Monday, August 31, 2009



This is my first time being away from my own home country for Independence Day. Had a mini countdown just now with the rest of the Malaysians staying in KE7 Hall.

All of us sang "Negaraku" while the flag was raised by Kenneth. Then, we had to sing our respective states' songs. There were only five people from WP but all of them except me didn't know how to sing the song!

It's mainly because we never had a state song until a few years back and three of them are already seniors here in NUS. My neighbour, Siew Wai didn't know about the song because she went to TARC right after secondary school. But, I went to MBSSKL after secondary school where we still had assembly every Monday morning.

So, how like that? I had to sing the song ALONE in front of everyone. Omg, damn nerve-wrecking because I've never done that before. I got stuck halfway because I couldn't remember the song. Actually I could remember, but my nerves got to me. Hehehe. :D

Anyway, gotta go to bed now. Class at 8 a.m. Oh how I loathe Mondays. Sigh. :/ No public holiday for me. :(

Have a great Independence Day Malaysians!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Is Sick

Looks like I'm never gonna have enough time to blog about my birthday. :( I will I will.. one day.. eventually!

And correction for the previous post, I had THREE birthday surprises instead of two. Three birthday cakes. :D I had presents too! :D I'm a happy girl. :) It is nice to know that I have such thoughtful friends despite us being in a new environment. Thank you so much you guys! There will be many more birthdays that we'll celebrate together!

I am sick! Gosh! :( I have slight fever and it goes on and off, it's so annoying. -__-" I have a sore throat. I lost my voice. I don't sound like how I usually do. I have cough.

Oh God, spare me please. I hate being sick. :(

Anyways, can't blog for long, gotta mug!


Friday, August 21, 2009


Happy 20th Birthday to me! :D

Feeling old, feeling old!

Can't blog for long because I have a meeting to attend in awhile. Anyhow, I had two surprises last night which were both equally amazing!

I never expected anything from this year's celebration because of the new environment. But, they really did make my birthday a memorable one for me in NUS. :) Thanks for being so thoughtful! Will do a proper post soon. :D


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whirlpool of Emotions

Night cycling was fun and super exhausting! Can't believe the event took place for approximately 12 hours.

East Coast Park was our starting point and we cycled all the way to Changi Village. I don't know how many kilometres did we cycle though but it was a two hour bike ride. So you tell me. We stopped at Changi Village to take a break and havve supper. I was already so damn exhausted by then. My butt felt numb and my whole body was aching badly.

After the break, we cycled back to our starting point. So all together we cycled for four hours or more. We reached at about 6 a.m! I fell down a few times because I was really lethargic. I could barely stand straight when I got off the bike. Thank God there was a senior who was cycling behind me who sorta kept me on his watch. Phew. Got a few bruises on my legs. It looks as if I was abused. -__-

I seriously didn't know that bikes have gears. OMG. O_o I got a shock when they told me about switching gears. Suddenly, the nightmare of driving a manual car haunted my mind. Hahaha. :D

It was a great experience eventhough I was really dead by the next morning. It was nice to cycle while watching aeroplanes taking off. :D

I got back to my room at about 7.30 this morning and while everyone else decided to get a good sleep, I had to fetch my dad from Clementi! :) It was great to see him. :D Brought him for brunch, did some minor banking stuff and we went back to campus. He brought over so many things for me. I bet my mom and sis helped a lot in packing the stuff I needed for me. THANK YOU THANK YOU! :D

Therefore, my room is in a very messy condition right now and I couldn't really be bothered YET because I'm too tired.

I did unpack my clothes though! :D Amidst of unpacking, I found accessories given as birthday gifts in advance from my sis, Lavonne and May Jean. OMG, I was damn touched that I shed a few tears. Seriously, where can you get friends and siblings like them nowadays? I truly appreciate what they have done. :)

Long dragonfly necklace from Lavonne. :D

Butterfly bracelet from May Jean! :D

Ribbon hairbands from my sister! :D How Blair Waldorf-ish. :D

Had dinner with my dad before he left for the airport. Omg, it was damn sad. I knew I was gonna cry. As soon as he hugged me, I started tearing up. Of course, I didn't let him see. I wouldn't, because it would break his heart. I dashed to the toilet immediately and let almost everything out of my chest. Sigh.

I really did feel a sense of presence of my home when he came down for the day today. Oh how much I miss going back home after classes to my family. :(

I guess my emotions are a bit wild because even after crying a little this evening, tears are rolling down fast on my cheeks. GOSH. STOP IT CHEAN, STOP IT.

Feelings are unpredictable no? I'll be alright. :)

Okay, enough of that emo crap. Moving on.. I just finished a meeting not long ago and they were all quite shocked that I didn't get enough sleep. I didn't sleep for more than 24 hours. I guess tonight will be the night I restore almost all of my energy!

So what am I doing here blogging? :/

Good night peeps! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mini Update

Hey all! :)

I have some free time tonight.. surprisingly. Hence, I shall blog a little. :) Classes have officially started since Tuesday and I must say that sitting in a big group of class definitely feels different than the classes I have been attending since primary school until high school.

You wouldn't know every single person in your class. You would only know a handful of them. It's gonna take time to get to know every single one of them. Furthermore, not all of them take the same subjects as you do. Every time I step into a class, I hardly see familiar faces except for the ones that I do know personally. Everyone has their own group that they would wanna sit with. You can't possibly jump from one group to another just like that. It'd be awkward. Oh well. :) It's inevitable.

Today during Anatomy class, we went to the Anatomy Museum! Omg, we actually saw cadavers! We saw preserved body parts, organs, foetus (OMG!) and loads. They were all from real human beings okay! We're gonna dissect cadavers this semester I think. It's either that or we're doing something related to the cadavers. Should be fun and sickening, both at the same time. :D

When I stepped out of the lecture theatre today, I was delighted to see a bazaar held at the Faculty of Science! :D A real bazaar! Like the ones that you always see that are catered for blogshops to sell their stuff offline back in KL! I bought two Little Miss Tees for $12. :D Hehehe. There were bikinis going off for $15 each! CHEAP! But, I didn't buy any. :/

Met a Japanese exchange student today. :D Forgot what's his name, I think it's Hitomi. Or something like that. :P Wil Sen had a conversation with him about Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, sushi, bullet train, Doraemon (wth?), Dragon Ball etc. -__-" Helena was laughing at their conversation. Hahaha.

I have a few errands to make before I go for class tomorrow. Hmm. :/ Busy busy busy! I'll be going for night cycling tomorrow after dinner! OMG I'M SO EXCITED! I CANNOT WAIT! I have not done something like this before! It's gonna be pretty fun! :D I haven't been cycling in ages! I hope I still do know how to cycle. =X

Dad's coming down on Saturday! :D I gotta get enough sleep to last me for the whole weekend! Night cycling is until the next morning and my dad is coming down in the morning. @@ Dear God, please let me make it through this weekend without feeling over exhausted!


Happy Birthday Mummy! :)

Just finished Skyping with her not long ago. It wasn't long either because I had to get ready for breakfast and class. :(

This is the first year that I will not be able to celebrate her birthday with the rest of the family. I guess that's probably why she shed a few tears. :( And now.. I'm starting to tear up. Oh dear. :P

Anyway, hope she enjoys her birthday today even without my presence. I know I'll always be in her heart and that's what matters most. :)

She's THE greatest mother in my life and she will always be holding that title until the day I reach six feet under. :)

I feel grateful to have her as a mother even though sometimes I may lash out at her but I never intended to do that. It just happens, no? But, I promise to be good at all times. :)

I you, Mummy. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eventful Much?

As I've mentioned before, I'm gonna do a short recap on what I've done so far after Hall Orientation.

Now, you've gotta give me time to recall what happened during the past couple of weeks. I lost track of the days because there were simply too many things that took place. Time flies when you're having fun and you could really tell that I had lotsa 'em! :)

The first thing that happened after Hall Orientation that I can remember vividly is that I went to the Singapore Zoo with the MSL bunch! :D

My MSL OG plus a few PRCs. :)

Wey Keet, Helena, Lih Bin and I. :D

Reliving our childhood days. But, we didn't have these kinda equipments to play with last time. :P

Cheeky Helena!

This is damn fun! Hahaha! :D

I told him to do that. xD He was afraid it might bit him. -__-

Toilet break!

A fake sea lion (duhh). :D

Three of us roamed around the zoo, jumping from one animal show to another. :)

The little girl's eyelashes are damn long! I want! Haha.

Waiting for the elephant show to begin.

Random. :D


Kangaroo! Hardly saw any there. :/

Helena and I.

Was resting, too tired. :P

My pretty snow flake long necklace. :D

Pictures of the animals are on Facebook! Heh. ;)

Next thing I remember is the Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony! :D It was on the same day as the first day of Pharmacy Orientation.

I expected the ceremony to be filled with boring speeches because that was what the seniors told us. But, it wasn't that bad after all although there were people who fell asleep throughout the whole ceremony until the performances started.

This is my hall senior/buddy, Louis! :)

The Dim Sum clan! :D


Xing Ying, Ken Juin and I. :)

Towards the end of the ceremony, numerous orange and blue coloured balloons fell on us from above! Damn grand leh, like we just graduated only. Hahaha. :D

The next day was Flag Day! I don't have any pictures of Flag Day because I was either too busy collecting donations or too tired to whip out my camera. :P

Resting by the side of an underpass. Haha. :D

The next day, I went kayaking at a reservoir. :)

Phew, more pictures than words. Hahaha. :P

I'm done blogging about the holidays! Or maybe not, because later I'm going for steamboat with the MSL people and then, we're gonna watch fireworks at night! Today is Singapore's National Day. :)

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rag Day 2009


I had fun (BUCKETLOADS OF IT) despite the fact that I had to wake up at 4 a.m. and was feeling damn sleepy.

Eddie drove us (about 20-30 people) on a lorry to SRC (Sports and Recreation Centre) at about 5.30 a.m. My first time on a lorry! :D Met the overnight warriors at SRC. They were damn sleepy as well because they didn't get enough sleep.

We had to build a human wall around the float to make sure that no one steps into the box (where the float is) for static display. Otherwise, points will be deducted. Arjun, Jiyuan and I were singing all the way (self-entertainment). :P

As soon as the parade started, most of us stopped feeling sleepy! We were all very wide awake. :)

I thought that we really rocked the stage and crowd! ;) The performers, floaters and helpers gave their all, maximized their abilities and did their best! We all knew how much effort and time they have put in for this day, that's why as soon as we were off stage, a few of them started crying. I guess we all knew at that time, that we did stand a chance of winning. :D We came to win anyway. :P

So yeah, results were announced and we won TWO awards! WOOHOO! :D Most environmentally friendly float among halls of residence and President's Challenge Shield for Best Overall Float among halls of residence! :D WOOHOO! :D Damn happy can die. :P KE7 has never won in a very long time so this was like a huge achievement for us. ;) We cheered like CRAZYYYYY! :D Damn fun!

I guess it was all worth it. The satisfaction is priceless. :) I can't imagine how much they went through just for this day. I am definitely proud to be a part of KE7's float eventhough I only played a very small part. Hahaha. :) I was in charge of laying out the dance mat with seven other people. :D

Took a few pictures during rehearsals. I wasn't allowed to post them up until Rag Day was over. :)

SO CUTE SO CUTE! :D The float was built using used and recycled materials. :D It was damn good! They used materials that you could never think of. For example, they used an old iron to make a fish! Everything was about details. These people are extraordinary I tell ya!

This was taken this morning. :)

This is my tall friend from Mauritius! His name is Arjun. :)

The rest of the pictures were taken by Kok Pun and Stephanie, credits to them. :)

That's Adrian.

Eusoff Hall.

Kent Ridge Hall. Sweet ain't it? ;)


Actually, there are many more pictures to come but I guess this would be sufficient enough to give you readers a rough idea on what Rag Day is all about. :D

So what do you think? Amazing huh? :D

Friday, August 7, 2009


I can't believe we (Wey Keet, Wil Sen and I) actually got lost today in Singapore! Hahaha. :D We took about an hour to reach campus from Queenstown. Wth. To top all that off, Wey Keet and I were in desperate need of a toilet and we couldn't find one anywhere until we reached campus. Hahaha.

When I reached campus, it was time for Rag Day briefing and I had to shove dinner down my throat in about 10 minutes! Gahh.

Tomorrow is Rag Day! Feeling very excited to see all the floats! :D I hope KE7 wins! Some of us (We call them the Overnight Warriors) are going to put a night over at the large field! Tomorrow I gotta wake up at 4 a.m. to prepare for Rag Day! *gasp* Hope it wouldn't be too sunny tomorrow but I doubt that will happen. Sunblock to the rescue!

Ah, more updates next time! :P

Thursday, August 6, 2009



I have 15 minutes left before I go down for breakfast, spend the whole day packed with activities and plopping on my bed at at least about 12 a.m. Today is the last day of Pharmacy Orientation. :D It's actually my second day of Pharmacy Orientation. Total duration was supposed to be four days, but I skipped two days because of Flag Day and kayaking. :P On the first day, I only attended for the ice-breaking session because after that I had to collect my student pass and attend the Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony. Oh well. Hehe.

My body is aching from flagging, kayaking and captain's ball. But, it's all good anyway! :)

Classes commence next week! Gosh, time flies when you're having fun! :/

Anyways, there are too many things to blog about and I have not much time, so I might just do a short recap about my week soon! :)

Have a good day people! :D

Sunday, August 2, 2009

King Edward VII Hall Orientation

King Edward VII (KE7)'s hall orientation was held from the 24th until 28th of July. There were many activities and games that were organised, as per normal. :) Orientation is all about having fun, getting to know more people and widening your social network! True? :D

We had a welcoming dinner before the orientation officially started at a Nyonya restaurant located somewhere on campus. :P It was a buffet and that means all-you-can-eat! :) We got ourselves really stuffed! :D

Took group pictures before we headed back to our hall together. :)

On the first day of orientation, we got into our respective OGs and were separated into three clans (Dim Sum, ATAS, Fishermen). :D My OG's name is Chee Cheong Fun and we were under the Dim Sum clan. :D We were told to wear red because that was our clan colour. :)

This is my group! :) We had circle games in the morning for introductions. I had to leave after lunch to attend the Pharmacy Welcome Tea. The rest painted our group's flag and by the time I returned, they were done with a treasure hunt.

At night, we had station games! :D We won! :D I personally think my group has many enthusiastic members!

On the second day, each OG had to make their own ships! :D This is to give us a taste about how building float is like. The theme of our ships were according to clans. So, we made xiao long baos, siu mais and chee cheong funs from various materials. :D

This is me with the siu mais. :D


We had station games again! Got my right knee and elbow scraped and a bruise on my left knee. :( But I had fun! :)

We had a treasure hunt at night. It was about pirates and we had to walk around campus to find for clues.

On the third day, we went to West Coast Park! Played more games that involved water bombs! :D Had a barbecue dinner at night. :) We also learnt KE7's hall song. :D I don't have any pictures of the barbecue night. O_O

Meet my friend from China, Zhang Jiyuan! :D She's very cute and can sing very well! :)

On the fourth day, we didn't do much because most of us were busy with registration as official students of NUS. We had a mass dance at night which was very fun! Two senior choreographers taught us how to dance to Candyman by Christina Aguilera and Nobody But You by Wonder Girls a few times before this. :D It was also the day our Secret Pals were revealed. Secret Pal sessions were conducted for a couple of times before this. We were assigned a Secret Pal each and were supposed to talk to each other to roughly get an idea of who our Secret Pals were. We were blindfolded the whole time!

Water bomb war at night and we wrote messages to each other on a piece of paper. :)

It was Block Day on the fifth day! We were separated into Blocks instead of OGs. :) Had a mini sports game in the morning and went to Sentosa in the afternoon. :)


So that was roughly what I did during my hall orientation. :) Tomorrow, Pharmacy Orientation will commence! *gasp* I don't know if I would have the time to blog! I guess not. Oh well. :)