Sunday, August 21, 2011


Happy Birthday, Me!

It was a whirlpool of emotions, this time around.

More on that next time, perhaps? It's time for bed now!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello Semester Five

I left KL six hours ago and I’ve been missing home since then. Sigh, why? Letting home go has always been so hard eventhough I was back for about a week only. My mom accompanied me at the airport until I entered the departure hall. Kinda glad that she insisted on accompanying me because I told her that she didn’t have to take the trouble to follow me all the way to LCCT.

Anyway, this summer vacation has been a meaningful one, especially the second half of it. I’ve been so busy ever since preceptorship started and even when it ended, I wasn’t any less busy! My mom came down the day after my last day of work for a short holiday. We covered quite a number of places such as Chinatown (her favourite!), Bugis, Orchard, Suntec City, Clementi (lol), Merlion Park etc. Could have gone to more places if she stayed longer. But I wanted to go home until my holidays were over.

Amidst all that touring, I was also busy rushing my SOAP notes and prescriptions for my report! The morning on the day I left for KL, my mom and I went to Jurong Point so that Mariana can evaluate part of my report and also fill an open evaluation form. Then we rushed back to get our bags and left for the airport!

Upon reaching home, I had plans every single day. I was trying to fully utilize my last week of holidays. I think I did that pretty well. Of course, I did spend some time at home (that’s the most important thing!). I also completed the other parts of my report and compiled all of them. Ah I’m so glad I managed to finish it eventhough the deadline is next week.

I have class from 8 am to 4 pm tomorrow, sigh! I have 8 am classes everyday this semester! :( Hope I don’t fall asleep in class!

I’m so tired from all the travelling I did today. I was awake since 6.30 am and I am not planning to take a nap, fearing that I might not be able to sleep tonight!

Anyway, hope this semester would be a good one although I have been warned that it would be the toughest semester in Pharmacy. Wish me luck!! I still find it hard to believe that I’m in my third year already. TIME FLIES.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 6

Hi guys! Sorry for the terrible delay for “Week 6”! Well, not like it matters anyway, I’m just blogging for the sake of memories! :) It’s funny how you think you would definitely remember about a particular day but you fail to remember the little details that come along with it after a few days! It always happens to me when I try to recall what I’ve done for the past week.

That’s probably the reason why I wanted to blog every single day during my preceptorship. Unfortunately, time does not permit me to do so! :(

Anyway, here we go!

Day 30
It was a Monday, so it was Warehouse Day! :) We did our jobs as per normal and finished just in time for lunch (It’s not like we have a fixed time for lunch :P). Omg see I’m forgetting the little details!

The rest of the day went on like normal I suppose!

Day 31
Qi Xuan and I worked at Lot 1 Shoppers’ Mall! :D We wanted to experience a different environment. Hui Ling is attached there but we were attached for a day to Mr Lim, who is Hui Ling’s preceptor’s partner (Jaclyn). So we only worked with Hui Ling for about four hours.

Anyway, when I arrived at Lot 1, Qi Xuan asked me so many questions! Apparently, Mr Lim asked him all those questions when he arrived. All of the questions were about supplements, which I’m so weak at! But anyway, it was fun learning new things about supplements, although I have a lot more to learn! :)

Since Lot 1 just had a renovation, most of the shelf labels were missing. So, Qi Xuan and I rummaged the entire Prescription Only Medication (POM) cabinet to see if the medications have shelf labels and if they do, do they tally with the medication. We had to print so many new shelf labels because a lot were empty! You think that was easy, we were so relieved and worn out when we were done!

We headed for lunch after that at a Hong Kong restaurant. Qi Xuan ordered Wasabi Cheese Baked Rice and when his dish arrived, the whole freaking thing was GREEN! So scary! Imagine the amount of wasabi inside! He took one mouth and his whole face went red! There was simply too much wasabi! CRAZY! Anyway, he tried his best to eat it but he couldn’t cause it was too pungent. Haha so he went out to buy something from Old Chang Kee instead.

When we were done with lunch, we helped Jaclyn at the store! At the same time, she asked us a lot of questions. At one point, she made me counsel a patient on diarrhea pills. OMG. I was so stunned, I don’t know why.

Then, we listened to Hui Ling who gave a presentation on dressings to two of the staff. :)

Day 32
We returned to our good old Jurong Point! :) It felt like home to me a little, haha. :) We told our stories about Lot 1 to Mariana, heh.

The day went on as per normal until Qi Xuan told me that Pamela (our classmate who’s attached to Bukit Panjang Plaza) wants to have dinner with us! We were assuming that she needed someone to talk to since the staffs at Bukit Panjang Plaza were known to be rather snobbish and unhelpful. We were free anyway, so we agreed! :)

She came over to Jurong Point and brought us to this high-end Chinese restaurant called Putien. She helped us order our dishes since we were alright with anything! After the dishes arrived, she said that she’s not eating much cause she already ate before she came. Qi Xuan and I were like “No no no, you MUST eat!”. There was plenty of food! She agreed to eat but she mentioned that she was gonna leave early because she had a movie to catch. AHH!

Few minutes before 7.30 pm, she called for the bill and PAID for it! OMG? I think it was around SGD 90! She said it was her preceptor and her treat since we helped them when they called us for help regarding the new system. We politely rejected the offer and offered to pay her back because we really didn’t do that much to receive such a generous offer. She didn’t want us to pay back! She brushed us aside and left us since she was almost late for her movie. Haha. Qi Xuan and I just stared at the food. LOL. Tried to finish as much as we could! The food was delicious, no doubt! :) At that moment, I felt really grateful.

Day 33
It was Warehouse Day again! After completing our tasks, Mariana, Jenny, Qi Xuan, Alwin and I went out for lunch. Well, we didn’t exactly go for lunch but we went to Pizza Hut to buy pizzas back to the store! We were gonna celebrate Lai Khim’s (Ah-Kim-Bo!) birthday1 :) Alwin, Qi Xuan and I waited for the pizzas to be ready while Mariana and Jenny went to get a cake!

We had to celebrate her birthday that day because everyone was around and the next day was her off day.


We had pizzas and cakes for lunch! Hehe, all paid by Mariana! THANK YOU MARIANA!! :) Shortly after lunch, Qi Xuan and I waited for Pamela and we headed to Fish & Co at The Glass House in Dhoby Ghaut.

We had a debrief session with our chief preceptor and the rest of the Batch 2 students. Honestly, it wasn’t what I had expected at all.. The debrief session wasn’t a debrief at all. :/ But anyway we enjoyed the food and the drinks at a cafe after that.

Day 34
Second last day of work! We wanted to have lunch with Mariana but something came up in the store so she asked Qi Xuan and I to go have lunch without her :( Sigh.

Since she didn’t have lunch yet when we returned, she asked us to join her for desserts! Haha :D So we accompanied her while she had lunch at Swensens. She treated us desserts! :) So thankful for having her as my preceptor! Not because she treats/buys us a lot of things, but because of her sincerity and generosity!

Day 35
LAST DAY OF WORK! Omg, couldn’t believe it! Gave Mariana her present – customized big heart-shaped cookie with the words “We Love You Mariana :)” and small Coach coin pouch! WOO WOO. :)

Gave chocolates to the staff. Snapped many pictures and we were done for the day! We only worked half day that day! After that, Qi Xuan, Alwin and I headed for lunch at New York New York.

As I’m typing this, I can’t believe preceptorship has been over for almost two weeks now! And in a couple of days’ time, classes would start! Oh time, where did you go?

I feel so blessed and grateful to have such wonderful people to work with! :)