Sunday, March 6, 2011

One flip through my organizer and it struck me that this semester is coming to an end pretty soon. Actually, it's not that soon.. but the fact that I have one test each week on average just makes it seem that the semester is coming to an end soon.

Time flies here in NUS. Like really fast. Too fast in fact. There isn't and will never be enough time here. As soon as I'm done with one test, there's another one coming up that I have to study for.

Realizing the fact that this semester is ending pretty soon is also a good thing because I get to go home for the holidays although it'll be much shorter than last year (by 50%). But then again, I'm still unsure if I should do special term.. If I decide to do special term, I wouldn't have holidays at all! I'll probably have a week off only? Oh well.. time will tell.

Until then. :)