Friday, July 31, 2009

Summary of UFO4

Since I'm done with Hall Orientation and UFO4, I can blog now! :D

On the first day of UFO4, we didn't do anything much. I only got to meet up with the rest of the freshmen at night because I was really busy with my accommodation during the day. I also had to go for a medical check-up which took me about one hour or so. By the time I got back to my room, I was so damn tired already. That night, I met a lot of people but I could barely remember their names. Too many names! We were separated into random groups and we played circle games. :)

This was before I got forfeited and was punished. I had to go to another group, ask for a guy named Bobo and request for his shirt. Aaahh. Hahaha. :D

On the second day, we went to Clementi to get our bank accounts done and we got our new mobile numbers. :) I decided to get a prepaid plan because it's quite a hassle to get a postpaid plan (I think). You can't simply sign up for a postpaid plan in any phone shops. You would have to go to their retail stores. :/ After that, we had lunch at a hawker centre. Their hawker centre is much more different than the ones we have in KL. The ones back in KL are called food courts but here, they call it hawker centres. Then at night, as usual we met up and played some games together. :)

My Orientation Group (OG)! :D Xiu Long Pao! :)

Literally, "ice-breaking" session. The organizers froze a shirt representing the colour of our OG and we were supposed to retrieve that shirt by melting the ice block using our body temperature ONLY. Cannot break the ice! We did do that though towards the end. :P It took us quite long to melt the ice.

Okay, I forgot what happened on the third day. Haha. Oh, we had dinner together and attended a talk about our Qualifying English Test (QET). I went out with my mom during the day so I don't know what the rest did. I guess they were probably busy with their administrative stuff as well.

On the fourth day, it was QET! The horror! Gahh. :/ It was quite crappy but oh well, it's over now. :) It was also the day my mom left. :( The rest went for a campus tour while I sent her all the way to Changi Airport. Shed a few tears (Hey, it was bound to happen okay!). As soon as I reached campus, I received a message from Yew Loong who is my OGL (Orientation Group Leader) regarding sports night that was held at Prince George's Park Residence (PGPR). So, I joined them and we played captain ball! :D Hehehe, it was damn fun. :) Used to play that a lot during my karate days (Wah, I sound so old).

Warming up and stretching for captain ball. :D Girls who score will be rewarded two points whereas guys who score will be rewarded one point. Haha, damn smart of them to get the girls playing instead of the guys only. :)

On the fifth day, we went for a city tour albeit not the whole city. It was quite tiring because there were a lot of walking to do. Plus, the heat really didn't help at all. In fact, the heat was draining all my energy out from me. The heat here is terrible. It's even worse than KL. Even if there's wind, it'll be hot wind! No wonder the people here are quite tanned.

In the MRT on the way to Chinatown. Wee Kiat, ?, ? (cannot remember their names! *gulp*), Shaun, Me and Yew Loong.

A combination of two OGs.

Such beautiful architecture. :) Couldn't go into the temple because I wore a sleeveless top. They provided scarves but I still didn't go in due to a specific undisclosed reason. :P

We walked all the way from Chinatown to Fort Canning Park. We also had a toilet break at an old police station (I think) in between. Hahaha.

Such cute mascots! Hehehe, H1N1 awareness! The mascots are everywhere!

The National Museum of Singapore.

We were given this device upon entering the museum. It's a device attached to a pair of headphones for us to listen inside the museum. Super cool leh! Can read and listen!

Pink flowery tanker! :D It has a hidden message behind it. Tankers are usually used in wars and pink is the colour of peace. So, do you get the picture? Contradicting right? :)

Random picture after we finished walking around in the museum.

Decided to go to the rooftop while waiting for others to be done.

Stoning. :D

Then, we had dinner at Food Republic in Vivo City. :) We also bought groceries for our lunch in Sentosa the following day. Among the stuff we bought were three bottles of sparkling juice, two loaves of bread, three cans of tuna spread, sweets, chips, 15 apples etc. :D

Went to the rooftop only to be mesmerized by the amazing scenery/view. :) That's a ship! :D

Took group pictures. :)

On the sixth day, we gathered at the PGP Foyer at very early in the morning for a trip to Sentosa!

On the shuttle bus from Harbour Front to Sentosa.

Walking towards Pahlawan beach.

Let the station games begin! :) These are two of the nine games that we played. I couldn't get into the water due to an unavoidable reason. Nevertheless, I had fun. :) If you're wondering why the guy has orange highlights, his hair was sprayed with temporary orange hairspray. Orange is our team's colour. ;)

Took more group pictures! Lazy to insert captions. :P

After that, we went to watch Song of The Sea! :) It was great albeit a little too short. They used laser, fire and water for the show. :D At the end of the day, I came back looking like a red lobster. I was badly sunburnt. :(

On the seventh day, my group went to the Science Centre but I opted out from that trip because I went to see Lavonne and Jessie! :D Went all the way to Orchard to see them. :)

The best friend and I. :)

Jessie got excited seeing people giving out helium balloons. So she took one then after awhile, we went back to take another two. Hahaha. She sucked the air out of the helium balloons and started talking like a chipmunk for awhile after that. Hahaha, damn funny! I have it on video in my handphone but lazy to upload it. :P

After that, I went to City Hall to meet up with the rest of my friends.

Suntec City. :)

The Esplanade and Merlion Park! :D Really awesome view. ;)

We also prepared a barbecue and a line up of performances as a sign of appreciation for our seniors. :) I don't have many pictures though.

This is us practicing our cheer. :)
*pictures credit to Helena, Tai Ko, Pei Ye, Teong Jin, Yew Loong etc

So that's my summary of UFO4. :) Shouldn't be labelled as a summary, took me quite awhile to post this up. Hahaha. I've been trying to blog about this since this morning but I kept getting distracted. :P

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