Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Hello There!


OMG, can you believe it's December already?! How time flies..

About a year ago, at this time around, STPM was coming to an end and freedom was very near around then. Fast forward to one year later, and I'm here blogging in KE7 Hall located in the midst of NUS. Totally didn't see this coming a year ago!

Anyway, I've been trying to make each day of my holidays a productive one, guess it hasn't been working so well. But, I really feel relaxed! No stress! Can slack! :D I'm not gonna sit in my room at rot all day. :P

Started Set Decor work today together with Mafer and Hazel! :) It was quite fun but I bet it'll be better when the whole team is working together. Some are still having their exams. They'll probably finish within this week. :)

I watched New Moon and 2012 over the weekend! :)

New Moon was quite draggy cause the movie was so slow! There weren't much action and entertainment but I guess Jacob's hot body managed to compensate most of these issues. :P Edward's body is nothing compared to his (Sorry, Edward lovers out there!). Hahaha. :D The moment Jacob took off his shirt, the whole cinema echoed a "WAAHHHH!". Suyi was practically drooling over him. Now, that's something you don't expect and don't see often coming from her. :P So, anyway, the movie was just alright, but I wouldn't watch it again.

2012, on the other hand, was the bomb! :) The end of the world may not be sometime soon but who cares, this movie rocks! It was so emotional or maybe I was just being emotional, heh. Some of the effects looked quite fake though, still awesome nonetheless. What if this really happens to us? :/ Gosh, I can't imagine the horror.

Christmas decorations are up! :) I love Christmas! :D I love the pretty lights, Christmas trees, decorations, presents, candy canes, cookies, cakes, Christmas tunes (In fact, I have one stuck in my head now, so random! Jingle-linger-ling!) and absolutely anything about Christmas! :D I can't wait to see more Christmas decorations around in Singapore! :)

Huge Christmas tree in Vivo City! :)


Gonna go gobble down my Subway cookie now. Hehe. :D

Have an awesome December y'all! :)

Three ;)

I remember mentioning about doing a proper post for my 20th birthday. *click here*

So after three months, here's the post! Hahaha. But, I need some time to recall what exactly or roughly happened.

I remember it was the second last day of KE7's Inter Block Games (IBG) and Ching Tse called for a F Block Comm meeting at 11.15 pm (2o.08.2009) in the Main Lounge. The meeting went on as normal. We were discussing about IBG. When the clock struck 12 or probably shortly after that, suddenly the lights went off and a whole bunch of people came into the lounge with a cake singing the birthday song.

I share the same birthday with Huang Rong, so they sang twice. :D Hahaha.

On the evening before that night, Way Inn accidentally sent a message to me. It went exactly like this (I kept the message).

"Hi! Tml's wen chean's bday, n we're surprising her tonite at 12am, so do gather at main lounge at 11.45pm, thn we'll head 2 her room! XD pls reply your attendance. Thx"

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! And so, I replied..

"Uh, I guess it's not a surprise anymore? HAHAHAHA."

Hahaha, so funny! So I thought this was the surprise. :)

Very thoughtful bunch of people. :) Too many people to name! Haha.

Eddie, my OGL! Hope his left eye is recovering. A ball hit his eye while he was playing softball last month! O_O

Huang Rong (the other birthday girl), Kelvin (my other awesome OGL!) and me. :)

There's actually a video that Kelvin took, it's in Facebook I think. Too lazy to upload here, heh.

So, after that we all went back to our rooms. :) Some of my Malaysian friends walked me back to my room although they didn't have to but they insisted. I didn't know why! We were hanging out outside my room when I noticed there were extra pairs of shoes outside Siew Wai's room. As far as I know, she only has three pairs. So I asked whose shoes were those and she mentioned they were hers and I believed.

Then I heard some soft noises in her room and I asked "How come I hear people talking in Siew wai's room?". Pearly said it was probably her radio and I believed. Shortly after that, they left. :)

Then Xinyu, Alvin and Kelvin came knocking on my door. They sang a silent birthday song because we're not supposed to make noise after 11 pm. :P They couldn't go for the earlier celebration because they had a meeting. It's the thought that counts anyway! :D

That's them outside of my room. :) Kelvin was the photographer.

After they left, I went back into my room, wanted to shower when Siew Wai (my neighbour) came knocking on my door! Haha, she asked me to go to her room. When I opened her door, I saw another bunch of people with Wil Sen holding a huge lit up cake! :D Surprise surprise! This one, I didn't expect it at all. :P It was from the Malaysian gang. :D How nice! Some came over from Temasek Halll and PGP.

Cutting my cake! :D Chocolate Indulgence yo! ;) It was a huge one and I just had cake from the earlier celebration. Haha.

Jerusha and Cui Shan. :)

Wey Keet @ Jason, Wil Sen, Wai Kit and Kai Sheng. :)

Lisa and Xing Ying. :)

Pearly and Kenneth. :)

Kenneth helped me out. Managed to finish the whole cake! :D

Siew Wai and Cui Shan. :)

Yums! :D

Thank you guys! I had no clue they were in Siew Wai's room. No wonder I saw extra slippers and heard noises. And no wonder they insisted on walking me back to my room! But, I didn't suspect anything. Probably because I was too tired and all I wanted to do was shower!

Apparently, they wanted to go to the main lounge earlier as well but they changed their plans at the very last minute. They used Siew Wai's room instead. Hahaha. :)

I'm grateful for them! :D

About an hour later, I finally got to shower! Hahaha. :D

On the night of my birthday, I was in a meeting with the Malaysia Night Committee when my MSL OG barged into E Block's lounge (where we were having the meeting). I knew they were coming, but I didn't think they would find me in there. They came in with a cake (AGAIN!). :D Hahaha.

Siu Long Bao, my OG! :D

Joon Wai and I with our pretty lamps! His birthday was about a week before (can't remember), so we celebrated together.

Beautiful! :D

With Sheng Jie, the artist! :D

My birthday ended with supper at Sheares Hall. :) Thank you everyone, once again! Hahaha. :D

P/S: I just had dejavu! I felt as if I've blogged about this before, have I? O_o

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I've been waiting for Mahdi to call me since this morning but he hasn't. I bet he's still asleep. I tried calling him but he didn't answer. I'm not gonna stay in my room and do nothing, so I'm gonna go out! :D Yep, in a while. Hehehe. :)

Kah Chun, Cui Shan and I climbed all the way up to E8 to see the view from Kah Chun's room. Omg, it was amazing! :) But, it's really a long way up there. It requires climbing long flights of stairs, hahaha.

This is how it looks like from the highest floor in KE7, taken using my phone's lousy camera.

Of course, my picture cannot be compared to Zhuo Shuo's picture! His photography skills are amazing! This is a different view from the previous picture but still taken from the top.

Would love to post more pictures, but I gotta run! :) Retail therapy calls! :D HAHAHAHA. :D

Outfit for today. ;)

Saturday, November 28, 2009



Well, for Semester 1 only. :/ I have another seven semesters to go with countless of CAs and finals! Goodness. I shall not think about that now.

Anyway, I feel neutral, numb to be precise. I think I screwed up for most of my papers but oh well, let bygones be bygones.

The only thing that I can do now, is to look forward and hope for the best for my results. I foresee many undesirable outcomes and consequences.

Okay, now that exams are over, there seems to be a lot of things that I wanna do but I don't know what and how to start with. :/

#1. I think I shall start with my laundry. It's been a week since I last did my laundry and my basket is almost full! Can't do laundry now though, cause it's pouring like mad.. GUHREAAATT. Hope it subsides later because we're going to Orchard to celebrate! :D Hopefully it would take our minds off from exams! Christmas decorations! Oh yeah, that will do, hehehe! :)

#2. I also wanna do some reading. I bought the latest book by Cecelia Ahern like about a month ago and I had no time to finish it! Blame the hectic lifestyle here, there's hardly any time to do anything except studying. :P

#3. SHOPPING!! Scream with me now! *AHHHHHH* :D (I know Suyi is the only one who isn't very thrilled about this! ARE YOU READING THIS SIOW SUYI? HAHAHA.) Actually, this should be the first on my list. I've been cooped up in my room for too long, too DAMN long. I wanna go out!

#4. BLOGGING!! I haven't been blogging for a very long time, rant-y posts are not counted! I don't know if I can recall any eventful occasions that happened in the last few months. But oh well, there will be pictures! I hope. Haha. :D This item on the list might not be applicable if I'm too distracted with other routines of my daily life though. :D

#5. GO HOME!! :) I'm anticipating my holidays back at home. I miss my life in KL so much! And finally, I can go out all I want without thinking much about my studies (Well, at least for three weeks, better than nothing right?). :) I can't wait to meet my friends to do some catching up. I miss them!!

#6. Clean my room! It's in a very messy and unpleasant condition now, haha. Gotta reorganize my books and notes as well.

#7. Hall Play Set Decor! :) YES! We are going to paint props and backgrounds for our hall's play next year. I think it's gonna be fun despite the long working hours. I like painting although I'm not a good painter or probably it's just because I like colours and painting gives a very serene and calm feeling! That's if you're painting the appropriate colours to that feeling. Hahaha.

#8. GOSSIP GIRL MARATHON! WOOHOO! :D CHACE CRAWFORD BABY! :D Kah Chun helped me to download about seven episodes, hehehehe. Thank you Kah Chun! :D The first two episodes that May Jean gave me are still untouched. Haha. I wanna watch other tv series as well, any recommendations? :)

That's about it I guess although I think there are plenty more to be done. I just don't know what yet. I bet time is gonna fly cause time flies when you're having fun! I better appreciate each and every day of my holidays. :)

Oh, Mahdi @ Potato just arrived in Singapore. This plan of his was out of randomness, hahaha. God bless him (why am I saying this?).

Happy Holidays! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


PR1103 Pharmacy Practice 1..

..just murdered me..


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rant Rant Rant

I just can't wait for finals to be over.

Been mugging everyday and if you think that's good enough, think again.. because the next day if you ask me what I've read, I wouldn't remember. That sucks, no? :/

A mental block definitely sucks big time. I HATE IT. Everything is inside your head, but you're just having a hard time trying to recall what is it.

Sometimes, it may occur to you that whatever you read or memorize just won't go in. Well, that's because you've been studying for too damn long. Your brain is practically saturated. Oh damnit. :/


On second thought, I DON'T WANNA SIT FOR FINALS, CAN??? :( So don't come!!

*slaps self*

Oh, don't be silly! You know that won't happen unless you're planning to fail all your modules!

On a brighter note, I can't wait to go hunting for clothes, bags and shoes! I want a bandage skirt and bodycon dress! Plus, I still haven't managed to find the bag that I really really want! I see people carrying different designs in uni!


Enough of mental blockages please? :( Can hardly take them.. They'll just scrape all my confidence (not like I have much to start of with, anyway), positive thoughts and motivation!

I should learn how to meditate.

I'm so sorry that you guys have to read ranty posts of mine. I CAN'T HELP IT!


Monday, November 9, 2009


What happened today wasn't what I expected..

It just happened.

I'm sorry that it had turned out to be that way.

But, I'm glad that we're okay. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


As we're moving closer to Week 13, finals are drawing even closer.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Work Work Work

Phew, finally got over and done with my presentation and AY1104 Anatomy CA2!

I feel like I just threw a few kgs off my shoulders although I still have a lot of weight on them right now.

Last week was crazy! I changed my slides so many times due to my Professor's demanding critics. I was communicating with him via email throughout the entire week! But, I'm glad it went well and I thought he was rather patient with me and he helped A LOT. :) At least I know that I wasn't the only one who had to do so many drafts before the final presentation. In fact, all of us went through the same thing.

Now, Physicochemical Principles of Drug Action (PPDA) tutorial! The name damn chun right?! But it's such a difficult module. -__-"

Ooh, I also have a two page paper to do about my presentation.

Boooooooo :(