Sunday, October 3, 2010

Now that September has ended, I wonder what October has in store for me.

Last week was really a shitty week. I had two midterms to sit for and two assignments due! The assignments were very time-consuming, mind you! I was counting the days till it was over ever since the week started. I was very overwhelmed, I had too many things to handle. Too much tension in the atmosphere.

And I didn't even procrastinate okay! I just didn't feel confident or satisfied with my assignments (especially the Singapore River essay, ugh!) and had to do a lot of editing towards the end. :( I guess that built up the pressure. And also, designing a pamphlet, omg (Hello? Pharmacists don't design pamphlets!). I think the designing was a lot easier relative to the Singapore River essay. :/

Exams? I seriously hate coming out of the exam hall thinking or saying to myself things like "Oh I should have written that..", "OH YAH! I just realized..", "OH CRAP, I forgot about that.." etc. You get my point right? It gets kind of frustrating but I guess it's inevitable. :/

I foresee a lot of these kinda situations (especially the stress) multiplied by 10 in Year 3 Semester 1.. and make that stress x 10, EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Oh God.. I just need to breathe.