Saturday, May 30, 2009


Feelings are abstract.

You cannot possibly predict when will you have happy or sad days.

Even if you intend to have a happy day, there is a possibility that something bad might happen, hence, it'll ruin your day. Of course, the reverse is always possible.

If only I could pen down my inner feelings..

Maybe I will feel much better?

But, feelings are abstract.

There isn't a perfect word that I could think of to describe about my inner feelings.

The clock is ticking. Time is running out.

P/S: Very random eh? :/

Friday, May 29, 2009

NUS Welcome Tea Session 2009

Last Sunday, I attended the NUS Welcome Tea Session at Concorde Hotel, KL. ;) I was feeling a little bit tired because I just came back from Singapore the night before.

The session was quite nice and informative. We got to clarify with the seniors if we had any queries or doubts besides meeting our future course mates! :) Wey Keet, Wai Kit, Zhuang Xiao and I went together. Eventhough Zhuang Xiao rejected NUS already, she still came because Zhuang Xiao, being herself, likes these kinda things and she likes to kaypoh. :P

It was nice meeting her again anyway! Haven't seen her since STPM results day. :P We had a chance to study in the same university but she blew it for Manipal! :( Anyway, can't blame her, Bioengineering isn't exactly her cup of tea (read: Engineering). She had enough of Physics already. Hahaha. She's still very surprised about the fact that she scored A- for her Physics. I'm proud of her! ;) All the times she bugged me about Physics questions in class paid off! :D

Prospective students and parents! I didn't know parents were invited! Otherwise, my parents would be pleased to attend the session.

Wai Kit and I were trying to explain to Wey Keet about the difference between Tuition Fee Loan and Tuition Grant. -_-

Zhuang Xiao and I! :) Messy hair! Eeek.

So little pictures right! Haha. I can tell that studying in NUS will be very competitive. I met some of my future course mates and they are all very smart! Gosh. T_T I'm quite scared.

Note to self: Do not compare yourself with others. T_T

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mr Potato

I know I said that the next update will be about the welcome tea session but that has got to wait because I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. It's not like there were many pictures taken. :P

I finally met Po a.k.a Mahdi today! :D After almost six months of not seeing him, we finally met up! The last time I saw before today was last year. Hahaha. After many attempts of us meeting up which failed miserably, today, we put aside everything else to catch up with each other's lives. :) Though I think we didn't catch up enough, but I'm glad at least I now know what happened and is happening in his life.

The dude is botak now and he plans to get his ear pierced and shave his eyebrows before he leaves for Australia in July. Ear piercing is fine but shaving his eyebrows?? O_o He says he wants to look like a monk. Crazy fella.

Anyway, we watched Angels and Demons today! It was a good movie! ;) Kinda like National Treasure but a little bit more interesting! :D Actually I read the book before, but I read it halfway only because SPM started and I had to return the book to my friend. :/

Thanks for lunch Po! ;) I doubt he would read this. He stopped reading my blog since he had dramas (I don't mean tv dramas but REAL dramas) in his life. :P

Monday, May 25, 2009

NUS Visit

Time to update about my Singapore trip! :)

Like I said in one of my posts before, my dear father accidentally booked a morning flight instead of an evening one. I had to wake up at 4 a.m to start my journey to the airport. I didn't get enough sleep because I couldn't sleep! I slept for about three hours only! :/

When we reached Changi Airport, my cousin came to bring us back to her place in Bedok. Bedok is about 3 MRT stations away from Changi Airport. It was very convenient eventhough we had to take the bus from Bedok MRT station because Singapore's public transports are damn efficient. So, we had no qualms about it.

This is one of the typical HDB flats that you can see a lot in Singapore. They're all very colourful! This is where my cousin lives. Nothing fancy but the place was very clean and well kept. The HDB flats opposite hers are purple in colour!

My father! This was after our NUS campus tour.

All (I think) elevators in HDB flats stop on four levels only. For my cousin's place, the elevators stop on level 1, 6, 10 and 13 only. So, for example, if someone lives on level 11, he/she has to stop on level 13 and walk down the staircase to level 11. Weird huh? Why can't they make the elevators stop on every level? My cousin lives on level 13 so we didn't have to walk! Hahaha.

According to her, Singapore government is in the midst of building new elevators in all HDB flats to stop on every level. After settling down for a few minutes when we reached her place from the airport, we had to go out already. She was going to work and we followed her because there is an OCBC branch near her office.

We went to Tanjong Pagar, took about 15 minutes to settle some stuff in the bank and proceeded to Orchard Road.

We were very tired already eventhough our day in Singapore just started. Duh, we were sleep deprived. :/

I wanted my dad to try Mos Burger for lunch because you can't find that anywhere in KL. So, we searched high and low for it on Orchard Road. I actually got lost eventhough I just visited there end of last year. It was probably because of the Christmas decorations that were taken down that made me lose my sense of directions. -_-

A student from Temasek Polytechnic approached me to help her answer some survey about sports. I thought it was a one page survey, but it turned out to be 4 pages long!

In front of Ngee Ann City.

We finally found Mos Burger after several attempts of asking people the whereabouts. *grins* As expected, my dad enjoyed his lunch. ;)

Next agenda on Orchard Road, fix Lavonne's belt! Okay, this was very tiring as well because we had to find Far East Plaza. I thought I knew where I was heading but instead of going to Far East Plaza, I ended up in Far East Shopping Centre. -_- I thought both the buildings were opposite of each other but I was wrong. Everywhere looked so familiar and similar to me. :/ It was the Christmas decorations I tell you! Without them, every building on Orchard Road looked the same to me.

Finally found Far East Plaza and all I had to do was to find the shop!

Okay, name of the shop? Don't know.
Which level? Don't know.

The only clue I had was the shop sells costumes. Gosh.

So, my dad and I searched for shops that have costumes. We stopped somewhere because we were on the verge of giving up. Hahaha. I walked to a direction and saw a shop that sells costumes! I asked the girl if they customize belts and she was like "Yes. *smiles*" THANK GOD! :D

The belt had to be fixed there itself because Lavonne couldn't find any shop in KL that could fix it. They didn't have the specific screws for the belt.

Then, I brought my dad to lower ground of Far East Plaza to try the fried Mars balls. ;) So sweet and sinful. Heh. :)

Did some grocery shopping and we headed home! Had to go home because both of us were very tired and my dad felt dehydrated.

The next day, we had to go to NUS for a campus tour. :)

Went to the Student Service Centre at Yusof Ishak House to drop my Form P.

The tennis courts.

The field.

The University Hall.

In the University Hall.

"I know we can never achieve perfection. But we can keep aiming for it, and in the process, we will improve." - Tan Chin Tuan.

The small group of people who went for the tour which consisted of three other families from India and us.

Prince George's Park Residence. one of the accommodations over there.

Laundry room.

One of the canteens. They have two if I'm not mistaken.

After the campus tour, we were supposed to find for the entrance of NUS because my dad wanted to. NUS has two entrances but when we first came, the bus entered through the National University Hospital and stopped directly in front of the Faculty of Science. The entrances were at the other end of NUS. We were too tired so we went home.

The following day, we went back to NUS again! We attended the Science Open House conducted by the Faculty of Science.

Waiting for the event to start.

The various booths under the Faculty of Science.

The lecture theatre where we listened to a series of talks/speeches given by various people who are in different industries with a Pharmacy degree. Some of them did their postgraduate studies and are professors now!

The Pharmacy booth. It looks empty because everyone else were still in the lecture theatre.

Since the event ended early for us, my dad insisted that we look for the entrance. Hahaha. So, we boarded the shuttle bus and alighted at Entrance A of the university.

The orange and blue shuttle bus.

At the entrance! ;D

My dad.

The entrance is near the Faculty of Engineering.

In front of the NUS museum.

After that, we went back to Bedok where we packed our stuff and took the MRT to Changi Airport. :)

End of my Singapore trip! :)

More pictures on Facebook! :D

Next update will be welcome tea session in Concorde Hotel, KL which happened yesterday.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm Home!

I'm back! :D

Feeling so tired and worn out. Won't be updating much today because I'm too tired. :/

Tomorrow, I'll be attending the welcome tea session organized by the NUS seniors at Concorde Hotel! ;) So my week is not over yet.

I actually brought my laptop over to Singapore but my cousin's house didn't have any internet connection. -_- So the laptop was useless. Gah. Now, I've got a lot of catching up to do in the virtual world!

Anyways, will update about Singapore some other day! :D


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Peter Robinson wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to meet up. Okay, maybe I shouldn't deduce that too early.

He sent me two messages on Friendster on different dates. I didn't bother checking Friendster before this when I received the notification email, who does anymore anyway? :P Facebook is the shiznit.

This is what he said on the 13th of May:

Hi,you look really beautiful!
I will be visiting Malaysia soon and I thought that perhaps we could meet up.Where do you live in Malaysia,in Kuala Lumpur?Please send me a message or an e-mail message to my e-mail
If you could include your telephone number that would be really helpful.
Thank you,Peter

Another one on the 19th of May:

Hi,I send this message further to my previous message.
I am now in Malaysia,until about 24 or 25 May.
Could you please send me a contact telephone number?
My e-mail address is
Thank you,Peter

I'm sorry Peter, I just can't meet up with you. Hope he doesn't Google his name one day. :P

Anyway, I'm really sleepy right now and it's only 5.30 p.m. Can't be taking a nap now, it's too late for a nap. So, I hope I'll sleep early tonight! Maybe about 10 p.m? I gotta wake up early tomorrow, earlier than the chickens. :/

Janice called me this afternoon, she said she got a call from AmBank demanding her to pay RM 8k which she owes them. Wth, she doesn't even own a bank account or credit card with them. It's a scam! Her dad suggested to make a police report. Haven't heard anything from her yet since then.

Okay, gotta resume packing in awhile!

P/S: Hyppo88, reveal yourself!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Why are you guys wishing and telling me stuff as if I'm really leaving this Thursday and not coming back for good? :( Do you really want me, GONE?

I guess my previous post was a bit misleading. Hahaha.

Nevertheless, I appreciate each and every one of your wishes! ;) Shows that you care and I love you for that. Hehe. Yes, you, the one who wished me and currently reading this right now. :D

I'll be gone for a few days to settle some stuff and attend some function. I'll only start studying in August. :)

I still haven't started packing, can you believe it? Procrastinate, yeah that's the word. :/ But, I guess there's not much to pack? Hmm.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not For Long

Going to Singapore in a couple of days! :) My dad booked a morning flight on Thursday instead of an evening one. *smacks forehead*

We were supposed to go there in the evening, but he overlooked and accidentally booked a morning flight there. Luckily, he checked back his booking confirmation. Otherwise we would have gone to the airport in the evening only to find out that we missed our flight. Imagine how much havoc we would be in if that was the case.

Gotta start packing soon!

Don't worry, I won't be gone for long. Hahaha. :P

Friday, May 15, 2009

How Could You Be So Heartless?

Kris Allen's Heartless is the bomb (the original song by Kanye West is not too bad either)! OMG! :D I hope he wins American Idol although I have a feeling Adam Lambert will win. Oh well, we'll see how it goes next week!

Hope he does a studio cover for this song like what David Cook did for Always Be My Baby. :D

How could you be so heartless? *sings*

P/S: Third blog post of the day!

An Email..

*Edit: Added the email he sent! xD

Is that all it takes to meet/go out with someone who is a complete stranger to you?

I just received an email from a dude named Peter Robinson who claimed he would be visiting Malaysia tomorrow and would like to meet up with me. He got my email address from Friendster.

What? Am I suppose to believe that?

Gee, it's either he's out of his mind or he's just trying his luck.

Who knows this meet up might turn out to be a total disaster, could even lead to a murder! Hehehe. :P

I will not put my life at such risk.

But then again, he might be a really nice and genuine guy.

Oh c'mon, please lah, what are the odds of him being nice without having any hidden intentions right? :/

I don't even know how he looks like! Ah, maybe I should check out his Friendster profile now. Haven't logged in to Friendster in ages!

Brb. :D

Back! Hah, no pictures of him.

Maybe I should agree to meet up with him and not turn up! Let him wait! Haha. :P Nah, I'm not that mean. :) I'll just ignore the email. It's going into the trash!


Hi Wen Chean,
I saw your friendster profile and you look really beautiful!
I will be visiting Malaysia tomorrow and I thought that perhaps we could meet up.
Where do you live in Malaysia,in Kuala Lumpur?
Please send me an e-mail.
If you can include your telephone number that would be very helpful.
Thank you.

That's the email he sent.

Here or There?

A couple of weeks back, my dad was contemplating on whether should I accept NUS or not.

He asked me, "What if you were to be accepted by UM to read Dentistry?".

Now, that got me thinking. -_-

First of all, I doubt that I'll be accepted by UM let alone being offered Dentistry.

Secondly, my CGPA is 3.84 and not 4.00. They obviously have to give these 4.00 students their first choice first right? But I can predict that there will be news about 4.00 students not getting their choice of course in their choice of uni in the newspapers. Happens every year. :P

Thirdly, we're competing with local matriculation students. *gasp* :/ Which is a bit unfair because I don't think STPM and local matriculation are on par with each other.

UPU results will be released on the third week of next month, so we'll see which uni and course will I be offered. :P

Anything can happen..

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Can I turn back time?

Not to correct my mistakes but to relive another moment, another day, another month or another year.

I wish for that moment, that day, that month or that year to happen to me again.

Which is not possible, seriously.

But, I really miss those days. :(

What does the future hold for me? I wonder..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Splish Splash!

More pictures of Sunway Lagoon! These are the pictures that I was waiting for from Janice. We took these pictures using a disposable camera so she had to bring it to the photo studio to develop them. Took her quite some time. It's okay, I forgive you, Janice Lim Chai Ling. Hehe. :P

Little Miss Chatterbox, Janice Lim. ;) First picture taken using the disposable camera! Of course she had to be in it first. ;) It was her day. :D

This was after they went through the tunnel. :D

Getting our heads hit water. :D Hahaha.

Where's my neck?!

Janice getting a birthday kick by Lavonne. :P

Lavonne's temporary tattoo. I had a hard time trying to snap this picture because she wanted it underwater. Each time I went underwater to snap this, the waves hit my face. -_- Hence, underwater picture.. FAILED.

Janice underwater! :)

Janice, Me, Lavonne, May Jean and Rita. :D

I like this picture! Reminds me of a few tv series like The OC, One Tree Hill and 90210.

This was after washing up.

Janice, you don't know how to take picture is it? We look like models on a catalogue/booklet promoting that place.

She had her mouth filled with water.

Poor children, didn't know the existence of water until that day. Hahaha.


The pictures look great I must say! :D Pretty good for a disposable camera. Seeing all these pictures lit a smile on my face instantly. Aww, we had so much fun that day! :D How can you not have fun with your friends right? :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Awaiting Raindrops

The heat is killing me, REALLY! I just had a cold shower and yet I'm still feeling hot, very hot! I wonder how the Western people stand summer. The heat in KL isn't even close to the summer they experience and I'm complaining already! Really can't take it! Times like these, I wish to stay in the bathroom with cold shower or have a dip in the pool and never come out for a very long time. :P

Anyway, I received my offer letter from Nanyang Techonological University (NTU), Singapore today! It took them quite some time to send their offer letters over. I received mine from NUS shortly after I knew that I gained acceptance into their uni which is a couple of weeks back.

Some of the things that came together with the envelope from NUS. :D

I was expecting a Freshmen Guide from NTU as well, but they only sent me the offer letter.

Oh well, it's not like I'm going to accept NTU. :) Pretty obvious, ain't it? Hehe.

I actually appealed for a revise in my choice of courses in NTU before the results were out. But, I guess they rejected my appeal. :( I wanted to put Chemical Engineering as my first choice. :/

Less than 3 more months and I'll be in Singapore. Omg, how time flies. :(