bearable. I felt uneasy due to certain reasons which arose, all because of sticking to the school rules. :/ You have no idea what I had to go through. :( It's not nice stepping on people's tails so I did not rebel (I have never did and didn't plan to anyway).

I remember making a pact with Zhuang Xiao last year to attend this ceremony together. Sadly, she didn't join me although she did really well for STPM. Last night, she told me she was offered a place to study Bioengineering in NUS! :D She seemed really happy but she said she might not accept it. :/

Looked a lot like last year's. x)

Spot me!

Uh, weird.

The boys (Chern Chiang, Robson and Wai Kit) and I! Hahaha. :D

My dearest mother! Love her purple top. :D

My cute father! :D

Wey Keet! This dude sat next to me and coincidentally we both wore pink!

"Liew" and I. Hahaha. ;)

Kay Yan! :)

Genius Isaac! *salutes*

Good performance, although the sound system was terrible. :/

Wei Xiong and I! I have another picture like this that's with flash but I didn't look nice in it. :P

Grabbed this from his Facebook, much better! :D

My awesome Biology teacher, Puan Majinah! :D When she saw me, she gave me a big bearhug while exclaiming "You look so pretty today!". Aww. *blush*

Puan Chan! My awesome Chemistry teacher! :D She's very good at motivating people and she never fails to support each and every one of her students! ;)

The principal, Mr. Wong and I. Dad insisted on this picture. Hehe. Mr. Wong remembers me as the-MGS-girl-who-wanted-to-transfer-out-from-MBS. Hahaha. :D

Band performance by Addison, Ern Khai, Kay Yan and Kai Jie. :D Enjoy!

Last Friday..

..was the worst day of my life, for now, at least.

I hate talking, thinking, worrying and sulking about it. Therefore, I'm gonna do a quick summary of what happened last Friday. I don't wanna start getting all emo and stuff.

First half of the day was excellent! Had an awesome time although I was quite tired.

Second half of the day was JUST PURE BAD LUCK but it got slightly better after that. Nevertheless, it was still very sucky.

I got into an accident and it was a very unfortunate one because by law, it was my fault. -_- Dang.

I wanted to go into the right lane, I signaled, made sure there was enough space to go in and turned. But, the car on the right lane suddenly sped! So, my car got scratched. Luckily, it wasn't dented.

The guy thought I wanted to runaway because I drove off, I couldn't stop! The lights were green! How to stop? :/ He wanted to bang my car.

I stopped at the side and he came down marching towards me while scolding me verbally with vulgar words. I just waited for him to finish scolding. -_- Thankfully, I had two very good friends of mine (May Jean and Janice) with me. They tried to calm him down and he was a bit calm later on. They talked to him while I made a call to my dad. I don't know what would I do if it wasn't for them.

To cut the story short (because I'm starting to be very emo already), he wanted RM100 but I told him I was short in cash. He said he would go home and try to polish it, so we exchanged numbers. Then, on our way home, we decided to lodge a report at the police station. I was afraid of what he might do to me or demand more money from me.

Besides, if I didn't report and he happened to report without informing me, I would be given two tickets. :/

So yeah, lodged a report. Sigh..

Went to May Jean's house and I couldn't find my IC and driving license. Started panicking like mad! Ransacked my whole bag and they were no where to be found. They helped me to search high and low for them in my car, still couldn't find them. At that point, I really felt like breaking down and it was the worst feeling ever. What did I do to deserve such bad luck?

Called the police who attended to me when I lodged a report earlier to ask him about my IC and driving license. He was kind enough to go look for them for me. :) He called me 10 minutes later to tell me that he couldn't find them. On my way to the police station again, I asked Janice to check my purse properly. As she was searching, I slipped my fingers into the back compartment of my purse and I found them! -______________-

She started laughing like mad and I, on the other hand, was in tears.

Oh, what a day. I was so afraid my Dad would scold me because he sounded really annoyed on the phone when I told him about everything that happened.

But, he actually wasn't angry, he was just worried about my safety. :) I love my father very much!

This is the end of the bad occasion I wanted to blog about!

Thank you so much to my lovely friends for their time, concerns and help!


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Initially I wanted to blog about two occasions, one good and one bad. The bad one happened yesterday and the good one happened today.

But but but but but, I just checked my NUS application status.


I was offered Pharmacy! WTH. This is too good to be true man. It was my second choice and honestly, I really didn't put any hope in getting a place in NUS, let alone Dentistry or Pharmacy. Even if I were to be offered a place, I thought I would be given my third or fourth choice, both were in the engineering field. Furthermore, I knew that Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Business were highly competitive and the chances to get in are quite little unless you do extremely well.

BLAH, I feel so thankful! :D

After what happened yesterday (will blog about it some other time), I really needed this news. It made me feel a whole lot better! Haha, and of course, many thanks to my lovely friends as well. :)

I thought I would be notified via email about the offer but I got to know from Wey Keet today that the results were out already and I would have to check my application status at their site. Thank you Wey Keet for informing! Hahaha.

Earlier the week, I got an email from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. They offered me Psychology! I didn't have many choices in NTU so I opted for Psychology and was offered that.

I was considering that offer because Singapore just seems to be a better place to study. I got very different responses from various people asking if I really wanna study Psychology and some even asked me to go for it because getting an offer from Singapore is not easy. :/ There was a lot of thinking to do!

Thankfully, I wouldn't have to fret about it anymore! I'll most probably accept Pharmacy in NUS! :D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Will Follow You

Okay, so, I've been seeing this "Followers" column in a lot of blogs but I didn't bother finding out how to do it and stuff although I know that it makes reading blogs a whole lot easier. I guess I was just really lazy. :/

I was making some minor adjustments to my blog yesterday and I found the "Followers" gadget! ;)

It really does make reading blogs a lot easier for me! Don't have visit each and every blog just to see if he/she has updated. Once a blog post has been posted by the person you have followed, it will appear in your dashboard! So easy huh! :D

Saves all the hassle! Like you know, when you visit a blog and end up being disappointed because the owner did not update. :P

So, FOLLOW ME people! :D And I will follow you! ;)

Random: I wore my shirt inside out today! *smacks forehead* How can I be so dumb? -_- I only realized when my sister told me. Thank God, no one saw me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I did a remake! ;D A remake of what you ask? (Warning: This is a pointless post!)

TA-DAHHHHH! A remake of this picture of mine!

Scroll down to see the remake!















Doing the pout, FAILED.

Hahaha, I was bored okay! I showed the remake picture to Jonathan and he started laughing! What's so funny?!

P/S: The stars are not aligned properly! GRRRR, I've been editing and editing, but still end up with the same thing. Messed up html codes. :/

Apple Sauce

Josh and Laura calls me apple sauce.

They call my sister creamy.

They call their grandmother nasi lemak.

They call their grandmother's friend boiled egg.

Wow, I wonder why.. Kids these days.. Haha..

They don't know why they give names like that either, so random!

Josh got number one in class! Yay! *claps* So proud of him! ;) I bet if I show him this blogpost, he'll be damn excited because his name is in it. He gets excited seeing his name! I don't know why!

Like there was one time, there was an advertisement on tv regarding the Akademi Fantasia auditions. They gave a few song choices for the people who wanted to go for the audition to choose. One of them was You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban.

He waited until they showed the list of songs and said "LOOK! LOOK! J-O-S-H, JOSH! :D *points on tv screen*".

Hahaha, damn cute can die. :P

Monday, April 20, 2009

Janice Lim!


20 on the 20th huh? ;)

So, we've been friends for SEVEN amazing years already huh? ;D And I can definitely assure you people out there that this woman is such a GREAT friend, someone who has never failed to make me laugh. Although sometimes she may have her own mood swings. When that happens, her face will not look pleasant at all (no more that bubbly and cheerful look) and it's scary at times because when you talk to her, she'll pretend as if she never heard anything and give you that huh-what-the-hell-do-you-want-from-me-stare. That's MEAN Janice Lim, stop doing that! She's definitely much better now! Never got that anymore from her! :) Probably because she's more carefree and less pressured now rather than before.

She used to ffk a lot but now, she doesn't do that much! It has been a long time since she last ffk-ed and I wish it stays this way for a very long time! I remembered how much I used to talk to her (more like nag) and make her feel guilty so that she won't ffk. I got fed up so many times. -_-

I know I annoy, tease and bully you a lot but I still love you! :D But hey, you do that to me all the time too! :P It's okay, I accept your apology, heh. :D

Turning 20 should be a great deal for you eh? You're two decades old! *gasps* Hope you had a great birthday! :) *hugs*

Thanks for being a good friend! ;) Love you to bits! I hope that you're extremely touched by this post. :D

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Will update about Janice's surprise when I get all the pictures! :D The girl is turning 20 tomorrow! *gasps* Remember to wish her tomorrow! ;D

Yesterday, May Jean, Janice and I went for Absolute Bazaar at 3K Inn Hotel. The rest couldn't make it, Rita and Ramyah were sick and Lavonne had class. May Jean and I waited for Janice in my car at her house for ONE HOUR! Janice had to run some errands for her mom.

Had A&W's for lunch because it was just next to the bazaar and we didn't bother looking anywhere else for food. :P

Anyway, the bazaar was alright. :) Didn't spend as much as I did for the one before this. I wonder if this is a good or bad thing. Hmm. :/ Oh well, another bazaar coming up this Saturday! ;)

OH AND OH MY GOD! I saw a girl wearing the turquoise skirt I wanted! She also sold the skirts on her blog but only in M size. I recognized her because I bought a baby doll top from her at the previous bazaar I went for. Sheesh.

The weather is so freaking hot nowadays, I can't take it anymore! :( I hope it rains cats and dogs, pigs and piglets, ducks and ducklings, rabbit and bunnies!


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Lavonne asked me out for lunch today and she offered to pick me up! I was hoping that she would drive the Mini Cooper (which belongs to Jessie) in my heart. I was waiting downstairs for her, the moment I saw a Mini Cooper turned into the junction leading my house, I flashed a smile! :D

Finally finally finally!

My own taste of how it feels like to be in a Mini Cooper! Thanks to Lavonne (for driving it) and Jessie (for owning it)! xD

She needs no introduction! ;)

This is her driving! She was speeding like mad!

Me and Mini Cooper! ;D Under the scorching sun!

Mini Cooper Checkmate! So cute!

Hahaha, looks as if she has no neck. :P

Hehehehe! ;D I drove for like five metres! And I did side parking! ;)

Love the logo!

The car key! Ignore the calculator and folder, my dining table is transparent. Lol. :P

One day, in the future, when I make a lot of money, I shall buy one for myself! :D *hopeful*


I saw another skirt similar to the one I wanted (also, the one I missed) that Abigail just posted up on her site.

But, I've just purchased a high-waisted skirt from her (which is really awesome, btw) yesterday!


I've also just purchased a studded belt from another blogshop yesterday!

Damage = RM 83

I don't wanna buy on impulse!

Plus, I'll be going for bazaars this AND next Saturday!

Estimated damage = RM 200 - RM 250

I think I should sell some of my clothes like start a pre-loved site! ;D I have a lot of untouched, never worn, price tags still clipped on clothes! Who wants to join me?! :D May Jean? Lavonne? Anyone? Sell and get some money! :P

But I'm a bit reluctant to sell off my beautiful clothes. :(


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have difficulties in sleeping and waking up!

I'll be in bed early but will only doze off 1 to 2 hours later!

I wonder why..

I think it's probably because I tend to think too much.

Very depressing.


I can't always have everything my way..

Face it,

whether you like it or not,

reality is harsh.

And it..


Monday, April 13, 2009

Him & Her

"She had a dream, a dream about one of her few ex-boyfriends. In her dream, she was sitting on the passenger seat, next to him, in his car. They were going to watch a movie together, like they always do, at least once a week.

She knew that he had a girlfriend at that time but she still accepted to go out on a date with him. Technically, he was cheating on his current girlfriend. She asked him about her because she didn't want to destroy his relationship. He told her not to be bothered about it and just enjoy the time she had with him.

They walked around the mall, holding hands and they got their movie tickets together. After awhile, she needed to use the toilet. She saw two girls kissing each other publicly, shamelessly, at the entrance of the toilet. Somehow one of them looked like her ex-boyfriend (the one she's on a date with). Makes no sense right? Both the girls clearly had boobs and neither of them could be her ex-boyfriend. But in her mind, she saw her ex-boyfriend kissing another girl. She dragged the girl out (in her mind, it was her ex-boyfriend) and scolded her. Her ex-boyfriend saw and ran up to her and pulled her away, asked her if she was nuts.

Then, she realized, what she saw with her eyes was different than what she thought. She apologized and they went into their movie hall. In the huge hall, there were 18 seats divided equally by two aisles. Their seats were at one of the six seats at the right corner. Somehow, in between that 6 seats, there was a small pathway separating two seats from the rest (like a couple seat).

Unfortunately, they didn't get the couple seat. Instead, one of their seats was at one of the couple seats and the other one was at one of the four seats. Means, they were separated by the small pathway. There was this Indian girl who then approached her, told her that she could exchange seats with her so that they could get the couple seats. Such a sweet and kind girl.

They got their couple seats and a few minutes later, they kissed, just like their first kiss. He whispered the words "I love you" to her and she smiled.

Then she woke up and sighed. It was like the last date she never had/will never have."

These kinda dreams happen, and it is beyond our control.

Do you dream in colours or black and white? :)

Do you dream seeing yourself (like the third party view) or you experience it yourself? :)

Do you notice about your hair or what you wear in your dreams? :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wet Easter

Happy Easter Day!

I want an easter bunny and an easter egg! ;D But, sadly, I have neither. :/

Oh well, I had an awesome lunch at nanny's! ;)

Laura taught me this:

April Fool,
Go to school,
Tell your teacher blardy fool!

Hahahaha. How cute. :D

Good news! I got my letter! Nope, I didn't find the keys. A kind neighbour helped to rip the flap of the letter box open! Hehehe. :D And I got my letter! ;)

For those of you who are wondering what's FML. Check this out, click *here*!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Saw this gorgeous turquoise dress that was worn as skirt by a girl. I really loved how it looked as a skirt. Saw a turquoise mini skirt on Abigail's e-boutique, exactly what I was looking for! Unfortunately, all sold out. :( Asked for the one in black instead. Sold out too! FML.


I had to open the letterbox, it was very urgent! There were only two sets of keys, one with my dad and another one with my mom. Dad just left for China this morning. Asked mom for the other set, she said it was with my sis. Asked sis about that, she said it's not with her. Can't find the keys now, the only one set I know is with my Dad, he's in China and will only be back next week and I need to open the letter box! FML.


A guy added me on MSN Messenger. I thought I knew him, until he said "Hi! Wanna see my cock?" Wtf. Do I look like a cheap whore? FML.


This is for Jonathan:

"I was woken up by a call from a lady. She said I won tickets to see Rihanna. I was very excited, happy and couldn't believe what I just heard! I asked her if I was just dreaming, she said no. Minutes later, I found out it was a prank call. FML."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ramyah's Day

*edit: added a picture and credits.

Last Saturday, we went out to celebrate Ramyah's belated birthday! :) She finally got her driving license, after over 2 years! -_- And she has a new car! :D So, she offered to drive us all the way to One Utama and send us back. It was my first time sitting in her car and being driven by her. Haha, I must say, she's not bad! But she would have to practice stopping next to the ticketing machine nearer! She has long arms anyway, so nevermind.

Ramyah being Ramyah is always late, she was late on Saturday causing Rita to stone at her college for an hour plus. Poor girl. I drove to May Jean's house and the both of us waited for Ramyah to fetch us.

Ramyah arrived, picked Rita and Janice up, off to One Utama! :D Got our movie tickets, we watched Confessions of A Shopaholic! :D :D :D Rebecca Bloomwood has so many clothes and shoes! I loved her shoes! The movie was quite different from the book but still good I guess.

Had Lunch at Kluang Station. Me, Ramyah and Janice.

Not cute yo, ohmegod.

Janice, posing, obviously.

This was at the toilet! ;)

Janice and I.

We were blocking the way, hence the blur picture.

After a movie, shopping, buying the same dresses (May Jean, Janice and I) but in different colours from Forever 21, we decided to have a drink at Juice Works and discuss about where are we going to have dinner!

Ramyah, May Jean, Janice and I.

Looks like she's about to pose. :P

Rita, flashing the victory sign.

It was a long talk because we had no clue where to eat, we finally decided on Bubba Gump at the Curve! ;)

Ramyah getting whipped cream splattered on her face. :D

Rita and I.

Me, Rita and May Jean.

This is Lavonne, the girl who decided to prank me on April Fool's Day! Pfft. In this picture, she was either telling us something or asking us a riddle or saying "F*ck you, Chean" because I answered before she could even finish asking. Hahahaha. :P

Listening to Rita attentively. :D

My Run Forest Run drink! ;) Good stuff albeit a little too thick.

Both shared a secret desire to lick each other.

Copying one of Rita's display picture on MSN. :D

That's a wrap!
*pictures credit to May Jean

Ooh, Rita, Janice and I bought Ramyah this gorgeous grey metallic pair of heels! Ahh, I want. :( It was a fun day, as always. :D Next up, Janice's birthday, what to buy eh? Damn. :/