Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

It's the last day of 2010 and it's New Year's Eve!

As excited as everyone else may be, I'm not that thrilled about welcoming the year 2011. I don't know why. I guess it probably means that I have to leave home AGAIN and a new semester (another vicious cycle) resumes again. It's my last weekend here and it has always been hard for me to let go of home, the place where I truly belong. But, I'm getting better. After countless of times, it doesn't affect me much anymore. I still get the feeling of being homesick, but it's just lesser in intensity.

Putting the negativity aside, I'm hoping that the year 2011 will bring more joy and happiness. I foresee a lot of obstacles ahead of me! One of the things that pops in my mind when I think of 2011 is preceptorship. Preceptorship is like an internship/attachment with community pharmacies (i.e Guardian, Watsons etc) in Singapore. I'll then be attached to a hospital pharmacy in Year 3. Two different settings, two different years! I wonder how is it gonna be like. I'm sure it'll be a great experience. :) I bet it's gonna be a rocky road!

2010 was great in many ways. I had my share of inevitable ups and downs. But, they're gone now, I'm only left with memories. Hence, cheers to 2011 and to a new decade! I'm gonna embark this year with positivity.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eve of NYE

It's the eve of New Year's Eve! :)

Since Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup, tomorrow is a public holiday! There's no reason for me to rejoice or be happy about it because I am on holidays anyway! But seriously, I don't think this will ever happen in Singapore. Meh.

I'm sure everywhere will be packed tomorrow! Traffic becomes extra congested on NYE! On top of that, it's a public holiday tomorrow. Can't imagine what the jam will be like.

My mom was very happy that the PM declared a public holiday tomorrow. This morning, she knocked on our door and told us about it after reading the news online. Now, I don't know if this was really what happened or it was just a dream I had this morning. :/ Ever had that feeling? When you can't tell whether it was a dream or reality?

Anyway, glad that both my parents get an extra day to rest! :)

Heading out for dinner in a bit! BYE!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Oh boy, how I hate stagnancy right now.

If it's a good position to be stagnant, I wouldn't mind.

Friday, December 10, 2010

OCIP Cambodia 2010, Part Three

Looks like I took a very long break from my previous post on Cambodia. I didn’t have the time to spend on blogging without feeling guilty! :/

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Picking up from where I left..

On the second week of our trip, we visited Andong Village. It’s basically a slum area stuck in the city. Apparently, the villagers’ houses were taken away from them and they had to move out but they couldn’t afford a typical house so they had to stay in squatter houses which had rubbish surrounding them everywhere! I can’t imagine living with rubbish! The horrible stench, clogged drains, plastic bags at every nook and cranny of the slum, flies everywhere, minimal amount of CLEAN water supply and just the pure thought of how low the level of hygiene there scares me!

323839485156 6063Pictures to help you visualize what I really said. The condition is awful isn’t it?

After taking a tour around the village, we went back to the villages’s primary school.

3This was the school we taught at during the second week. The students who lived in the village attend English lessons at this school. It’s kinda like a tuition place for English lessons in the afternoon. In the morning, it functions as a primary school.

11 One of their classrooms.

19 The school’s kitchen.

20The younger kids waiting for their class to start.

24One of the primary school kids was asked to lead the class (complete with a long stick) on reading whatever that’s written on the whiteboard. I thought this was a really cute scene.

26Besides running the school, they (principal’s wife and relative) also sew for a living.

25Their crafts that were for sale.

68There was a well beside the school and this was how deep the well was!

65This is a pond near the well.

We went to another place nearby which used to function as a community hall (I think). Some of the volunteer organizations wee kind enough to buy that place so that the school could be transferred over.

717576 This place had a much larger space.

78There was another well in there too! I tried getting water from the well with a pail and it wasn’t easy! You need skills to scoop a significant amount of water into the pail.

We decided to create a library at an empty shack in the school compound for the students when their school gets transferred over.

9699104105 We didn’t bring any materials with us on the first day. So, we started by sawing logs into smaller pieces with the help of some of the students and teachers.

254I tried sawing too!

215We also cleaned up the compound.

217 Alvin and Fan Rui tried to break the lock to enter a room and seconds after they succeeded, one of the teachers found the key to open the lock. Hahaha.

219The empty room.

220 Wiping the wall.

229230 We collected water from the pond in the school compound for cleaning purposes.

95The clouds looked scary and it was really windy. But, it didn’t rain.

106Minutes later, the skies were clear again.

258Siew Wai, Cui Shan and I.

After all that sawing, we headed back to the primary school to start conducting English lessons!

264265269Back in school. Since we had some free time before classes started, we played with the kids and took pictures.

82We sat behind and observed the students.

80This is one of the English teachers. I forgot what is his name. :/

110Then, it was our turn to introduce ourselves to the students and teach them.

The next day, we went back to “new” school to work on the library. Some of the guys went out to buy paint, brushes and furniture for the library. We were divided into three groups for three different tasks which are building benches, painting and organizing books.

276Unloading shelves from the tuktuk.

115 116155 Painting the wall and railings.

356Dr Seow helped out too. Since he was so tall, he volunteered to paint the higher areas.

120Working in pairs to saw the log for the benches.

286349 Painting the logs.

159Tying the logs together!

154Alvin requested that I take a picture of him sawing or more like pretending to saw (since the benches were already done!). He’s such a camwhore. :P Lucky guy is enjoying his student exchange at the States now!



Rearranging and labelling books.


125126139 The painted wall and railings.

364 365The revamped library.

367 130133372 After all that hardwork and while waiting for our painted benches to dry, we played with the principal’s son, Puri! He is so adorable!! :D I remember trying to recall his name a few days later back in the guestroom and accidentally guessed his name as “Pussy” which made Gavin laugh. Oops, my bad!

162Proud of our benches (the other bench not seen in this picture)!



At night, we went out for desserts! Scoops of ice-cream in coconut shells and coconut juice!

151148On the last day, we stopped by a duck farm to buy duck eggs for the students before going to the school.

407 423426 442 On that day also, we washed the kids’ hairs! It was very fun! :D I was in the washing department so I poured a lot of lice shampoo and scrubbed their heads!

415Kids lining up to get their hairs shampoed!

439 440 The rinsing department.

429 446 The combing department. This was where all the lice could be seen dead on their towels. Two person had to comb each girl’s hair because it was really hard to untangle all the knots! I know this fact because I tried combing a girl’s really long hair after I was done with washing and it took so much effort!

434432 Every kid was given a duck egg after all that washing.

456458464468After that, it was more of playing with the kids! :)

When we were done for the day, Hazel, Cui Shan, Ek Theng, Siew Wai and I took the same tuk-tuk back. The driver was driving so slow that the other two groups were far ahead of us. We kept telling the driver to go fast and he didn’t listen. We thought he didn’t understand English so we tried to make sounds that could possibly mean “fast” to him but he kept at the same speed.

477478 When we reached the guestroom, it was so dark and the lights were switched off. Then, “SURPRISE!!”, hehe. It was Siew Wai and Hazel’s birthdays! :) The tuk-tuk driver purposely drove slow so that the others could reach first in time to prepare. Hehehe, Cui Shan, Ek Theng and I knew they were gonna surprise them but I didn’t know the tuk-tuk driver was involved too! He must be laughing inside when we tried to make him go faster!

482Us with the birthday girls!



That night, some of us tried the famous local delicacy – embryonated duck eggs! Cui Shan was daring enough to try. I didn’t! Apparently, it was really tasty.

One of the days during that week, Dr Seow who flew to Cambodia for a few days treated us pizzas for lunch!


210Group pictures! :)

211The kind and thoughtful Dr Seow! :)


One of the days during that week, we also had steamboat for lunch.

Phew, finally done with Cambodia! Actually, I’m not quite done because I still have the touristy stuff that we did after all that volunteering to blog about. But, I think I’m gonna pass on blogging about that. Hehe. :D