Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello dear blog!

I just had the sudden urge to blog while I was in the shower just now. In that span of 15 minutes in the shower, I reflected about many things. Many past events flashed in my mind like bolts of lightning. Thought that I should pen down some of my thoughts.

I can't believe that my second last semester of my undergraduate life is drawing to an end. Seems like just yesterday I returned from the States and wasn't looking forward to this new (well.. now old) semester at all. This semester flew by exceptionally fast! It's so mind-boggling cause I really do feel like school just started yesterday. I can't comprehend this speed of time. It's too damn fast.

One thing that I'm gonna be eternally grateful for is my summer programme in UCLA. I'm super duper thankful that I jumped onto this opportunity and also very grateful that my dear parents allowed and supported me to go for it. And also very very thankful that they provided me financially. It was worth every penny, Daddy and Mummy! No regrets I tell you! Up till this day, whenever I think back about my seven weeks in the States, I feel so blessed, grateful and thankful. Even when I was in UCLA, I spent a great amount of time walking to class (shuttle buses are not very frequent in UCLA unlike in NUS), enjoying the view, embracing the breeze and just allowing myself to drown into my own thoughts. It was so therapeutic. I really couldn't stop feeling thankful. Words just can't describe how I feel. I really wish time didn' have to tick so fast! I was really sad to leave that place yet I thought that those seven weeks were really good enough for someone like me. I really wish to go back there someday. I love it, I really do. :) This is the one thing that I do not regret going to NUS for (hahaha).

Anyway, then it was back to reality. Yeah, dreaded the thought of school cos I had truckloads of fun in USA. But, strange as it seems, this semester is indeed a little different than all the previous semesters that I've had. I kinda like this semester eventhough I had so many assignments in hand (first time, so many assignments, and they were not easy!). Somehow I managed to pull through (well, like I have a choice). But it didn't turn out to be as bad as I expected, which I am glad for. Slightly more than a week to finals, I really do hope I'll do better. PRESS ON! :)

I'm a tad sad that my blog is so dead. I really wish I had more time and more "sudden urges" like this to blog.  Guess I've kinda lost it cos I am too occupied with school work.

Till the next time. :)