Friday, November 4, 2011

November, please be good.

Eventhough I really want November to be good but I doubt it. Because this month is packed with exams! Next week is the last week of school for this semester and I'm still not even done with my CAs! How can?! After that, I'll have a week off to study for finals. Then it's FINALS. Omg I feel so unprepared. Not funny at all :(

On the bright side, less than one month till home! Can't wait! :) I haven't been home for almost four months already!

Today we did balloon sculpturing for our weekly volunteer work at the psychiatric ward in NUH! And this is the product of my first attempt on balloon sculpturing!

It's a dog! Not bad for a first time eh? Anyway, I sent a picture to my dad via WhatsApp.

This was his reaction! Hahahaha I laughed when I read his message because I really didn't expect him to respond like that! Totally made my dy :) Moments like these are the little things in life that really matters and makes me genuinely happy. Makes me miss home even more!

Oh well, I'll be home soon! Now it's time to drown myself with a limitless list of antibiotics that I have to memorize. Ugh.