Thursday, January 28, 2016


Hello dear blog,

It's 2016 now -- I've abandoned you for three years! 

I'll be turning 27 this year and I seriously feel that I'm undergoing a mid-life crisis! Work sucks so bad right now. It's not a bad job, in fact I quite enjoy it, but it's the management that I'm extremely unhappy about. I feel as though my career goals do not resonate well with the company's vision. 

There's plenty of things to be worried about work at the moment. I have decided that if I am not happy working in this company, I should do something about it once and for all. Although I have really fostered great relationships with my current colleagues and customers, I don't think I can withstand any longer if the management continues with their radical tactics. 

We'll see where life takes me. 

Until the next time. :)

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