Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of 2009

Last post of the year baby! :)

Here are some pictures which serve as my attempt to illustrate how I spent my December holidays ever since I returned from Singapore. There may not be much elaboration or texts but hey, pictures paint a thousand words y'know? :)

We went for banana leaf rice for lunch! My second meal in KL after returning home. :D Fried bittergourd is the bomb! :D I wonder if there's banana leaf rice in Singapore, hmm..

Chilled in Starbucks while waiting for the rain to stop.

Did some shopping in Telawi Street, Bangsar! :)

Lavonne's dad's birthday dinner! Annual thing. ;) Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Jimmy!

Random BBQ party at Jessie's place! Her place looks really nice now after renovation! So cozy to live in. She has a pool table, foosball table and karaoke room in her house! Her backyard leads to a lake! She's one lucky woman!

Singing on top of our lungs! It was awesome! :) It didn't matter if we croaked or not, we had sheer fun!

Played pool! Which I totally suck at. We didn't even finish one game cause it took us so long, hahaha. "We" as in Janice, Ramyah, Rita and I. Lavonne was practically hitting almost all of the balls in. :P

Lavonne and I. :)

This was when we lepak-ed the next night in Hartamas.

*Pictures credit to Janice and May Jean.

Lavonne's Mini Cooper! SO CUTE! :D

Spent a total of four days with my girls since I returned home. It was because Jessie and Lavonne went to China after that for vacation and to satisfy Lavonne's desire to touch snow, hahaha. So, we made sure that we maximized our time catching up with each other and having fun!

Christmas at nanny's! Forgot to take a picture of the Christmas tree! Didn't take pictures with nanny either, ish! Had a dose of her tasty homecook meals! She's the best! ;) Played with the kids as well. :)

Played ginrami. FUN FUN FUN! :) No money involved though. Hahaha.

TA-DAHH! This is how I look like now! Got a haircut (FINALLY!) and dyed my hair. My head felt so light after the haircut. The colour isn't very obvious here though. Okay anyway, that looks like bangs to you right? But, it wasn't supposed to be bangs! The hairdresser just snipped my hair off a tad too short. Oh well, I'm adjusting to it. The hairstyle sure subtracted a few years from my age!

Received a bouquet of pink and red roses! Yayy! Thank you! :D

I have about a week left till I leave for Singapore again. Sigh, time flies eh? Pretty soon, it will be hell all over again. But, I have to be optimistic! :)

Can't believe a year flew by just like that, in a zap. I presume I'll be saying this again this time around next year, hahaha. :)

2009 was a good year and I look forward to 2010! :)

Goodbye 2009! :D

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Why did you choose four days before the new year? Hahaha.

Anyway, thank you for today.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The title says it all! :)

Have an awesome one y'all! :D

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Good To Be Back


I'm back I'm back I'm back! :)

I almost missed my train today! Did some last minute shopping with my sister and we arrived like a few minutes before the departure gate closed. WTF, super kan cheong!

I realized that I'm always rushing when I'm going back because of last minute stuff to be done. :/ THAT'S NOT GOOD! The last time I went back, I rushed to Queensway Mall to get May Jean's jersey but luckily, I wasn't late for my flight. In fact, I had time to eat as well. So that wasn't so bad but I felt that it was quite a rush, probably because of my kan cheong-ness.

But TODAY, TODAY WAS JUST CRAZY. I'm so thankful that I didn't miss the train!

I'm just glad to be back! :D My parents were so excited and happy to see me! Hahaha, especially my dad. He's just too cute! :)

Had bak kut teh for dinner, awesome stuff yo! It doesn't taste like pepper soup like the ones in Singapore at all. :D


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


12 September 2009

I decided to post some Malaysian Night 2009 pictures for you guys to see! :)

I miss those days! Who would have thought that it would be a memorable one for us and we would miss it since we sorta complained about organizing this event. Despite all the complaints, we never gave up and tried our best to put up a good show. I guess it was worth it, knowing the fact that we had great feedback from the crowd!

It was a miracle that almost everything went smoothly because we had very limited time to put everything together and almost everyone was quite stressed about it. But oh well, we had our own share of fun. :)

Minutes away before the show started!

Our opening act. Each of us held a manila card written with words that represent Malaysia while singing "Here in My Home". :)

The start of our musical (well, sort of). :)

Malay dance!

The market scene in the musical.

Chinese dance! Ooh, that's me with the red ribbon (bottom right picture)! ;)

Indian dance! Dubbed the hottest dance of the night by some people. ;) So proud to be one of them! :D HAHAHA.

Fashion show!

A collaboration with the seniors. :)

Games, lucky draw and our final mass dance!

Friends who came to support us! :)

The whole team! :)

Here are some behind-the-scenes-pictures! :D Thank you Sky for snapping these pictures! There are actually videos as well but she never uploaded them up. Pictures will do, I guess!

Meetings, rehearsals, dance practices, dry runs etc! :)

Not forgetting late night supper! ;) Oops, bottom left picture doesn't count. Heh.

Proud to be one of the team! :D Malaysian Night has certainly brought us closer together!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas at Orchard

Christmas decorations in Orchard Road are awesome! :) Orchard Road never fails to amaze me whenever I visit during Christmas and the decorations are always different every year eventhough they revolve around almost the same elements - Christmas trees, reindeer, snowman, santa clause, presents etc.

It was great despite the slight drizzle! :D Luckily, it didn't rain for long! :)

Waiting for the bus to Harbour Front MRT station. :)

Christmas tree at ION Orchard.

It had a door leading into the Christmas tree, so cool!

Inside the Christmas tree was this! AMAZING HUH?! So mesmerizing!

Side props!

Some of the designer labels available there. There was a long line of people outside the Prada outlet. They were queuing up just to enter which is quite common in Singapore. There was also a private event in Louis Vuitton. Those socialites looked really rich! I can only dream of being one of them or perhaps owning that much of money.

Reindeer! :D

Colourful statues.

HUGE Louis Vuitton bag!

Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree! :D If only they were real chocolates, it would have been a very yummy tree! :D

Decorations along the street.

Butterfly themed Christmas tree! My favourite! :D

Ribbons! :)

That's me imitating the reindeer's pose. ;)

Santa Clause!

White Christmas tree at The Heren. :)

More decorations!

Snowman! As white as him, hahaha.

Even more decorations!

Outside Istana Park.

That's about it I guess. I think we missed out certain areas, couldn't cover the whole of Orchard. It's too big! I wanna go back there again though. :)