Monday, June 29, 2009

Whose Wedding Next?

Last week, Ramyah invited us to her aunt's wedding dinner which was last night. Haha, don't ask me why were we invited when we have nothing to do with her aunt. She invited, we agreed, case closed! :)

All dolled up and ready to go! :)

I fetched May Jean from Bangsar Village and we went to Lavonne's house. Janice who arrived the earliest (surprisingly) decided to wait for all of us to come before going up to Lavonne's house. I have no idea why she was so shy to go up to Lavonne's house before we arrived.

After that, we made our way to a Chinese school in Sungei Way where the wedding dinner was held. We arrived at about 7.30 p.m and only had our dinner at 9.30 p.m! It was our (except Rita) first time attending an Indian wedding dinner. We thought the wedding would be over by the time we reached, but we were wrong. We witnessed the wedding for about two hours and we became very bored because we didn't really know what was happening. Rita became very cranky because she was hungry. Hahaha.

Lavonne and May Jean.

So bored! Asked Janice to take a picture of me. Hahaha.

I think this is the part when she was explaining about her passport photos. China girl. HAHAHAHAHAHA. *inside joke* That's Jessie behind her.

Janice looking very happy in her Burberry inspired dress. xD

Rita had brown streaks of highlights on her hair. Hehe.

Ramyah! She looked like her aunt last night!

It was my first time seeing a lion dance in an Indian wedding! The performers were even Indians! Wow. :D

The food tasted good! I don't know if it was because we were hungry or if it was really good. :D Haha.

We actually took a few group shots with Ramyah's camera and I don't know when will I be getting the photos. Didn't bother waiting. Haha. Thank you Ramyah for inviting us! It was a good experience. We roughly know now what time we should arrive when attending an Indian wedding. :P

Next Indian wedding: Ramyah's! :D

That will be in a few years to come. Haha.

After that, we went to Hartamas to have a drink and I saw Po @ Mahdi hanging out with three girls. ;) That dude called me at 1.30 a.m this morning when I was asleep. -_- I think he called me or was it a dream? :S Yes he did call me!

Gah, as of today, TWO more freaking weeks till I leave for good. SIGH! Having really mixed feelings about this. I think it's very painful to let go a very huge chunk of my life here but that's how life is, isn't it? :(

I know I will cry. :(

Where is my happy ever after?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers 2

One of today's highlights apart from waking up to Michael Jackson's death was TRANSFORMERS 2!

OMG, those who haven't watched the movie, GO WATCH IT, IMMEDIATELY. Those who have watched it, WATCH AGAIN! Hahaha. :D Okay, I sound like a psycho autobots' follower but damn, the movie was effing awesome yo!

It's beyond indescribable, seriously! I don't know how to describe it, the only way for you to feel how I feel about this movie is to watch it yourself. You cannot miss this! :D I'm sure everyone who watched it would think it was a good movie and it definitely was worth every cent of my ticket! Make sure you don't go for toilet trips during the movie! Cannot afford to miss any minute of the movie. :P

Hats off to Michael Bay, the director and everyone else who helped this movie to be a major success. :) Damn, I wished I was Mikaela in that movie. Hehehe.

The new autobots were so cute, especially the twins! Haha, ice-cream truck! :D Gosh, I wanna watch it again! :D

Like I said earlier, I don't ask much from this movie. You can tell that I'm very pleased. And even the word "pleased" doesn't justify how I actually feel about this movie. Everyone in the theatre room cheered and clapped after the movie ended!

Go experience it yourself. :)

Can't wait for Transformers 3! :D

King of Pop

I just switched on the laptop about 15 minutes ago and when I opened my internet browser, I got a shock of my life!

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop is dead! Without hesitating, I clicked on the article. Omg, he died of a heart attack at the age of 50. Just when he was about to make a comeback, such tragedy happened.

Although I'm not a big fan of him (well I used to be a fan until he started molesting children), his songs were undeniably great. He can definitely dance and I will always remember his signature moonwalk, his suit, his hat as well as his "Auuu" (you know what I mean). :P

I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who are saddened by this especially his die hard fans. Death is so unpredictable. He will always be remembered.

RIP Michael Jackson.
(I think he looks better like this)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Love To Save

Digi is trying to raise RM150 000 in 30 days and I'm helping to spread the word out because I think this is for a very good cause. :)

The best part is, you don't have to do anything! Well, actually you'll just have to click on the "Love To Save" banner above and Digi will donate RM5 to the organization that I'm supporting - Malaysian Council for Child Welfare (MKKM).

Children; We all love them! :D Well, most of us. :) Don't you think your support would mean a lot to them? It's just one click anyway. :)

There are other organizations that you can support besides MKKM. For example, SPCA (for animal lovers), WAO, IJN etc. Your choice! :D

Charlotte and Suet Li blogged about this as well. Haha. They're supporting different organizations anyway. :)

What are you waiting for? Click away! :D Thanks for your support! :)

P/S: You don't have to be a Digi user to support this. To all Digi haters, give your ego a break just for this okay? :P


Just got back home from lunch and fetching my sister from tuition. Ahh, lunch was nice. :) Good food and great company. ;)


I'm going to watch Transformers 2 tomorrow! OMGWTFBBQ! :D Those of you who have watched it, shush! :P I can't wait and I'm damn excited! Hehehe. :D I queued up for about 15 minutes for the tickets! Transformers is one of the very few movies which I can watch over and over again. :D It's just too damn awesome yo. I hope Transformers 2 won't disappoint me! I'm sure it wouldn't since I don't ask much. :P

I cannot wait. REALLY! :D This is the most anticipated movie of the year okay (at least for me)!

Last night, I was quite disappointed because of a friend's decision. I was hoping he would join us in NUS but guess I was wrong. Hmm, guess I can't really help it if he wants to choose local uni over NUS eventhough NUS gave him his first choice. Well, after he explained about his situation, I guess I could understand how it feels to be in his shoes. But, I also feel that this is a great opportunity for him and he should grab it. He deserved it. I'm sure there is someone out there who wants his place in NUS. Anyway, hope everything works out for him; be it NUS or local uni. :) I'm in no position to make a decision for him. :)

Anyway, I'm going to help Janice now. We're trying to figure out the fathers of six different kids. Haha, Fly FM contest. :P

Have a pleasant day! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Daily Digest

Good morning everyone! :) Lovely morning today, no?

Yesterday my parents and I went to Lowyat to search for a new laptop for me. We were eyeing on one particular model as recommended by my dad's friend until we stumbled upon our very own neighbour. Actually, I didn't know he was our neighbour until my dad told me. Haha, don't blame me for being ignorant okay. The people staying here don't leave their doors open and whenever I go out, I hardly bump into the same person e.g Yee Won. :P The last time I saw her was last year, in the lift! Hahaha.

So anyway, my dad spent some time talking to our neighbour and opinions started to change. He advised us not to get that particular model but get something else. Aww shucks, I hate it when something like this happens. So, we came home empty handed. Oh wait, not really, I bought a pink babydoll top and one dozen of doughnuts. :D

I don't know when will I be getting my new lappy but I think it would be just a phone call away. :)

Yesterday, my dad told me that I needed seven pairs of jeans when I go to Singapore. One for each day! Hahaha, that's too many dad (although I wouldn't mind)! :P But, I don't wanna be in jeans everyday and jeans shouldn't be washed often. Hehe.

Sometimes I think that I'm too tensed. I have never liked it when my state of mind is in a complete mess. By a complete mess, I mean that I feel like everything is unorganized when in actual fact, everything seems to be okay. It's just that I tend to over think about certain things. -_- I always feel like I have lots of things to be done but I don't know what are they. Hakim says I need an iPhone or a Blackberry. Hahaha. I just need to relax I guess. Shake my shoulders off a little and breathe. :)

Okay, gonna go grab a bite now. :)


8 letters, 3 words, say it and I'm yours. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

It's 12 a.m! :D

Happy Father's Day! :)

My dad is still awake because he's waiting to fetch my mom from her annual dinner. Such a responsible and loving husband! :) A very cute father as well.

He was counting the days till I leave for Singapore while having dinner just now. Looks like he's more excited than I am.

He kept saying, "Don't care about the local universities, now you focus on NUS alone!". Then he helped me to sort out my documents (although I didn't ask him to), threw away all the other printed uni and scholarship applications and placed NUS' documents into a file for me. Ah, I love my father. :D

He showed me a text message he received from his colleague. It was something like this, "I'm sure you will miss her a lot since you are so close to her but let her go. It will be better for her in Singapore than here." Awww.

Have a great Father's Day y'all! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

UPU Result

Today is the day all STPM 2008 students (well, most of them) have been anticipating for, ever since they received their STPM results. Today, questions will be answered, hopes will be granted, dreams will be crushed or become reality and futures will be determined.

There were probably a lot of students who were quite anxious about today but I remained calm. I didn't feel nervous at all, not even a single bit. I felt neutral. This isn't a normal scenario for me because I get worried easily and for the slightest things/reasons.

It was probably because I was all set to go to NUS already, so the release of UPU results didn't bother me much. Nevertheless, I was still very curious about what I would get, and what happens if I get what I want?

About 10 minutes before noon today, I checked my results. Lawrence said it was released already eventhough it was stated at the website that results will be released at noon. I happily punched in my IC number and Angka Giliran.

And I witnessed the most shocking thing ever! :D

(Don't be fooled by the smiley!)

I know you see the word "TAHNIAH!" but click to enlarge please. :)

Bacelor Kejuruteraan (Sistem Komputer Dan Komunikasi)
Translation: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer and Communication System)

WTH IS THAT?! -_____-"

Engineering is not my thing man. :/ I was dumbfounded. I didn't get any of my eight choices which obviously didn't consist of any type of Engineering courses. :/

Oh well, after that, I immediately knew where I was heading to. :) NUS! I can't believe that NUS granted me one of my choice of courses while my own home country's local government universities DID NOT. :/

Sure, there are plenty of students out there who did better than me but I think this is insane. I can't believe it. I'm sure most of the places were given to matriculation students. Boo. No offence to all the matriculation students out there, I don't blame you but I blame our local education system. I hope one day the politicians will wake up and fix their mentalities. Otherwise, the local universities in Malaysia won't be going anywhere.

My dad was equally shocked. Had a conversation with him in the car while going out for lunch.

Dad: So have you rejected the offer?
Me: Nope, not yet.
Dad: Do you have to state a reason if you reject your offer?
Me: I'm not sure. Why?
Dad: When you click the reject button and if they ask for a reason, write there "GO. TO. HELL."
Me: Hahahahahahaha.

I took a nap just now after taking my medicine (yes, still sick, but getting better). When I woke up, my dad told me he sent his personal feedback in the UPU website. *gasp* I wonder what he wrote.

Oh well. :) Congrats to those who got what they wanted! And to those who didn't, fret not, take this as a blessing in disguise. God has his own plans for each and every one of us. :)

Oh, I went to the doctor yesterday, it turned out to be intestinal flu instead of you-know-what. *breathes in relieve*

I do hope I recover soon! Hate being sick. :/

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Sick!

Dang, I'm sick! :/ I thought I was alright yesterday morning (as you might have read from the previous post). But, my body temperature started to increase slightly at night though I didn't feel weak or whatsoever. I should drink more water and get enough rest! Hope I'll recover soon. Sigh.

Shouldn't be in front of the computer all the time and blogging every single day! Omg, so unhealthy (not the latter). I'm going to spend my time reading books today. :)

I found Mrs Tay's blog! :D My happening MUET teacher. ;) Mrs Tay, if you're reading this, HIIIIII!! *waves* :D Other MBS-ians who might wanna read her blog, click *here*.

Okay, end of babbling.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Knock You Down

Yesterday morning I woke up with a flu and sore throat. I immediately became paranoid. Well you know, *coughs*Influenza*coughs*A*coughs*. Yeah, that's why. :/ Anyway, then I sat down and thought about it again. I remembered my dad was sick last week and my sister had flu and sore throat. So, I probably got it from either one of them or both!

Anyhow, I popped a flu tablet (Clarinase, to be exact) into my mouth and no flu today! Hehehe. :D Hope it doesn't come back later.

I read this in the newspaper yesterday:

"I was like, Oh shit, they put me with the cute guy!" - Adam Lambert, on rooming with Kris Allen in American Idol.

Hahahaha, damn funny can! :P Adam was probably slightly attracted to Kris. Hahaha.

Sometimes loves comes around and it knocks you down,
Just get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down.
Knock You Down - Keri Hilson Ft Kanye West & Ne-Yo

(Super chun song! ;))

Monday, June 15, 2009


Accommodation (for NUS) results are out! :)

I got into King Edward VII hall! It's the oldest hall among all the six halls available in NUS and it is the nearest to the Faculty of Science. :) It has a lounge, laundrette, dance room, band room, gym, recreation room, squash court, tennis court, badminton court etc! :D

I couldn't really decide whether to apply for residence or hall at first. So I decided to apply for both and accept whatever they gave me. There are a few differences between staying in residence and hall. Staying in hall requires you to participate in certain hall activities and you would have to learn how to manage your time well whereas staying in residence, you don't have to participate in these kinda activities and you'll have more free time.

But, staying in hall is a lot of fun (as what I've heard from the seniors) and the students staying in halls share a closer bond among each other. Staying in hall is also more economical compared to staying in residence. Besides, it is also recommended that students in NUS must try staying in halls for at least one year.

Anyway, I'm actually quite pleased to know that I've been accepted into KE7. :) We'll see whether I'll stick to staying in hall for the second year. :P

On a totally unrelated note, Gojane's shoes are bloody awesome! OMG! Let me show you some real pretty shoes that I really really like!

Fuchsia canvas peep toe sling back wedges.

Chestnut studded criss cross strap wedges.

Tan woven t-strap heel.

Black striped slingback platform.

Teal satin peep toe pumps.

Teal satin silk criss cross front heels.

The prices of these shoes are actually quite cheap if you don't convert them to Ringgit Malaysia. T_T I wish I was earning US Dollars. T_T *dreamy sigh* There are plenty of shoes to choose from and they are all very very pretty!

I can only dream.

So pretty, I want! :(

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sometimes, giving a thought about something can lead to the worst feelings ever. I mean, it makes me think too much that I become worried for all the wrong and unnecessary reasons. :/ This negative vibe in the atmosphere isn't really going to make things better if I go on and on thinking about consequences after consequences.

Damn Chean, stop thinking will you?


I'm random like that. Hahaha.

You know what, I never like being unable to draft out my plans when things aren't confirmed! I get this feeling really bad feeling which will make me procrastinate and I'll end up without a plan. I hate this. :/ I gotta wait for a few more days till I can really plan everything. Blah, the wait is too long!

Everything is jumbled up in my mind, I don't even know what am I typing or what I want to type. -_-

I should just stop and breathe. Haha.

kthxbye. :D

Bundle of Joy

My cousin in New Zealand just gave birth to her first son not long ago, on the 27th of May to be exact. I wish I could go to New Zealand to see her bundle of joy!

Say hello to Christiano Tommy Crean! :D He has Chinese eyelids! :P He looks more like his dad I guess. I can't really remember how he looked like because I've only met him once. That was last year. :P I do hope for them to come down for a visit in the future.

The proud grandmother (my aunt)! Her first grandson! :) Now she has two grandchildren. I wonder when will my parents be grandparents. Okaaayy, way too early to talk about this. :P

Okay, that was just a short update.

Lunch awaits me!

Have a great weekend people! :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Babbling

Results of UPM's acceptance are out! I don't know how far is this true but I got my source from a forum so I'm just spreading the word. Click *here* to find out! No harm trying anyway. :) I was rejected, hahaha. UPM was my 7th choice, so it's either I got something better or worse than that from other local universities that I've chosen. We'll just have to wait until the 19th to find out. :) I would like to know if anyone has been accepted though so that it can somehow prove that this site is true. Do let me know! :)

Anyway, I watched 17 Again today with Janice and Jonathan! The movie was a bit like Freaky Friday and 13 Going On 30. Predictable but nice and I enjoyed it. Zac Efron looks a bit like Chace Crawford, their hairstyles are quite similar. But I think Chace has a nicer body than Zac. *drools* Between these two, I'd pick Chace! Because Zac has Vanessa. Oh whatever, ignore this. :P

We visited May Jean at work today! :D Her first day of work at Adam's Kids at Midvalley! We're probably her first visitors! :P So, do pop by there if you know her. ;) Hope she's feeling better already because she was feeling sick yesterday. She seemed alright today though. :)

It actually rained heavily this evening! *gasp* The sky was so blurry that I couldn't tell if it was raining heavily or it was the effect of the haze while driving just now. :S But, I found out that it was just the haze as I drove closer. It was drizzling though. :/

On a much more random note, I can't believe Adam Lambert is so gay! I mean I know he's gay but after seeing his pictures on Hannah's blog, I didn't know he was THAT gay. Gosh. I can't deny the fact that he has good vocals though. Sigh, why are most of the good looking guys aren't straight? :/ Anyway, Kris Allen is straight, so that might just make up for it. :D

Okay, sis wants to use the laptop! Toodles. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hazy Morning

I wished I could say that this morning is a lovely one but that's too bad because when I look over my balcony and watch the view, all I see is haze and dust! :/ Very hazy morning indeed. Can barely see KL Tower and Twin Towers.

Be prepared for the El Nino phenomenon! It's hitting us again! Hotter and drier days over the next three months. Omg, you've got to be kidding me. :( The heat is driving everyone nuts. People are falling sick because of the weather and doctors are earning more money (Heh. :P). Drink lotsa water so that you won't get dehydrated easily. :)

It's 8.20 a.m. now and I'm wide awake! :D I woke up at 5.30 a.m this morning because I had to send my dad's ex-boss to the bus station and drop my mom at the monorail station. Wow, I have not woke up this early for a very long time. I only had about 5 hours of sleep last night! Somehow, I feel quite chirpy. Tweet tweet. :D

Waking up in the morning is one of the things that I detest but the feeling of waking up early to a new and fresh day gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. :) I don't really like the thought of wasting half of a day whenever I wake up at 12 p.m. It just makes me feel more lazy. But I still do that. -_- So contradicting.

My bedtime is slowly recovering to normal! :D I can't be sleeping too much because I reckon that I will hardly have any sleep when I start studying back again. Might as well start cutting down from now, slowly but surely. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Teachers' Day 2009

29 May 2009

I went back to school for Teachers' Day to visit my dedicated teachers! :) It was the perfect time to visit all of them because they weren't busy teaching or attending classes. So, we had time to talk to most of them and we did a little bit of catching up. Besides, I really missed school and I don't know when is the next time I'll visit the school.

Zhuang Xiao was very enthusiastic about this. She even stayed overnight at school! She's the only girl who dares to do that, I tell you!

So, what happened on Teachers' Day? :) The usual performances and games were on but I didn't see much because I was busy talking to the teachers and school mates that I've missed dearly. Hakim was there as well! :D Didn't know he would be there! I haven't seen him for months! He went to school just for his SPM certificate and not for Teachers' Day. -_-

Anyway, very little pictures were taken. Nevertheless, each and every one of them never fails to bring a smile to my face. :)

That's me, Kah Man, Chiew Wai, Zhuang Xiao, Adeline and Suet Mun! :) Chiew Wai left quite early because he went to visit his other teachers in his old school. Such a good student.

Our beloved Chemistry teacher, Pn Chan. :) Thank you loads for your patience, dedication and motivation! :)

Our Physics teacher, Mr Thong. He told the both of us that since we're done with Form 6, it's time for us to look for potential boyfriends or in other words, fall in love in university. -_- I can't believe he actually had this conversation with us! He advised Zhuang Xiao to find for one. Haha. Then he looked at me and said, "You won't have a hard time lah, you will have a few choices to choose from, either a doctor, lawyer or accountant." I gave him this look,
-________-" *smacks forehead*.

Our super chun MUET teacher, Mrs Tay and that's Pn Chan again. Pn Chan told us that Mrs Tay really missed our class. Our class was one of the most fun classes that she had ever taught. Aww! *blush* We missed you too! Mrs Tay will always remember us because she's a frequent Facebook-er! Hahaha. :)

Our Biology saviour, Pn Majinah! Aaahh! :D She gave us hugs and kisses when she saw us. How motherly. *happy sigh* :)

Our cute Maths teacher, Miss Yap! :D That plush flower she's holding is a gift from us. "A+ Teacher" written on it. :D Oh, it was Kah Man's last day of work as a teacher there as well! :)

Thank you Zhuang Xiao for the pictures! :)

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time visit the teachers in MGSKL. :( I hardly know the teachers there because there were a lot of teachers who came in after I left school. But, there are still a few of them who are still teaching there. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


While I was blog-hopping just now, I stumbled upon this on Shirley's blog.

"People change so that you can learn to let go,
Things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right,
You believe lies so that you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself,
And sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together."
*credits to Shirley Ding & Friend, click *here*.

Wow, what a way to think positive! :) I thought it was very meaningful, especially for a person as negative as me.

I read in a magazine about how emotions can be transmitted indirectly from your friends and even friends of your friends to you! This is the reason why when you mix around a lot with happy people, you will feel happy. :)

Stay positive people! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Get Well Soon

My dad is sick! :(

Last night, mom and I insisted that he consults the doctor. He was being a big baby by refusing to see the doctor. He said he was alright. After much nagging and persuasion from us, he couldn't say much but to follow us as we wish. :)

I drove him to a 24-hour clinic and when we stepped into the clinic, we saw an Indian man snoring on the couch. There wasn't anyone at the counter and no sight of a bell that we could ring either. :/ Mom used a pen and hit the counter a few times until the Indian man who turned out to be the security guard woke up. He hit the counter as well and two ladies appeared with their slightly messy hair, like they just woke up.

Poor thing, they must have felt really tired working overnight. Consulted the doctor after that and he looked like he needed a lot of sleep as well. His eye bags were terrible! O_o Ah, the sacrifices a doctor has to make..

I felt like I was somehow "repaying" my dad last night, although not entirely (which is impossible). Because there were many times when I fell ill in the middle of the night and he had to take me to see the doctor. There was once when I couldn't walk at all until he had to carry me all the way to the car and to the clinic/hospital. Last night, it was my turn (and mom's)! But, of course he didn't need to be carried. :P

The doctor gave him an MC slip but he didn't want to because he insisted on going back to work. How typical, my dad, THE workaholic. :/ But the doctor gave him anyway in case he needed it. The MC slip is going into the trashcan I guess? Because he's at work today.

I love my father. He's a strong man and I believe he'll get better soon. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lavonne's 20th Surprise

I guess it's about time I blog about Lavonne's 20th Birthday Surprise. I wanted to blog about this since last week, but I had some distractions and interruptions. :P

This is the third time we surprised her for her birthday! :) This time, Jessie was sorta like the mastermind behind this surprise. Unfortunately, we didn't take many pictures! :(

The day started off with us (May Jean, Janice, Rita and I) running some errands. We bought decorative materials, balloons, poppers, confetti spray cans etc before fetching Janice. After fetching Janice, we went to the Curve. Split into pairs and headed to respective stores for respective missions. Hahaha. :P Janice and I went to get the cake while May Jean and Rita went to get her Salvatore Ferragamo's Fascinating perfume.

We stopped by McD's drive-thru to get something to munch on and to quench our thirst. It was Rita's first time so she was very excited!

Look at the aunty! Tsk tsk tsk.

Was wearing my goddess-like dress but I changed into shorts and racer back top in Jessie's house.

May Jean waiting patiently for her McFlurry. :D

We made our way to Jessie's house without getting lost! Quite an accomplishment, I must say. :)

Janice and I saw a guy that looked very familiar standing outside of Jessie's house when we reached. It was Satvinder! He turned out to be Jessie's cousin! Haha, what a small world. :) This is him helping us to decorate the place.

Rita posing with the balloons! We blew about 40 balloons! Gah.

"Happy Birthday" it says.

Skippy was the main attraction of the day! She's damn cute! I want a shih tzu pup too!

Her cute butt. :D

She popped a balloon by doing that.

Janice, Skippy and I. :)

This is the only picture I have with Lavonne in it. Hahaha, that's Jessie next to her.

The "pondok" where we chilled. :)

The food was awesome. We had barbecue! :D Thanks to Jessie's family for the delicious food. :)

Here's a video to show how the surprise happened.

Bleh, so now you know how "surprised" she was. Hahaha. It's the thought that counts anyway. :)

On her actual birthday which was on the 1st of June (we surprised her on the 31st of May), we went out as well! :) We watched Terminator, had dinner and shisha accompanied with a lot of laughter and fun. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flashing Headlights

Yesterday I was stopped by policemen when I was on the road!!

I was driving on a highway and I noticed cars flashing their headlights on the opposite direction. I remembered my friends telling me if they did that, they're trying to indicate there's a police checkpoint in front. I thought it was damn cool. :D

It was damn true, there was a police checkpoint in front. One of them, flagged his red flag and directed me to the side of the road. Wth? I didn't do anything wrong, wasn't speeding, had my seat belt buckled, my road tax hasn't expired, what does he want?

Another policeman asked me to wait for awhile as he went to talk to the driver in front of me. They had a short conversation, like for about a minute. Then, he walked back to my car and I thought he was gonna ask me questions but he asked me to drive off. :S

Weird. :/ I wonder what they were looking for.

Anyway, lucky thing I didn't have to deal with them. :) I didn't do anything wrong also!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Feeling trapped.

Trapped in a maze.

No where to run, no where to hide.

Only choice is, to find an opening.

An opening that would possibly end all these miseries.

The question is, do I find my way back or move forward?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Only Live Once

How would you feel if I were to tell you that I have six more months left to live?

What would you do?

Sometimes we tend to take things for granted, forgetting and neglecting the people around us but focusing more on ourselves.

No, that does not mean I have to pay full attention to the people around me because I do have my own priorities in life. But, it's better to at least show these people that you truly care rather than caring for them only when you know it's going to be too late.

What's the used of fretting if you're too late? You can't turn back time.

What if I never told you that I had six more months left to live but I kept it to myself?

Six months time is up, you're left with nothing but regret.

Even if I had more than six months to live, anything can happen and it may shorten my life span.
You only live once.

So, start appreciating the people around you guys! :)

Disclaimer: I'm not going to die, I was just giving an example. :P My random thoughts again. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What A Shame

Decided not to watch the television anymore. :/

Anyway, I'm sure most of you (those who have read the newspapers) would have known about the USM blunder or rather the technical glitch as they claimed. Although I decided not to apply for USM at the very last minute (a couple of days before the application deadline), I still feel for those parents and students who have been "cheated" by this.

I still remember very clearly, Chiew Wai and I freaked out when we read the newspapers in March regarding the separate applications for UPU (for all local government universities except USM) and USM. It was stated in the newspapers that if we have applied for USM and accepted USM, we will not be considered for UPU. But, if we reject USM, only then, our names will be given to UPU. We thought since it was that way, we would be placed at the bottom list of applicants.

So, we decided not to apply for USM. We made calls to UPU and USM to confirm this matter. According to a guy who answered my call from UPU, he said that we will be given two offers (both UPU and USM) regardless of whether we reject or accept USM first. :/ Chiew Wai received the same explanation as well. This was clearly different than what we read from the newspapers. I told the guy about what was published in the newspapers and he said it was the wrong information. O_O How can the newspapers be wrong if every newspaper stated the same thing? :/

It confused us, so we decided not to take the risk. We still don't know which is the real thing until now. :/ But, it doesn't matter since we cancelled our application for USM already.

When I read in a couple of forums about students knowing their USM results already, I was quite surprised because I didn't read anything about USM releasing the results in the newspapers. :/ I could tell many of them were very happy and glad that they finally secured a place to do the course of their choice.

Some students who didn't believe that they could secure a place in any local universities based on their results, managed to obtain a place in USM. They were indeed, very happy and thrilled. Local universities are much more cheaper compared to private universities and some of these people are not from a very well-off background, so of course they were happy.

However, their happiness only lasted for about 24 hours. Some of them checked their application status online again and found out they have been rejected.

Reminds me of how I felt when I found out that I was accepted to read Pharmacy in NUS. I really thought NUS made a mistake because I couldn't believe it. Thank God, it wasn't a mistake. Heh. :P

So anyway, hopes and dreams were dashed for these students. :( USM? APEX University? Think again. How can such mistake happen? They should be ashamed of themselves. If earning the title APEX University means a lot to them, this mistake shouldn't even happen. Furthermore, this is their first time conducting a separate application for the students. Their application used to be under UPU as well.

I know everyone is not perfect and mistakes are always possible but things like these should be handled properly. Don't they know how many hearts have they crushed? This thing should be confidential and only be conducted by trusted employees.

Someone must have hacked into their computer system. I do hope they catch the culprit as soon as possible. I don't think parents and students can accept the word "sorry", for it will not change anything.

Don't Fail On Me


I'm watching the television but I hear nothing! OMG! -_- Something is wrong with the sound system. Grrr.

I wanna watch the repeat of Forensic Heroes II! I missed last night's episode because I was out.


I guess I'll just watch without the sound. Damn sad right? :/

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Tribute

To the girl..

who has always been there for me,
who knows what's right and wrong,
who cares more than an ordinary friend does about me,
who wouldn't let anyone harm me,
who keeps me motivated when I'm down,
who doesn't mind spending some time with me,
who believes and has faith in me,
who is independent, courageous and strong mentally and physically,
who gives good advices,
who tries her best to help me out,
who is always a phone call or a text message away,
who makes me feel comfortable around her,
who backs me up all the time unless I'm at fault,
who gives me her full support when I really need it,
who shares a whole lot of memories with me,
who is not afraid to show her true-self,
who is proud of me,
who appreciates me and the things I've done..
(I can go on and on you know. :P)

To the girl..

who is my BEST FRIEND! ;)


You've hit the big two-oh! Feeling old eh? ;) Hahaha, don't worry, I will join you soon! :D Hope you had a great time last night. :) Tonight will be equally great as well. See you! ;)

I you long time. :) *hugs*