Saturday, May 12, 2012

As per normal, haven't blogged in ages! Noticed how I would always start with this sort of sentence once my holidays kick in? 

Sad to say, I actually don't really have holidays this summer! I'm supposed to have three months worth of holidays but six weeks will be devoted to preceptorship and another six weeks to summer programme in UCLA (yays!) :D Yup so that pretty much sums up my summer holidays. Guess it will be a pretty interesting one! And my most hectic summer holidays ever! Oh which also makes it my LAST summer holidays ever! Meh. :/

I'm done with one week of preceptorship in NUH already! :) I definitely learned a lot through this on week alone and there's still more to learn! I actually felt really stressed out on the first day because the amount of things that were thrown at me was so overwhelming, I was afraid I couldn't cope or manage. And it was only the first day! SO different compared to my attachment with Unity Pharmacy last year!

Anyway, today was my last day being attached to the Heart Pharmacy in NUH. New rotation next week! I felt kinda sad cause I enjoyed what I was doing and I loved working with the people there but I had to leave so fast! Next week will be a new challenge! Won't differ much I guess, cause I'll still be in an outpatient pharmacy!

Today, I really understood the true meaning of TGIF! Seriosuly, thank God it's Friday! I was really looking forward to the weekend despite the fact that I have to move out from my room to a new one this weekend. But I really need a break from work! I have been really exhausted mentally and physically throughout the whole week. 

Time for a much needed beauty sleep now! 

I won't bother checking for grammar errors or spelling mistakes in this blog post. It feels as though I can't construct sentences properly now. Shit, this is bad. :/