Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello dear blog, it's been awhile hasn't it been? :)

I actually have many thoughts that I wanna pen down on this blog but they are all jumbled up, I just don't know where to start. Most of them I have accumulated in my mind over the past few months and some of them just occur to me at the most random times.

I am the kind of person who tend to think a lot. Sometimes too much that it really affects me. I have always believed that anything excessive is detrimental; be it an excess of the good or bad, because there must always be a balance in everything in life.

It's weird that I have so many things that I wanna say when I was so stressed up with my studies but now that I have ample of time, I don't even know what to say! Blah. Maybe I'll blog again next time, when I actually do know what to say. Hahaha.

Nevertheless, holidays have been treating me good so far! :) Just got back from New Zealand a couple of days ago. It was awesome! Just what I needed after a gruesome semester! Spent so much time with my family which I have missed dearly during the semester!

Maybe I will post pictures next time!