Monday, June 21, 2010

She turns one.


This little girl turns one today! :D She looked so cute with her baby pink (looks a bit white in this picture) dress today!

DSC04975 My nanny baked a birthday cake for her. Her name is actually spelled as “Sara” but all of us prefer to pronounce her name as “Sarah” instead of “Sa-ra”.

DSC04972 Brought her along for grocery shopping this morning. :D

DSC04983That red hairband belongs to Laura. She can’t stand having things  being placed on her head. She removed the hairband a few seconds after it was placed on her head. Then she played with it and tried to put it on her head by herself but failed to do so. How adorable!

Her birthday party was small and simple. Her parents couldn’t take the day off so we celebrated for her with her elder brother and the rest of my nanny’s grandchildren. I can roughly remember bits and pieces of my one year old birthday party. It was held at my nanny’s place. She claimed that all of the children she took care of celebrated their one year old birthday parties at her place. The one thing that I can remember the most is sitting in what seemed like a pool of presents! :D So many presents which made me so happy! Life was so carefree back then!

DSC04421Last week, she was on my lap meddling with the ginrami tiles while I was playing with my sister and nanny.

DSC04423Shortly after that, she fell asleep in my arms. No wonder she stopped fiddling and meddling.

DSC04424Carrying her to her cot. I was trying to place her head in such a way that it rests nicely on my shoulder but she tilted her head that way naturally. Oh well, whatever makes her comfortable!

Happy 1st Birthday Sara! :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


To my one and only beloved father,


Happy Father’s Day! :D

I’m grateful to have you as my father and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else as a father. Thank you providing tender, love and care as much as you can since I was young until now. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. I' am proud to have you as my cute father! :) No words can express how unconditional my love for you as my father.

I’m sorry if I have made you upset in any way in the past. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Thank you Daddy and I love you! :D

Your faithful daughter ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thoughts at midnight.

Here I am, sitting in front of this screen, thinking about what the future holds for me. Somehow, my thoughts are overshadowed by fear. It’s the one thing that can easily crush all my hopes and dreams for the future. I hate this feeling, it makes me feel like I’m taking two steps backwards instead of a step forward.

I shall not let fear take control of my life. Otherwise, I would have to live and die as a coward. There is no way I’m letting that to happen to me. Someone once told me, “The only enemy you know is yourself”. These few words do really mean a lot if you take some time to think through and appreciate it properly.

Yes, life is full of challenges and there are many choices in life that have to be made as you grow older. These choices come tagged with a price. Sometimes, the choices you make might not be a wise one and you wished you could turn back time. But, little did you know, it could be a blessing in disguise. It’s amusing to know how life turned out to be for us after all that we’ve been through. One way or another, there is always something we can hold on to that makes us feel the need to muster all the courage and fight with all our strength and abilities with hopes of a better outcome. It may not be a short journey as it can go on for decades. But, at the end of the day, the satisfaction is priceless, I believe.

The future is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with vibrant colours.

So what are you holding on to?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let There Be Light!

Why hello there! :)

It surely feels like I haven’t been blogging for a long time. I’m blogging from Windows Live Writer, giving it a shot. Thanks to my sister!

I just finished watching Season 6 of Desperate Housewives! :D Now, I can’t wait for the next season eventhough I would only be able to watch it the next semester holidays given that it comes out by then. I am done watching whatever tv series that I have been anticipating to watch even before the holidays started so I’m probably gonna find something else to watch soon.

World Cup is on! Once in every four years! :D Don’t be deceived, I’m not THAT thrilled and excited about it (I don’t mean it in a bad way) but I find myself wanting to know what are the matches of the day and what are the scores like. Last weekend, I found myself engrossed to the tv in a food court watching football while having lunch with my family. That was when I saw Green’s attempt on saving the ball! So funny and cute in a way but what a pity. He must have felt like crap. I don’t know why am I blogging about football! Maybe I do have interest in football after all. Or maybe this interest only appears every four years. Hahaha.

We had a sleepover at Lavonne’s place (her new house :D) the week before last and this time ALL of us were there (unlike last time when it was only Lavonne, Rita, Ramyah and I). Eventhough we only stayed over for one night, I enjoyed my time with them. HTHT! ;) Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures with all of us together, how could we huh? Must have slipped off our minds!

Now I shall test the uploading picture function on Windows Live Writer!

DSC04404 This is Sara! A baby girl that my nanny takes care of. She’s cute isn’t she? :D Look at those big, round and innocent eyes!

DSC04928Russian dolls! A neighbour of my nanny’s gave them to her. She recently went on a tour to Russia. :) How thoughtful of her. Isn’t it nice to have neighbours like that? Neighbours who actually care about you. Like the neighbours in Wisteria Lane minus all the drama (sorry, too much of Desperate Housewives). But then again, how would life be without dramas huh?

Wow, I can actually change the borders of the pictures without a hassle. How convenient! :)

Sorry about the incoherent paragraphs. I think I have too many things that I wanna say all in one post. Therefore, I’ll abruptly end this post here! It’s getting late anyway, good night!

I wish things were like how they used to be but I guess this is inevitable. A path has been chosen and that path shall have traces of footprints even if it is going to be a rough path. There’s no turning back.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Pol Pot Regime

Today's post will be a little bit about a Cambodian history which I think is rather interesting and eye-opening. I hope I don't bore you guys. I have never been a fan of history, so if I'm alright with this particular Cambodian history, I guess it shouldn't be too boring for you. :P

Some of you might have heard about this as it happened not long ago (some of you might have not, since we learn mostly about our country's history), about 35 years ago to be exact. Sounds quite recent to me! I shall try to keep it short and simple. Anyway, this historic event is called the "Pol Pot Regime".

In 1975, when the King of Cambodia finally gained independence for his country, every Cambodian was celebrating for him and their country. Shortly after that, he found out that the country's Prime Minister, Lon Nol, wanted to overthrow him. The King approached the Khmer Rouge soldiers for help.

Khmer Rouge is a group of communists in Cambodia led by Pol Pot. The Khmer Rouge soldiers managed to overthrow Lon Nol and they grew in terms of strength and power. They decided to take over the country and overthrow the King!

Pol Pot wanted Cambodia to be "purely" Cambodia. He did not want any foreign intervention and his vision for Cambodia is for Cambodia to be purely an agricultural country. He forced every Cambodian to move to the countryside to work on farms and paddy fields. They became slaves and worked all day under the scorching sun without any proper meals. Pol Pot claimed that it was year zero for Cambodia.

The Khmer Rouge soldiers eliminated all foreign affairs by killing foreigners, educated people, owners of private properties, citizens whom they accused as "CIA undercovers" etc. Not long after that, it became a killing spree as they went out of control! They accused people for being CIA undercovers merely as an excuse to terminate them. Many Cambodians were tortured and hurt brutally. Many innocent lives were taken away. The Khmer Rouge soldiers killed about two million of the population at that time.

At that time, nobody knew that this was happening in Cambodia. There wasn't any help from other countries as nobody was aware of this. This went on until 1979, when their neighbouring country, Vietnam, decided to intervene. The Vietnamese soldiers attacked and managed to defeat the Khmer Rouge soldiers.

During our first weekend in Cambodia, we visited the Genocide Museum and The Killing Fields.
The Genocide Museum used to be the place where Cambodians were interrogated and tortured badly before being sent to The Killing Fields to be terminated by the Khmer Rouge soldiers. There were small cubicles made out of wood and bricks for each person. In each cubicle, there was a small box for them to empty their bowels. If there were any stools or urine that are out of the box, they were forced to lick and eat them up. But since they hardly get any food, there wasn't much emptying to be done. They only get a handful of porridge (with very little rice in it) and some water twice a day.

Before killing them, the Khmer Rouge soldiers snapped a picture of each and everyone of them. So there were plenty of pictures displayed in the museum. There were rooms with metal bed frames where victims laid down with their hands tied to the frame. They were electrocuted and hit with a metal rod when being interrogated. There were also rooms with shackles where the victims' foots were secured so that they couldn't run away. These shackles come in a universal size and if any of their foots were too big, the soldiers would force them in.

At the museum, we were lucky to be able to meet one of the four survivors of this horrible event. His name is Chum Mey and he is about 75 years old now. Thank God we had Nalene, Vibol and Nice (our Cambodian friends) to do all the translations for us. :)

Mr Chum Mey told us about how he was used, tortured and accused by the Khmer Rouge soldiers. He worked as a mechanic during that time and he was asked by the Khmer Rouge soldiers to build sewing machines. They assured that he and his family would be placed in a safer place at that time if he build sewing machines for them for textile purposes. When his job was done, he was blindfolded and brought to the Genocide Museum (at that time it was known as the S-21 Prison). The Khmer Rouge soldiers lied to him.

He was locked in one of the cubicles. The soldiers interrogated and accused him for being an undercover. When he denied their accusations, they whipped his little finger, pulled out his fingernails, supplied bolts of electricity to his head etc. He continued to deny but he couldn't earn their trust.

They brought him to another place and he stumbled upon his family members who were blindfolded. They were about to be killed by the soldiers. He saw some of his family members being killed and he heard one of them asking him to run (I think it went something like this, can't remember).

So with little strength and baby steps, he ran as far as he could and the soldiers chased after him. He ran until he reached a hill where he hid away from them. The soldiers fired gunshots towards the hill thinking that they have killed him but they actually missed him.

He knew how to get back to the city from that hill and he ate leaves in the jungle for six days before reaching a village where he was taken care of. That was how he survived!

The Killing Fields we went to, had mass graves everywhere. Innocent people were killed and buried together. Babies were thrown against a tree because the soldiers were afraid that when the babies grow up, they might take revenge against them. There was a place where loud music was played while the torturing and killing was done to mask the screams of the victims.

I can't believe that this actually happened. It is so inhumane and disgraceful. What were the leaders of Khmer Rouge thinking? They were educated people as well! It's such a shame for educated people to have that kind of mentality. Shouldn't they be terminated as well then?

I feel sorry for the Cambodians for they have suffered so much throughout that four gruesome years. No one saw this coming and no one could do anything about it. Two million people in four years, that's really a lot. Imagine the pain they went through, it must have been unbearable.

Mr Chum Mey visits the museum everyday to spread an awareness about this. He doesn't want this to repeat again in Cambodia or anywhere else and I'm helping in a way by sharing this through my blog! :)

Hope you enjoyed reading and sorry if this post sounds boring to you.

Disclaimer: Some of the details might not be entirely right as I have briefly put it in words based on my aging memory. :P But, I guess I got the gist right, that's the most important thing right?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Lavonne! :D
Hope you had a fantastic birthday! :D
Many more awesome birthdays to come!
I heart you woman!